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Mel wrote:
Please don't misunderstand what I am saying here. I don't mean to be belittling or rude. This is NOT hate mail. I just don't understand how someone your age could have such a great understanding of this world. (Especially since you attribute some of it to drug use.) I come from a religious background, but during & after high school I turned my back on the "teachings" of the church. At that time I messed around with a lot of different things, but was always able to keep it "under control." I did most of these things with some VERY close friends of mine. One of them didn't have this same "self-control." He died from a heroin overdose. My best friend continues to abuse herself with drugs. She has slowly lost all of control of her life- her self respect, her finances & her friends. You see, those who ABUSE drugs are not the only ones who lose in the end. It's also their loved ones. The only mind-opening realization that drugs led me to was that the only real high you can have is through love, pure life and a true relationship with The Higher Power. No drug can offer these things, but to discover them is life's greatest reward. I hope that you understand what I am trying to say and have the courage to allow everyone who visits your site to read this message, as well. (I noticed that your site was partially biased; you didn't mention anyone's losses due to drug use.)

I am glad you signed my guestbook, you bring up many interesting points Mel. First of all I try to be as open-minded as possible and would never consider this hate mail! It opens up things i haven't talked about....lets start with me attributing my understanding to this world to mostly drug usage, I must say I have learned a great deal from the experiences I've had with drugs but I can in no way attribute my understanding to life to them. I have a great mom that had brought me up to learn things for myself, her methods of parenting teach me to be self reliant and good natured. The rest of it is just my curiosity with human nature, and the universe. I hope no one gets the impression that drug abusers only hurt themselves, the key word here is abusers. Then at the same time somone who has never smoked pot could be severely mentally hurt if they find out thier spouse smokes a joint once or twice a month with a couple of his buddies. Everything in life is relative to the way other people percieve things, because afterall, we create our own reality.

I am sorry to hear about your friends lives being taken over by heroin, I have never done heroin and i don't plan on it. Anything that can take over your head is not worth doing because when you get older (as you said) you get wiser and realize that drugs are not a necessity to be happy at all! and what are you left with? your good ol' sober brain, now if you go get yourself addicted to heroin then chances are you won't stop because of its enormous control over your brain.

To me, "Self-control" with drugs is just a realization that if you continue to abuse them you will get nothing out of life because they take up all the time in your reality, you then don't have time to do what you need to to survive on this planet in this day and age.

You are correct I do not mention much about the downside of drugs. In all truth this site was not intended to be a site that enticed people to do drugs, I only want people to realize.......thier life is thiers and its in thier control. Quite honestly I haven't had an experience like yours with the negative effects of drugs(but I don't know any heroin addicts).I will try to post a section that people can post thier bad experiences with drugs and with the loved ones they know who have let them take over thier life. You sounds like a very smart woman, feel free to contact me whenever you like. wrote:
Hey I shroomed a couple of months ago for the first time and had an intense headtrip. Reality seemed like a joke to me and I felt as if I had been manipulated my entire life. I felt like I had a better understanding about what this life is all about. It was like I tore down the walls that my mind had unknowingly been trapped inside for my 18 years of existance up to that point. Since that night my life had changed. I think much differently now. I can see right through peoples bullshit fake acts that they put on and find true meaning and revelation in just about anyone or anything at all. I owe it all to the shrooms. However, there is a downside to it all. It seems that since that night I comtemplate my existence much too often and overanalyze just about everything. Sure it is a higher level of thinking but its not all that great. I think I'm going nuts. Anyways just thought I'd drop you a line. Nice site by the way. lata

- Shroomer

Its e-mail like this that makes me glad I made this page. I dont know which direction to take the page now and I rarely look at it anymore, but it makes me truly happy to know there are people like you out there that actually stumbled upon this page! Thank you very much, you've made my day! :) wrote:
I think you should believe in God, i dont like the thought of people burning for all eternity when they die. Go ahead and get down on your knees, accept Jesus as your lord and savior, then attend to church or read the new testament so you can learn to live this life if you so wish.

Fighting with a Atheist about the existence of God is futile. I can see well if there is no God then where did the beggining of existance come from?

then you can say, "well where did this "God" come from then"? The simple truth is our human minds are too simple to undestand forever. Think about it, you know the big bang didnt just pop up somehow. There is room for a supreme being in the universe.


