december sky.

these are those warm nights
i've waited out long cold days for.
the scorch of the cold
as my fingertips numb.
so i fill my lungs
with the reward of one last drag.
there's nothing like feeling nothing
and everything all at once.
i'm looking out
at the most amazing sky.
i'll share it with you tonight.
the violet rings of clouds
around a pale moon's glow.
the beauty steals my eyes.
so catch me if you can.
this night is daring me to forget
the thousands more wasted.
and i will sing
at the top of my lungs
my favorite song
out of this car.
this cough won't stop me now.
i won't save my breath
until we've reached that corner. then
i can yell out her name
for the last time
and sleep on my side, dreaming of tomorrow.
but not just yet
let's remember tonight for what it's meant.
we'll go to our favorite parking lot at 4am.
we'll start our winter off
with a somersault into the snow.
we'll slip and slide
and pretend this night will never end.
let the sun, the world, and our nerves
ruin it tomorrow.
this is our night
and we can make it last if we wanted to.