the morning grass is crying.

this cold wind
is tinting my ears red.
and no one
will ever know how sad
today is
besides me.
the morning grass is crying
and no one will ever see.
i feel my lungs collapsing.
now i see my breath escaping.
it's as if this breeze is taking everything away.

i feel it
in my stomach telling me
that my brain is dead
and if i'm lucky i'll go blind.
i don't want to see
the stars in her eyes
because they're lost
in someone else's galaxy tonight.
i hear my voice. it whispers,
"oh no, now it is truly over..
and i can't believe it took me this long."

now i've seen everything
my world spins off it's axis
so i spin with it
i crumble to the ground
only i can hear the sounds
of my tears on this morning grass.