Nick's Unedited Thankyou

First, I wanna say thanx to pizza Hutt for inbenting pizzer! Thankz! I wanna thank Kevvy for treating me like his sun and watching me and making sure I don't things I shouldn't! Thankee Kevvee. I wanna thank AJ for showing me how to smoke wee...uh...yeah. Oh, yeah. And for the free weed! Oops! I wasn't supposted to say that! Oh well! Editors- take that out! Then I wanna thank Brian for teaching me that it doesn't matter what the people you marry look like, cause look at Leighanne! Thanks man! I lobe you and I dun kare whut you are maryed to. Then I wanna thank Howie for entertaining me on those long tour knights. If you know what I mean D! I wanna thank NSYNC for copying EVERYTHING we do! Thanks guys! I really mean it to. Thanks! I wanna be just like you Justin! You is fyne! Ahem. Chris, you are a dog! I mean that in the best way possible. JC, how come I see you every time I go see Juan for AJ? I dun get it. Lance, you are the prettiest thang on da planet! Growl! Joey, you are kool cause you are like me! If ya know what I mean! I wanna go to that place where all of those girls were taking off their clothes again! AJ said he wants to go this time! Then last but least I wanna thank the fans! That means you! I love you guys! ::kissing sounds:: You help me feed myself!
Thanks! Nicky.