long master tree ring sequence

all that i can see from here
are rooftops and closed windows
this silence is far too golden
i'd rather be deafened by silver lining
lying down in my backyard
watching every star burn out
but i'm trapped in this room
until the 6:18 bell lets me out
does this sadness ever end?
can i shed away my old skin?
if everything happens too fast
then why can't this be something?
feels like i'm fading into nothing

nothing ever matters to you
when it comes to feeling sad and blue
my heart tells me i should feel something
more than my heart can offer
after all this waiting around
and tasting loneliness
i'll swallow it down whole
and let it settle in my stomach
will these thoughts come to an end?
can i stop myself from falling?
because this sequence is hurting me
more than i can imagine
i need something to make me feel again

missing you is killing me
i need something to make me feel something
for crying out loud.. missing you is killing me.