Jello5418 (3:22:06 AM): I think that I'm going to come "home" soon....and you are the only one online.....I think that I'm depressed too....which sucks.....but give me time.....and I think that I will realize the good that is in whatever I'm feeling now....and it will be good......a lot really does suck though... and there is no one to tell.... but maybe when I go to church tomorrow, I'll have that thoughts now are what good will they do, even though I had previous thoughts of how much they could help....but what negativity is telling me this...I think that I know....and it is not I hate it,, I found something...but is it wrong to hate,is it wrong to hate what is evil...I don't thinkso..this is the only thing that I will hate..but this brings up many questions..are you thinking should I hate people then...
Auto response from FlipZero (3:22:06 AM): i'm in columbus. gimme a call if there's shizzat to do (8-8947).. or call kathleen's, you should know that number, fool!

Jello5418 (3:34:19 AM): I won't, hopefully whatever is so tragic that I'm going through will inspire me even more to have others happy...Between a cup and an umbrella, which would you rather be....I'd rather be a cup....for rainy days...they hold sorrow....umbrellas don't...they keep the holder happy....but you sit and watch others w/o umbrellas rain,sad rain....but I have my cup which holds sorrow...but so insignificantly when you think about how little you are actually contributing to others not getting is any of this actually worth the effort, worth choosing..worth living for....why not just worry about myself....because what good am I dry & healthy, but sad for others...and how bad am I happy, but caring....I wish there was just an easier way with everything...but...ya' know...I sure don't...but fingers are getting fatigued, and somehow I feel a little better.Maybe its just b/c the brain is moving again and when I get time to myself I tend to get like this.I don't think that I really assessed anything, but atleast I got my quality thought time in for today...disregard everything I said, its just babble. - But remember this tomorrow, "you are good!" and "Good job on that!" - just listening or whatever actuallt seemingly helped me out, so "wow!" "Have fun!"
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