17th and neil.

i'm still waiting for the change to come around
when will i see the green
get taken over by the brown and the orange
when will the rest of this world look like how i feel?
maybe not until the spring
maybe not until the birds come back
because they're gone
now they've flown away
at least take with them one more piece of me
i won't be needing this heart anymore
part of me cannot be replaced
i'll go to sleep this winter and hope to never wake

because now i see that girl
and i can't help but feel nothing
why won't my blank complexion match the smile on her face?
maybe if i smile more
maybe then i'll find a cure
maybe then i'll find the strength to change
now the bus stops in my corner
it waits there forever
no one seems to give a shit
why won't it just go?
shouldn't it be raining now?
so it seems i'm stuck in this routine

but i can't keep pretending
because i'm no different from her
now i think i'll face forward
and forget what's at my right and left
all that matters to me is here and now
and sometimes not even that
summer time is over now
i guess now that i'm over you
in case you haven't heard
i don't even care anymore.