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"we're at the top of the world, you and i. we've got alot of time and it sure feels right..."

just look at it outside.. pretty fucking nice out there, dontcha think? so i've started school again, and check this shit: my two hour ride back to columbus from cleveland took six f'ing hours because of like eight inches of snow. christ that was suck. spring break sorta blew. lagwagon didn't wow me like i wanted to be wowed. i mean, they were great and all, but i expected a little more. high expectations are a killer.. c'mon, the singer is like five feet tall and the guitarist is like seven feet tall, so those two shmucks standing next to each other just weirded me out.. reminded me of the bloodhound gang, and if i were you, i wouldn't wanted to be reminded of the bloodhound gang.. at all. ever. so spring break was spent visiting old friends and shit, so that was cool i guess. and i'm NEVER going to forgot the infamous "chuck" by rudy. yeah, i'm still laughing about that night; we all are. my sister turned eighteen, she's all growns up.. kathleen came up to visit me in cleveland, that was so cool of her. my mom accused me of smoking in the bathroom during my sister's party. that was interesting.. and funny i guess. i went to cathy's grandma's birthday lunch thing on sunday and what sticks out in my head the most about it was this old lady i talked to for about an hour about coconuts. yup. then it was the fabled six hour ride back to the safety of this pseudo-home of ohio state. and damn am i broke. crrrrap. ah well. i did a lot of bitch work for kathleen yesterday. that was fun i suppose. anyway, back to today. look at it outside.. i'm usually a night person, a cold weather type person, a rain person.. but it's just really damn nice out there. i'm almost inspired to go out there and do something active.. like a sport or something. and no, not skateboard, i mean something that involves a ball and other people and something like that. dear christ no, this weather seems to be making me go delirious. but seriously, it's a nice day. well at least it looks good from behind this dirty window. oh yeah, i almost forgot.. a couple of things actually.. my classes.. one professor likes to swear a lot, another looks and talks like frankenstein, and another repeatedly says "computers are stupid.. stupid! STUPID! i kid you not. and i ran into judy three separate, random times monday. yeah, we were both pretty damn shocked by this turn of events. ran into nina and kelly too, like a lot of times. and shane mcmahon bought wcw, a week before shane v. vince at wrestlemania! ooooh shit, the drama, the excitement.. can you feel it!?!? uh huh. oh yeah, and i told edith that i'd mention her in every entry on this pseudo-journal.. so.. uh.. "edith." done and done. oh yeah, and "hi sandi".. i told her i'd say what's up to her every day this quarter until she gets sick of me. that won't be too hard, right? heh, yeah. ooooh yeah.. and dammit, i like the juliana theory again.. a lot. i mean, A LOT. fuck them. dammit. they're in cleveland april 4th, taking my yet-to-be-present cash flow away from me. fuckers. alright, i'm gonna pay attention to the simpsons now, even though it's an old, shitty episode. ooo, a shitty simpsons episode.. yeah i said it!

"...because you reached in your pocket and pulled out a pass that says you can take me anywhere. sha la la la. (heh.)"
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