Wednes123 (11:43:23 PM): Hey!
FlipZero (11:43:27 PM): yo
FlipZero (11:43:29 PM): what's goin on
Wednes123 (11:43:43 PM): nothing much 'cept for coughin
FlipZero (11:43:52 PM): yeah i noticed
FlipZero (11:43:56 PM): get sick this weekend?
FlipZero (11:44:16 PM): i'm just worn out but right now i'm feeling f'in great after watching raw...
Wednes123 (11:44:19 PM): i had a soar throat on sunday morning.
Wednes123 (11:44:27 PM): lol, you got home in time!
FlipZero (11:44:35 PM): not quite, but i didn't miss much
FlipZero (11:44:45 PM): i kind of scurried home in like 2 minutes
FlipZero (11:44:52 PM): i'm still huffin and puffin
Wednes123 (11:45:00 PM): lol
Wednes123 (11:45:57 PM): did you like the story time idea?
FlipZero (11:46:39 PM): uh... hmm.. eh... sure! i dunno, it was new, not used to sitting around listening to folklore... takes some getting used to i guess
Wednes123 (11:47:49 PM): it was a quick idea because monica and i didn't have much time to work on it
Wednes123 (11:48:21 PM): maybe it would have been better had i practiced the story first
FlipZero (11:48:52 PM): hehe
FlipZero (11:48:54 PM): yeah maybe
FlipZero (11:48:57 PM): eh, it was cool
FlipZero (11:49:06 PM): god i'm soooo beat
Wednes123 (11:49:27 PM): maybe you need some rest, eh?
FlipZero (11:50:22 PM): rest is for... resters?
FlipZero (11:50:24 PM): yyyyyeah.
FlipZero (11:50:29 PM): boy am i not funny tonight...
Wednes123 (11:50:41 PM): lol
Wednes123 (11:52:00 PM): what was that angelfire address?
FlipZero (11:52:05 PM): for psa?
Wednes123 (11:52:08 PM): yeah
FlipZero (11:52:17 PM):
FlipZero (11:52:27 PM): i'm supposed to be updating it now
FlipZero (11:52:28 PM): i think
FlipZero (11:52:29 PM): oh well
Wednes123 (11:52:29 PM): cool, thanks
Wednes123 (11:52:41 PM): we'll see if it lets me in
FlipZero (11:53:24 PM): yeah, you need to know the password
Wednes123 (11:53:39 PM): what password?
FlipZero (11:53:46 PM): sorry, that's secured info, only for special people.. and me.
Wednes123 (11:53:57 PM): ok
Wednes123 (11:54:04 PM): hey, i'm not treasurer
FlipZero (11:54:10 PM): yeah, that was old news
Wednes123 (11:54:28 PM): okies, just checking
Wednes123 (11:56:17 PM): hey i like how you took that pic of don and jude
FlipZero (11:57:11 PM): yeah, someone else took it, per say, but i stole it and now it is my tribute to our new president and v.p.
Wednes123 (11:57:55 PM): i like how you put it in black and white.
FlipZero (11:58:08 PM): yeah, such a skill
Wednes123 (11:58:46 PM): i'm checking out your website now
FlipZero (11:59:48 PM): oh no
FlipZero (11:59:50 PM): oh NO
FlipZero (11:59:52 PM): OH NO@
FlipZero (11:59:53 PM): !
FlipZero (11:59:58 PM): oh yes.
FlipZero (12:00:00 AM): hehehe
FlipZero (12:00:03 AM): whaaaatev..
Wednes123 (12:00:04 AM): lol
Wednes123 (12:00:09 AM): too late!
FlipZero (12:00:45 AM): yeah oh well
FlipZero (12:01:02 AM): get ready to get blinded by my little world
Wednes123 (12:01:03 AM): um... there's really nothing on there
FlipZero (12:01:21 AM): good good good... actually you need to click on stuff
FlipZero (12:01:33 AM): the magic of pictures..
