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More Poetry..
(I need a good pic here. Send me one!)

colours surround me
gliding through my mind
the kaleidoscope that plays before my eyes consumes my every thought
humming through my imagination
i see the world for what it is
my vision becomes distorted
losing touch with what is real
i understand the truth
disillusion fills my mind
seeking reassurance for what i have become
conquering societies belief's
slipping into my own world
finding out what is real
i find my freedom


***Me*** My hair was blond before I dyed it. My nose was plain before I peirced it. My mind was clean before I dirtied it. My life was simple before I recreated it. But, my heart is still big, my brain is still sharp, and my talent is still widening. Some things never change. -hippiechick (Stacy)