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Money Changes Everything

an interview with stza of leftover crack



Evil Galactic Space Zine: When is the new CD coming out and how many songs will it have?

Stza: Around April 2001, it will have 13 songs.

Evil Galactic Space Zine: Where will Leftover Crack be touring in support of the new CD?

Stza: Hopefully every-where in the world.

Evil Galactic Space Zine: At live shows, does Leftover Crack still play Choking Victim songs?

Stza: Yes sir.

Evil Galactic Space Zine: Will songs from the 7" appear on the LP?

Stza: Almost every song has been re-arranged & re-recorded, it's much, much better now. We released "Rock the Forty-ounce" just to get our name out there, a lot of time was not taken on molding the songs to their full potential, the only song I'm really happy with is the title track.

Evil Galactic Space Zine: Have you heard of the Orange County band "Double Sided"?

Stza: No sir.

Evil Galactic Space Zine: Are you still living in the squats?

Stza: Yes sir.

Evil Galactic Space Zine: Have you heard of a band called "Awful Waffle" which does some Choking Victim cover-songs and is still keeping the Crack Rock Steady Beat going?

Stza: No, I have not. But any help the crack-rock steady genre of music can get is much appreciated.

Evil Galactic Space Zine: Would you call yourselves a Satanist band?

Stza: "Satanic" maybe, but not Satanist. I have no political, religious or philosophical affiliations. The only thing that I can say I am is an Atheist.

Evil Galactic Space Zine: Which (if any) bands today do you enjoy or are you friends with?

Stza: Virulent Strain, IN>D.K.,Asstroland,Absence,Daycare Swindlers, Banji, the Final Call, the Gadjits & maybe a couple more.

Evil Galactic Space Zine: Are you (Stza) going to be playing any guitar on the new CD or tour?

Stza: Definitely


Evil Galactic Space Zine: Is Leftover Crack friends with INDK, or associated with them?

Stza: Most definitely, Lo-Cash Crime, baby!

Evil Galactic Space Zine: Do you do drugs?

Stza: Are you a cop?


Evil Galactic Space Zine: What kind of musical influences do you have?

Stza: Everything except for jazz & funk.

Evil Galactic Space Zine: As a Hell-Cat band, are you friends with, or do you like Rancid?

Stza: I don't listen to them & I've only met them a couple of times.

Evil Galactic Space Zine: What do you think of mainstream ska and ska/punk bands like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, and the Suicide Machines?

Stza: I don't think that they have very much integrity, & definitely very little lyrical substance. If the Suicide Machines think they can be politically conscious on "Disney" records (Hollywood) then they are really fucking naive.

Evil Galactic Space Zine: Will Leftover Crack continuing the legacy of the Crack Rock Steady beat?

Stza: We ARE the legacy.