Wednes123 (12:03:30 AM): ok, i click on the pictures, and the come up bigger on the side
Wednes123 (12:03:36 AM): is that all that's suppose to happen?
FlipZero (12:03:51 AM): then you click on the big picture
FlipZero (12:03:59 AM): i know it's rocket science and all...
Wednes123 (12:07:40 AM): oh cool.
Wednes123 (12:07:53 AM): i'm glad i know rocket science.
FlipZero (12:08:33 AM): yup, rockin...
FlipZero (12:08:46 AM): oh crap.
FlipZero (12:08:50 AM): aaaaaah nuts.
Wednes123 (12:09:05 AM): what?
FlipZero (12:09:11 AM): remember how errol had to finish something before midnight?
Wednes123 (12:09:26 AM): yeah
FlipZero (12:09:31 AM): well i sort of had the same thing going. and i just remembered now.. look, it's past midnight.
FlipZero (12:09:33 AM): super duper.
Wednes123 (12:09:40 AM): what was it?
FlipZero (12:10:34 AM): some computer shmuter science lab
Wednes123 (12:10:53 AM): i hope it wasn't a big project
FlipZero (12:11:00 AM): nah
FlipZero (12:11:06 AM): i can probably turn it in late
FlipZero (12:11:14 AM): but hey, i hate it when i don't accomplish stuff
FlipZero (12:11:22 AM): i'm not a quitter i say
Wednes123 (12:12:16 AM): cool.
Wednes123 (12:12:22 AM): that's a good way to be
FlipZero (12:14:07 AM): alright, my friend wants me to read some poems so i might be quiet for a few minutes
Wednes123 (12:14:19 AM): ok that's cool
Wednes123 (12:24:14 AM): wow, you write a lot
FlipZero (12:24:26 AM): yeah, too much
Wednes123 (12:24:34 AM): it's cool though
FlipZero (12:24:50 AM): i pretty much write whatever it is that's goin through my head
Wednes123 (12:25:12 AM): you think a lot, don't you?
FlipZero (12:25:52 AM): just a tad over the legal limit i suppose
Wednes123 (12:26:13 AM): lol
Wednes123 (12:27:43 AM): i can see why you'd be a great english major
FlipZero (12:27:56 AM): nah, i'd be a good rapper
FlipZero (12:27:58 AM): yo
FlipZero (12:28:00 AM): i can flo
FlipZero (12:28:04 AM): dontcha know
FlipZero (12:28:05 AM): hehe?
FlipZero (12:28:08 AM): yyyeah.
Wednes123 (12:28:23 AM): hehe
Wednes123 (12:29:22 AM): cool, i found the one where you talked about 311!
FlipZero (12:29:34 AM): what's that?
Wednes123 (12:29:54 AM): when you talked about the concert in your journal
FlipZero (12:29:58 AM): oh
FlipZero (12:30:07 AM): eh, yeah, just another random blurb
Wednes123 (12:33:08 AM): so you wanted to be a sheep herder?
FlipZero (12:33:25 AM): oh geez, you just don't stop readin', do ya...
Wednes123 (12:33:34 AM): lol
FlipZero (12:33:48 AM): wouldn't that rule though, just to sit around in a distant country and just tend wild animals
FlipZero (12:33:53 AM): not a worry in the world
Wednes123 (12:34:01 AM): seems peaceful
Wednes123 (12:35:31 AM): but i'm sure a sheepherder has his share of problems in the world too
FlipZero (12:35:43 AM): like sheep poo
FlipZero (12:35:46 AM): ooooo..
Wednes123 (12:36:27 AM): that would definately be a down side
FlipZero (12:38:05 AM): so how pissed are you that you couldn't see 311 this weekend?
Wednes123 (12:38:19 AM): i'm not pissed.
Wednes123 (12:38:28 AM): 311 will be back for me
Wednes123 (12:39:06 AM): i would really love to see them in concert
FlipZero (12:39:21 AM): yeah, they're one of the few talented live shows out there
Wednes123 (12:39:34 AM): what can one say, they rock!
