"i just do it for the *new*."

and maybe tomorrow i'll start it off with a kiss.
and that would the end of it, or maybe you will blush.
the sky's the limit with you, and nothing can stop us.
if you'd only spread your wings if you'd just let the world see
what i'm seeing. this world is so full of demons.
they keep tearing at my insides, and i can only dream
of an angel like you to take the pain away.
but i never asked for the stars. i never begged to get lost
and not be found when i'm staring in your eyes. the world
is so big, but i still can't find my place in it.
i can't believe you stole my seat when i stood up.
because i'm not ready for you. i left
my heart in someone else's hands, and you
just give it away to anyone new.
but probably tomorrow i'll end it all because i've heard it all before.
i've heard enough "i love you"'s to last me another heartbreak or two.
so, i lie here in this cold bed. this ceiling is my old friend.
i'm losing it because i'm losing you.