11:11. make a wish.

my pages are empty.
i've smeared the only words i had left to say.
i've been staring at a shapeless cloud all day
hoping for the rain to come
and wash away my ink-filled palms
it's been this way for far too long.
and once again time won't stand still for me.

you took my hand
you took me to places i've never been.
i found out what true happiness felt like
being with you.
please take my heart
i really have no use for it now
and it was yours to begin with anyway.

frozen is your heart.
broken was mine from the start.
i know that when the time does come
i'll realize that i was so wrong
to make you think i was okay
with you being so far away from me.

may i have this moment?
can i please try to change your mind?
was it something i said that made you turn away
and leave me wondering why?