Wednes123 (12:40:31 AM): do you mind that i'm going to read ever single one of your journal entries?
FlipZero (12:40:41 AM): oh me oh my.
FlipZero (12:40:48 AM): it's quite a roller coaster ride
FlipZero (12:41:08 AM): but hey, if you wanna live vicariously through me then by all means..
Wednes123 (12:41:29 AM): just wanna see if you're life is as f ed up like mine
FlipZero (12:41:55 AM): ouch
FlipZero (12:42:00 AM): and it's pronounced FUCKED
FlipZero (12:42:02 AM): hehehhee
Wednes123 (12:42:07 AM): oh thank you.
Wednes123 (12:42:20 AM): see, you're already proving you'd make a good english teacher
FlipZero (12:43:06 AM): niiice.
Wednes123 (12:44:29 AM): does it make you feel odd that i'm going to know all about your life since you started this journal and that you hardly know a thing about me?
FlipZero (12:45:03 AM): not really
FlipZero (12:45:06 AM): hehe
FlipZero (12:45:25 AM): life is just a bundle of mystery. i say FUCK THAT and show it all to a world wide web
Wednes123 (12:47:19 AM): whatever gave you the idea to put all this on the web?
FlipZero (12:47:41 AM): hmmm... i dunno, boredom. i get bored. easily. REALLY bored.
Wednes123 (12:50:32 AM): are you going to put a recent one in?
FlipZero (12:51:15 AM): yeah when i get around to it, i usually don't touch the page unless i have some writings/lyrics to put in
FlipZero (12:51:21 AM): then i update whatever whenever
Wednes123 (12:51:50 AM): it's cool that you write and stuff
FlipZero (12:52:27 AM): eh, it kills the time i suppose
FlipZero (12:52:34 AM): i'm submitting to osu's mosaic
FlipZero (12:52:40 AM): maybe i'll win an award or something
FlipZero (12:52:45 AM): that'd be kinda cool
Wednes123 (12:52:54 AM): yeah that would be cool
Wednes123 (12:54:48 AM): darn wasps
FlipZero (12:55:50 AM): wasps huh
FlipZero (12:56:04 AM): not a wasp in sight up in here
Wednes123 (12:56:53 AM): that's one of the positive things about cold weather - no insects
Wednes123 (12:58:19 AM): who is pat lee?
FlipZero (12:58:32 AM): he's an artist/writer
FlipZero (12:58:44 AM): wow, still readin.
Wednes123 (1:01:49 AM): yeah, shocked?
FlipZero (1:02:12 AM): nah, i'm more shocked that i'm still online
Wednes123 (1:03:07 AM): cos you're so tired?
FlipZero (1:04:20 AM): that and i'm usually just bumming around the hall or something
Wednes123 (1:06:04 AM): when is your first class tomorrow?
FlipZero (1:06:15 AM): oh i dunno, 130
Wednes123 (1:06:36 AM): wow, i got a 8:30
Wednes123 (1:06:38 AM): blah!
FlipZero (1:07:25 AM): yeah, here's me saying i shouldn't be on while you're gonna get a crampy neck and a sore back at your 830 class cuz you're engulfed in my distant depressing past
FlipZero (1:07:27 AM): how nice.
Wednes123 (1:08:44 AM): it's only spanish class
FlipZero (1:09:12 AM): "only spanish" huh... don't you know how important el espaņol is to your daily life?
Wednes123 (1:09:26 AM): si, muy importante
FlipZero (1:11:06 AM): alright, this is too fun, but i think i shouldn't deprive you of anymore sleep, so i'll be on my way...
FlipZero (1:11:10 AM): have a good night
Wednes123 (1:11:17 AM): ok, you get some sleep
Wednes123 (1:11:19 AM): good nite
FlipZero (1:11:20 AM): laterz...*