.02.20.01. | .02:19:30.pm.

"it's words you forgot to anniversary songs. the bottles bite back, your tolerance wrong. your good intentions count for little anymore..."

someone please wipe this stupid smile off my face, i mean REALLY.. whoever heard of an emo kid smiling? yeah, that's what i thought. man, i'm hungry. i haven't eaten lunch yet and judy said she would but now she's all goo-goo eyed over the magic of scanning pictures here at hopkins lab, so as it stands, my malnutrition continues. so i've been on a good, great, grand-spankingly super fucking mood these days. and i've been waiting for the kicker, but it ain't happening, so i'm gonna stop. my usual string of unhappy valentine's days ended. and for reasons unknown to you.. and you.. i had a weird, but a good kind of weird, last thursday. i started smoking again on friday; yeah, i'm weak, whatcha gonna do about it. went walking a mile in the pouring rain at 5am for those cigarettes. yup- ADDICT. crap. i went home friday night, went to a few parties this past weekend, bonded with missi and kim some more at dennis's party, saw meet the parents and laughed, played with my dog for hours on end.. dammit, he got HUGE. why is that. i don't get it either. my very understanding parents seem to be supportive of my interest in an english degree. wow, asian parents not pissed as shit when their sibling isn't a doctor or an engineer?? that's crazy talk! anyway, i came back to columbus sunday.. don'tcha love it when you fall asleep in one city and wake up in the next? yup, it rules. sunday night was perfect, and monday was even better. and boy do i love being ambiguous. it's tuesday now and i am finished with classes and it's a beautiful day and dammit, life is just amazing. thanks "weird one" for making it like that. you're the best. i'm going to go eat some food now before i disappear out of existence. laterz...*

"...if you're sorry why wage war? i'm not fully convinced that there's something wrong with this. could another point of view, biased and untrue, tear me away from you? will you be my valentine if I'm a world away?"
:: the get up kids. { valentine }

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