More Costumes!

Aww. Hey! Santa isn't supposted to wear sunglasses! Wait! That's not Santa! It's a pimp off the street waiting to slide down someones chimney(meant in the sickest way possible).

Joey doesn't look like himself at all. Justin looks like he is in an insane asylum. They are trying to manage their money! Hehe.

Joey is so fyne there.

AHHHHH! I kinda like Lance's hair, JC looks like a gay Jack Frost, Chris looks like a frozen football player, that's what Joey's facial hair will look like in 20 years, and Justin looks well, just plan scary.

I don't mean to dis Nick like this but he kinda looks like Britney Spears there.

If I close my eyes and count to ten, it will all go away...

Lance looks like a natural in taht outfit and so does Joey. Yeah! Shoot Chris! Ahem...

Hahahahaha! Justin looks like his mother there.

Justin looks like a deformed Pooh ::looks at Justin:: ROFL! Joey looks like Edward Sissor-Hands. Lance looks like that old guy in the movie Poltrigiest(or however u spell it). JC looks like a guy from Egypt, and Chris looks like a little boy, but other than that, he looks normal.

Why would anyone make hats like that and expect a normal person to pay their hard earned money for them? Lance has a weird growth on his head, JC looks like one of those characters from Willie Wanka and The Chocoalte Factory, Chris looks just scary, Joey looks like a bear, and Justin has about eight boners on his head.

I just don't understand why NSYNC like to dress up like women. I am starting to think that they don't even have girlfriends. They just dress up like women and walk around with another member.

Awww... Chris looks like a possesed Santa.

Ahhhh! Drag Queens! No... their newest CD- NSYNC In Drag!

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