the answer is all of the above.

out where the sky touches the green
that's where i'll be.
lying on fresh-cut lawn
staring at an orange sun
it wants to set on me
and leave me all alone
to wander in the darkest night
to stumble my way home.
i can't find my way back home.

do you remember
the beach that one fourth of july?
i sat and watched the world light up
reflecting from your eyes.
do you remember
how much easier it was then?
it makes me wonder
what the fuck is wrong with me now?

i wonder what you'll do tonight.
i wonder what you smell like.
you're probably sweating.
after all, it's summertime.
sometimes i feel like holding onto memories.
maybe it's time to let go.

it seems like i've been dreaming of everything.
i'd rather sleep alone tonight with only your memory.
i dream about you every night
it's just that i wake up every time.