"your eyes.. they sparkle tonight."

i'm lying awake
because i'm afraid you might wake up.
it's such a cold morning, and your knees are shaking.
remember my cheeks against yours? because i can't let go.

and you roll. you pull me down with you
to the floor. the sunrise looks different upside-down,
and my mind drifts around to the last time we lied there alone.

so now i'm watching you breathe.
your chest heaves, and i feel the impending sigh.
your eyelashes fluster, and i catch you peeking
with one curious eye, and i want to know:

does this smile from my ear to ear
fit the mouth on your face that's telling me i'm weird?
with my thumb on your cheek and my pinky behind your ear,
i'm holding the universe.

i'm tasting the milky way.
in your eyes, i'm seeing stars
like the glowing green marks on your ceiling
i've stared up at countless nights before.

i'll shut up now.
i'll learn to feel things through my arms-
not through my mind, not through my mouth.
but every time i look your way
i catch a shade of heaven
because the stars are yours
in your eyes.