It is time for the story to be told, and for all people to stop believing in this foolishness of religions and gods that limit them, calling them sinners and telling them that their lives are wrong.What is wrong is that all life is not being valued! The lives of grass, of humans, of animals, of flowers-are all valuable. That is universal truth. You have the right to your sexuality, to speak what you feel, and to follow your own truths and to not obey someones silly rules.

Fighting with an Atheist IS FUTILE, just as futile as argueing with a member of the church about beliefs, you think your right so you want me to believe what you believe. I think i am right so I want you to belive what I beleive. Its that simple.

The difference between me and you is that I HAVE been to church and I have read many parts of the bible. I have already looked at life as you have, but you have not looked at life through my eyes because of a fear that has been conditioned in your brain that "drugs" will destroy your life if you try them once.

Your right, human minds are too simple to understand forever, so we dedicate our lives to a god. I am not saying there is NO higher power, im just saying that to me Nature is a lot more of a higher power than an ancient man spreading goodness and dieing for our sins. Nature was here long before Jesus Christ and if GOD DID create nature then he must have had a reason or purpose for it. Because we will NEVER completely understand where we came from we have to live our lives to the fullest possible everyday because it might be your last. Just because we aren't sure how we got on this earth doesn't give us an excuse or justify us abusing and destroying it.

It is a selfish person who cares only about himself and his race, the earth needs more than humans and artificial oxygen(or any artificial life) to stay alive...

Allen Castle wrote:
I am putting this in your guestbook instead of emailing you cause i want everyone to see that you don't have any clue of what your talking about. All through the page your telling everyone how they should be using their own head and thinking for themselves, and then right after that in big fucking letters, "FREE THINKERS ARE DANGEROUS" what the fuck is that, pick one side or the other buddy. You can't have people using their own heads and saying its dangerous, its natural, free thinkers are the way we should be everyone expressing their own opinion. I mean how boring would it be to have everyone conform to the same point of view, that would be some major dull shit in my opinion. So for future reference, next time you update your page, either expand your ideas to more say exactly what you mean or just cut it with the bullshit altogethor.

ok my friend, you obviously took what I said completely different than how it was meant. Most people have heard the phrase "Free Thinkers Are Dangerous", the few that do think for themselves are DANGEROUS to society for society is sane and those whom see this world for what it is, a beautiful planet doomed to destruction by the human race, are able to think for themselves and not be told what the world is, but know what it is. That is what the phrase "Free Thinkers Are Dangerous" means to me. And in case you havent noticed, most people DO have very similar points of view and IT IS "VERY DULL SHIT", I mean come on! WTF ARE THE BACKSTREET BOYS AND N*SYNC AND ALL THAT OTHER CRAP! you really think those people or the actual performers and other dumbass know what life's about? If anyone out there agrees with me on this one, please let me know it in my guestbook and tell Allen what you think.

-NPost wrote:

Marijuana affects the brain and respiratory system. Researchers have discovered that learned behaviors, which depend on the hippocampus, deteriorate after chronic exposure to THC. Animal studies show that chronic exposure to THC damages and destroys nerve cells and causes other pathological changes in the hippocampus. Marijuana smokers have the same respiratory problems that tobacco smokers have. Other studies have shown that THC can damage the cells and tissues in the body that help protect people from disease. When immune cells are weakened, you are more likely to get sick. Are drugs okay? Are they safe? I don't think so. Common logic would tell you they are not. Sincerely, NPost

i agree that pot is bad for the body, but so are a lot of things, all im saying is it wont kill you, i never said everyone should go smoke pot and i dont think everyone should, but i do not like all the propaganda and wasted government money being spent on something that( in the scale of all the other problems ) really isnt that big of a deal. i dunno, i smoke and i am in college with straight A's and i hold a job down, have a social life and have time to do webpages so i what i get out of it out wieghs the bad(right now anyways) I honestly cant see myself smoking all my life, it gets boring after a while. but all the stuff i posted is purely my opinions, if u dont like you can lick my balls. thank you and have a nice day.
-Psychedelic Uncle Sam

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