so i fucked it up. i watched you go.

angelo jello
brian b, for rutt fans everywhere
brian r homepage of brian ballistic
daisy b her live journal
edith pinay in d minor
jamie* pieces of everyone
judy i made her an emo girl
rudy the phone that never rings
rj bulldoza's webpage
simon emotion obsolete
yvette the numbing agent

alkaline trio
death cab for cutie
exhibit a
impossibles, the
jimmy eat world
juliana theory, the
major minority
rilo kiley
saves the day
texas is the reason
that dog.

bleh. stuff you'll like. you don't know me at all
emokids.webring united in sadness
emotionisdead dashboard, amsterdams, get up fix
fyst filipino youth standing together
neon genesis evangelion brilliant anime series
natalie portman the goddess.. hot
psa osu flips
silver surfer THE superhero a kevin spacey site. interesting shit. personality test apparently i'm an artist.
watchmen excellent epic/story by alan moore wrestling shit world wrestling federation baby