I Know You Aren't!

Chris, we all know that you ran away from being the head clown in the circus but why must you still wear the clothes?

The same goes for this one...

Great! Their mommies dressed them again! Joey has been electrocuted. JC is imitating Chris. Lance looks scared. (I am too) Jusin is making Lance scared. And Chris needs to file his EARS down and quit grabbing Lance.

Lance and Joey are checking each other out. Chris has a beer belly! Justin just exhaled from the weed he's been smoking. JC stares at Justin's fro.

Howie button up the shirt. Kevin, smile for once. Brian looks like a teletubby. Nick looks like AJ is rubbing 'him' and AJ is surprised by the size.

Truly only a pic a mother could love! Lance is coming after us! JC is just being himself. Chris knows that he only hug that he'll ever get is from himself. Jowy looks liek he just finished stripping and Justin is grabbing his ass thinking that it turns us on. Well it doesn't.

Nick- (repeating to himself) "Its for the kids...it's for the kids..." A little bit 'horny' are we, Nick?

JC doesn't match as usual. Joey is trying to look like the 'bad boy type'. Justin looks like he has a major wedgie front and back. Also nothe that Justin is wearing the road-kill jacket that Lance made him for Christmas. Lance looks better than all of them put together. And Chris is trying to look sexy but it just doesn't work no matter how hard he tries.

I think that I call this one the day Brian tries to be Nick. I guess to confuse their children. Wait this is a picture of one of their children.

Brian looks like a teacher in a school. Nick looks like a car mechanic. Kevin looks like a member of the mob. Howie looks like Dr. Frankenstein raping the microphone. And AJ looks like he is riding that hydrant.

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