.03.05.01. | .10:43:55.pm.

"stars are out tonight and you're the brightest one shining in my sky. it's like every wish i ever made came true. the day i woke up lying next to you..."

ahhh.. i just had a cigarette and damn it felt good. soooo.. what's been going on. heh, i haven't been updating. i really don't know why though. it used to be like, "eh, i'm bored, i'm gonna update that stupid thing." but now i'm bored and i do something productive. like write. then again, damn do i write too much. ya know, these last couple of weeks have been like the most pleasant days of my life. life has been just good to me, and yeah there IS a reason why. i blame that person with that look. i blame that girl that knows how to make me really smile. yeah, i blame her. bleh. anyway, i'm watching monday night raw right now and things are a little crazy right now. jerry gone, paul in.. what's going on here? yeah, you know what i'm talking about. psa final had it's culture show on saturday.. my family came, so did anthony and a bunch of my cleveland and cincinnati people. that was awesome. i got to perform a song i wrote like a day beforehand. heh. that was fun. i also modeled some weird-ass clothes.. thank you magic of videotape, i'll see that one again on my wedding day. i scanned a bunch of pictures and i'll be putting them up when i get bored again. i started going back to church again.. eh? eh? eh. man, once again, i'm out of shit to say! this is weird. note to self ryan, you suck at quote/unquote "updates." ah well, whatever. i feel that cynical, sarcastic self coming back.. uh oh, the world will never be the same. crap.

"...will you be my best friend if i offer you my heart? 'cause it's already yours. we could hang out every night and watch the sun go down. as long as we could watch it rise again."
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