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  • Michelle Lepori's Page of Poetry, A page with some awsome poetry by a teenager that lives in CA. She is talented and if you enjoy poetry then you should check this site out!
  • Alarming FACTS about the "War On Drugs" in the U.S., If you think that illegal drugs are damaging to our country, read this page posted by the November Coalition.
  • Mushrooms & Mankind, Ethnomycologist James Arthur reveals many connections to Christianity and the mushroom and the importance of symbolism in interpreting the bible, a must read site, long, but full of VERY VALUABLE INFORMATION.
  • North Florida Shroom Guide, This site has everything from how to grow the beautiful little goomies to where natural fields are located to the chemical effects of psilocybin (active ingredient in the magical mushroom) and much more usefull info, such as how long mushrooms stay in your system, etc. Its too much for me to list, let me just say that this site has been #14 in the High Times top 100 web pages. br>

    If you have any links you would like to see posted on my website, please SEND THEM to me so I may post them.