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A Night Rose

As the day slowly fades into night,
the cotton candy clouds pass over the earth,
spreading life to far off places,
and psychedelic thoughts to kids with psychedelic faces.
laying lazily in the green of the grass,
they know that as the sun sets,
there will be no worries or cares of shoes or shirts or of some blind date
just the plasma's spherical flashing glares,
as they remember the mushrooms they just ate.
the energy flows,
as thier mind goes,
to a sacred place.
This soup of energy rolls them around,
until an unseen life springs from the ground.
more beautiful than a night rose 
is hearing the winds' whispers as it blows.
just come with me and let your mind be free,
then together we'll climb to a beautiful state of mind,
but this full spectrum of colors wont be seen by any others,
for they say its bad, but don't you see,
its a hidden world for you and me.
The rays of rain and drops of sun collide in the sky,
to let all the new colors flow into my eye,
and all I wish for,
is that you see,
this life, and you,
are most precious to me.

-Psychedelic Uncle Sam

Fabric There is something in the fabric of your fur Reminiscent of things that were, That are no longer in the pattern Of the day, but in the weave, Subtle as the thread that blends The color of the evening air, Indisputably present but not quite there. Who would not find you as strange as I, Who, unaccustomed to the depth of time Have not yet found relief sublime But still, in trying to subscribe To a fabricated reality, handed down, Forget the possibility of dimensions inconceived A different starting point to be achieved. -Robert Lakoff, Montreal, 1960ís

FUCK TODAY AND FUCK YOU i think its bullshit forcing me to go to a place were you force me to sign my name in agreement though i was threatened and the knife was in my back You make me show up, threaten me if i dont go then i go and you make me sign my name and threaten me to make me sign a signiture that states my agreement the one that i am forced to give. Even though i dont know what im signing, cus you say thats really not important but it is, but no matter what i think, i still have to sign Fuck you fuck the skool Fuck your system SO i asked my teacher today why cant i be an anarchist and she told me i wasnt violent wich is true im all talk I hate the system currupters of life so i ask her what i am, if i have to identify with anything on societies scale and she says im a philosopher. But those peoples opions dont really matter in the big sceme of things. So im rational, and i dont fall into your brain washed mindless molded fruit cumming on the tree of freedom and sanctity so this means i dont matter? But i do matter enough were they need my signiture bad enough to force me to sign but i dont count cus im rational i dont get it. A private detective called me today asking about my love, Kim Sweet he was a liar, i told him to fuck himself he wanted information about a girl that he didnt even know the corekt last name of. fuck him and the system he works for fuck all you stupid bitches that want information from me trying to threaten me with the title of a "hostile witness" because i dont wanna tell you where i go to skool so you can come and harrass me? FUCK YOU think im stupid? FUck the detectives Fuck the skool Fuck the government Look what they turned me into! A braindead, special bus riding trick whos only response to say against all this is fuck you? WOW, the intelligence is radiating from this poem cant you feel it? didnt think so. But i dont care cus i can just respond with a simple FUCK YOU.... 3-28-00 -Michelle LEporI
Masked Masks
Welcome to the mysterious mask of this twisted world Countless stuck in its dominant grasp, unable to escape it Probing for meaning and truth, but lost Hidden behind artificial smiles and materialistic objects of desire, to cloak inner feelings from others Trapped in the devilish web of social conformity with no way of ever leaving Running astray from individuality and independence, but afraid of being alone Scared of your own beliefs that run constantly in your minds, afraid of ridicule from others Mimicking others as a source of acceptance, in order to feel needed in this sad world Wearing the latest treads and fads, to fill the void of emptiness in your heart Walking blindly behind others, to experience a piece of something big Close minded towards others outside your group, to feel superior in your small world of deception Listening to the music of the masses, not to be left out Living a life of lies and deceit, to hide the true nature of your soul Are you masked??
-Steven "Slacker" Halili
Never Gain As my day passes by, I feel the tears swell inside, my pain is deep, so deep I cry, my chest hurts, and then my mind, I see her face and wonder why? my pain too deep to heal with time, and now this pain gets worse with every line. So I stand stand to my feet, only to fall once again. -Casey Clark (PhlyCow)

I Will Not Conform That which thrills me Makes me stronger. That which kills me Lets me live longer. That which seperates me from this world Brings me closer to it And helps me to understand The meaning of it all And my purpose in this irony of a life. Mother did not give me a life So that I may stand in line So that I may be in uniform So that I may be like everyone else. Mother gave me a life to live Not to waste. No one leaves this world Wishing they spent more time In an office space Or in a school Or wishing they tried harder to be What society wished them to be. But I can assure you They sure wish they didn't conform. Mother did not give me a heart So that I may hate So that I may hurt So that I may feel what others wish me to feel. Mother did not give me a mind So that others may exploit it So that others may control it So that others may own it. Mother gave me a mind of my own And I'll think what I wish And I'll do what I wish If it kills me, then so be it. But I will not conform. -AJ Grimes

True Sunlight I don't think you see me here, Laughing in your face. The world is blind, Self deceiving, In this you are society's child. Open your eyes and see the day, Take off your rose colored glasses. Look up at the splendor of the sun, Smile a real smile, For once. See the world in which you live, Smiling, And help create the better days. -Jhezikah

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-Psychedelic Uncle Sam