NO! NO! NO! OMG..THE ENTIRE SNL HAS NOW BEEN TOPPED FROM WHAT NSYNC DID. I can't believe they were in skits and to even see them be that dorky, horribly dressed and cheesy. *LOL* I was LMFAO the entire time *NSYNC was in both skits and when they performed.

NO REFUND. First off..bad name. Second, hella funny ass clothes. No they did not wear them orange and yellow striped shirts, lookin' like they did. Specially ghetto Justin in his pants like he was black. *LOL* This entire sketch was friggin' hilarious. The moves, the clothes, the one liner from my man Joe. "HOLD THE PICKLE!" Can we say ghetto. JC looked extremly korky in that hat. And Lance...that is an improvment seeing him as a hardcore drive thru thug. HAHA! Joey's hair was all over the place and all I gots ta say is leave yo Brooklyn ghettoness in New York. Hella old school white boy arm thing. So, C'MON AND SUPERSIZE IT...HOLD THE PICKLE!

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. Another oh no they don't look like that. Chris looked extremly cute in his suit! Alls I gots ta say. Prolly brings back memories of his uh childhood. *LOL* JC, Justin and Lance looked cute too in their suits, but why JC-do ya wanna know what them red pills are for?? Do you take them too? *LMAO* Joey---oh no, I don't believe SNL even went there. O.K. I must admit, he looked hella cute with them glasses on, but that hair-NO that is like Joey back in high school again, and his voice and comment-NO! Why out of all the people did they make him sound gay? And say that he's into the BSB? I swear, I'm writing nasty letters to NBC as you read this. *LMAO* I actually thought it was hilarious and stuff cuz hey..I make fun of the guys too. Sketch 2..funny, and reminisent of *NSYNC's life before becoming traveling prostitutes! HA!

PERFORMANCES: BYE CUBED-Done very well, as always. But guys...who in the hell dressed you??? Where is your wardrobe lady? Cuz ya needs to get her back!!! Joey's furry pants and flame boots were horrible. His hair needs to be desperatly cut. Could Lance's pants be any baggier and wider? His belt was from the 80's and totally studded-Billy Idol much? Cept his jacket...I was feelin' Scoops jacket. JC-could ya get any thinner and any more spazzy? Well-not really cuz that's JC, but that shirt..two-toned? And did you happen to get your belt where Lance bought his? Please. Justy-LMAO! his whole outfit. The pants were o.k..but that jacket and shirt. Did you use that Bead Dazzler to add those onto your jean jacket? And that fro...take a tip from what I said to Joey-cut it! HAHA. Chris was the only cool lookin' one except the jacket. SHoulda worn real leather-not the fake rubbery kind. All in all the performance was awesome, and i loves to watch them all spaz to the moves, just check your clothes before you go out and make fools outta yourselves.

I THOUGHT SHE KNEW-OMG! Could they do any more of a perfect job? I love this song. I'm glad they put it on NSA. Justy, and Joey tear it up! It was still hard to watch cuz their clothes were distracting, but I coulda cried. I love acapella, specially this song. I was expecting This I Promise You, but I'm glad they did ITSK. *LOL* I also like the fact that they guys seem to be feelin' the music one hell of a lot more. I mean, they do, but now that they've evolved to well..what they are now, they get into it a lot more. It's a good thing. I like watching Joey get all into a song. And Chris too...who could live without Keebler? hehe. This was the last performance, and all I gots ta say is *NSYNC tore up SNL baby!