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War on Drugs?

There are plants that, when ingested, connect you to other forms of self and other forms of conciousness. The whole concept of altering your conciousness through plants has been given an unfavorable name in our western world, associated with what is called drugs. In many sacred ceremonies and rituals, it is understood that certain parts of the plants of the living library are ingested so that you may further understand the library. So, if you would, understand that Earth grows things that allow you to understand her in greater detail. There are those who do not want you to gather more information and become free, so they say to you that something is bad. They turn something that is quite beautifull into something to be frightened of. In actuality, the purpose of being human is to alter your conciousness by intent, by free will, and by the gifts of the planet in fashion and honor-and to discover the magnificense of living!

Yes, thats right, our lovely United States of America spends $800,000 EVERY 60 MINUTES to fight "The War on Drugs"! They run television commercials and ad campaigns and they spend our tax money to hold simple Marijuana users in jail and to pay cops more. Every 54 minutes someone is arrested on Marijuana charges. You have to ask yourself, why? Well theres the obvious reason, drugs are bad and they ruin people's lives, right? Wrong. I am not saying that drugs are not harmful to peoples health if they abuse them, or even one use can be a little harmful for your health, but so is driving a car, watching TV(its proven brain activity is minimized completely while watching the televesion), smoking cigarettes, typing on a computer all day for a career can give people arthritis later in life, even those tiny little laser pointers everyone has are harmful when pointed into someones eyes. I could go on and on for days, but(thank god for you) I am not going to. So what exactly is harmful about drugs? Here are the answers according to THE Partnership for a Drug free America..




Please do not think that I am suggesting everyone to go take any or all drugs, I am merely sharing my experience's and opinions with them. And yes, I have seen people screw up thier head from TOO MUCH USAGE of acid and "E" especially.

Why are Psychedelics illegal and looked down upon in our society?-excerpt of a lecture from the revolutionary Terrence McKenna

Ok, now that I have shot down NEARLY EVERY SINGLE one of the reasons why these drugs are bad, how does that make this organization look. I mean afterall, they do CLAIM "We're working to maintain the largest, most accurate database of drug information on the Web." Thats bullshit, I am a 16 year old webmaster who's page has more information about drugs than the fucking national organization against them. So fuck they're slogan "Just say NO!" and start using your brain people, JUST SAY KNOW!

I am in no way advising that everyone go out and take all the drugs there are, the only drugs that I see as good for people in many ways are psychedelics. So is it really a "War on Drugs"? Or is it a War on the people from the government? Governments main purpose is to control the population without people realizing they are being controlled. This is a very hard concept for some people to grasp because it goes against everything they have conditioned you to think about life and how it works, but I hope I have helped you in any way at all to understand. And remember people, JUST SAY KNOW!

-Psychedelic Uncle Sam