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April 2, 2000
I Shroomed nicely yesterday with 2 of my friends and my girlfriend. It was my girlfriend and one of my long time friends' first time ever with any Psychedelic. We were at a park in nature and peaked for 4 hours and I was still shrooming 4 hours later...My friend said that it was the best day of his life and he had a completely new outlook on life and he enjoys it in a new way and appreciates the little things more. My girlfriend also now has a greater appreciation for our wonderfull earth and its hidden beauty. They enjoyed it thouroghly and were glad they did it. these are two people that have only smoked pot(very rarely) and got drunk once in a while, but they LOVED THE GOOMIES!!

This reminds me of the park where we tripped.....


Thats right!! My main man R.U. Sirius(are you serious) has declared he is running for president and his motto and motivation? You guessed it, Victory Over Horse Shit! R.U. Sirius is the webmaster of the OFFICIAL site for the revolution in america, he has a dream, and it is a good one. He has a dream that all the BULLSHIT and LIES coming from this corporately corrupted culture would be obliterated by OUR VOICES!Thats right, the REAL PEOPLE that live in this country and can see all the bs, will take action and we will live in a fucked up world no longer! I would vote for R.U. Sirius(if I was old enough that is...). Well either him or Mickey Mouse, but anyways, this man knows what he is talking about. I encourage anyone who DOES NOT VOTE or sees our elections as voting for THE LESSER EVIL to visit the revolution site and take R.U. Sirius into consideration for the election of president for the wonderfull beginning of the milenium!!

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