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Thanx for comming! We're Ashley and Leslie. If you hate BSB and love NSYNC, this is the site for you. If you hate NSYNC and love BSB, this is the site for you. If you hate both of them, this is definatly the site for you. We do not hate them, nor do we dislike them. If fact, you should see our rooms. They are filled with BSB and NSYNC things.

This is not a HATE site! Leslie and I love BSB and NSYNC. When we dicided to make a web site, we didn't want one of the normal suck-up fan sites, we wanted something with a twist. What would the guys think about our site? Well think about it. They already know everything about theirselves, so it's about time that they learn something that they didn't know!

Have fun, be safe, stick finger up nose.

New or Updated List:
***Star Wars- This page is new. It has pics of BSB with the characters from Star Wars bodies. 9-28-01
***The NSYNC Project- This page is new. It is a science project done with NSYNC Barbie dolls. It's really funny!
***The Dumb Blonde Thing- I have added a lot of new pages to the end of it. They have lots of pictures. 01-03-02
***Backstreet Quotes- I have added LOTS of quotes along with my comments to them too. 01-03-02

KTBSPA! (keep the Backstreet Boys pride alive)
KTNPA! (keep the NSYNC pride alive)
KTBPD! (keep the brittnay-nay pride down)

Are They Really Gay?
Banners 4 U
Gimme Some Grub!
Shirtless Freaks
Beautiful Babies
Many Fros of Justin
Bummed Out
Got Fruit?
Towel Pics!
Wake Up To This...
Are You Gonna Wear THAT?
Superman Freak
Lil' Friends
The Mad At Joey Conspiracy
Black and Blue Tour Pics
Super Bowl
The Little Blond Thing
Yes, Major Gay, Sir!
As Long As You Love Me Pics
I Want It That Way
Rough Beginings
Star Wars

After The Show
Where's Tyk?
BSB's Sleep Over!
*NSYNC's Deep Thoughts
The REAL Way The Backstreet Boys Met
Voting Regristrations
Who Wants To Be a Millionaire
BSB's Unedited Album Thankyous
Stupid/Funny Quotes
**AJ's Condition**
The NSYNC Project

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