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This page is designed to share my knowledge of psychedelics and how our world actually works. I can only hope that this page will help you understand that there is an actual reality that is very different than the one that the government and society has been selling you your whole life. Unfortunately, most people are blind to this even as they read the page and will never understand. It cannot be seen by the naked eye, it can only be seen by your mind's eye. It is the realness of nature and it is a world that is hidden from the mindless, working, debt paying, buying, and TV watching law abiding citizens which our western world has created for the purpose of control.....

12 - 20 - 2000 ----- This was in my guestbook, couldn't have been said better!
To all of the criticism. First anything that is abused can be dangerous and life threatening. Drugs are not the proper relief for those who are weak of mind, only those of us who can control ourselves. When used in moderation and with respect for the substance of your choice drugs offer a very real alternative to the world that our government wants you to live in. The land of the free is the biggest line of shit Iíve come across in a long time, and it is this kind of brainwashing that has caused so many of you to view drugs negatively. I do not condone the use of drugs to feel good or get a rush; I feel that they should be used to achieve a different state of mind. That is the problem with cocaine and heroine addicts is that they just want that great feeling from the high and their minds are not strong enough to fight the urge. If you look at other societies that accept the use of the soft drugs you will find that they are a much more peaceful place to live. When is the last time you heard about kids going to school and killing other students in Holland? My point is that drug used is a good then when approached in a mature way. If you have an addictive personality I suggest you never even think of touching substances such as heroin of cocaine, but those who can control themselves can use these things as an occasional treat for a job well done. It should not be called drug abuse, but self-abuse. It is not the drugs that are being abused, but the people who cannot control themselves. sorry about the length, but this is not a topic that can be dealt with in any fewer words.

Need I even comment on this picture?..........?

08 - 07 - 2000
Check out the new lyrics from a friend of mine...
his flow sends messages straight from the heart, the song is called Different World.

07 - 31 - 2000
I updated!! its amazing!! i have been getting more mail (which i love!) so i decided to update, there is now a second poetry page and the new intro, which isnt quite finished yet. but go check out some of the new poetry! And have a cheery day!

USE YOUR OWN FUCKING HEAD! I can't stress this enough to ANYONE reading this. I can see the future, and quite honestly I'm not sure if I even want to live in it, we live on a beautiful planet that was once thriving and full of life, but now as we drive our cars we release carbon-monoxide into the air creating a green-house effect on this planet, and no one is doing anything about it. We use our refrigerators, aresol sprays and foam containers(which we have become all to dependent on) that are destroying our O-Zone layer. And no one is doing anything to stop it. If people don't wake up and


this then our whole existence will not last much longer....
and never forget that

You have probably heard that phrase before, by "free thinker" I mean someone who can think outside the box. All the great philosiphers and new idea's throughout the times have been too radical for the mainstream society to even give a first look at. And for those of you that have read this far and have any poetry or song lyrics you have written, please e-mail it to me if you would like to have it posted. I am ONLY looking for original writings, anything that is plagurized will not be posted. Thanks and lets send those in!!

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