Name: Ryan Lim.
Birth: July 20, 1981.
Sex: Male.
Ethnicity: Filipino-American.
Occupation: Full-time student.
Level of Study: 3rd year student at The Ohio State University; graduate of Holy Name High School (Parma Heights, OH), 1999; valedictorian of Holy Family Elementary School (Parma Heights, OH), 1995.
Degree of Interest: Journalism Major, with a specialization in creative literature; MIS Minor.
Work Experience: McDonald's (1999); York Comics & Cards (1999-2000); Wedge Medical Center (2001).


hi. i'm ryan. you probably don't know me, and if you think you do, then you'd be the first. as of right now (friday, february 1, 2002), i'm a twenty-year old student at ohio state university. i have a beautiful, intelligent, weird girlfriend whom i love, kathleen. i have a dog named toby, and he's pretty damn dumb. i love him to death.

i still collect comic books, and my all-time favorite story is watchmen, by alan moore. if you've ever read that, then you'll know why. that storyline has inspired me to write and create, even to the point that no one but myself cares. and it's even been past that point. i still go to comic conventions, god i'm lame. my favorite book is catcher in the rye by j.d. salinger, and at the moment, i'm reading about a boy by nick hornby and endgame by samuel beckett.

i'm an avid film and movie fan, but i wouldn't say i'm a "buff." whatever that means. my all-time favorite film that i can recall right now is chasing amy, but rushmore is my inspiration, and mallrats is my source of comedy. pretty sad, huh?

this webpage is based primarily, though, on my love of music and lyrics. i try to fill myself up with music, then hit the button to empty it all out and build up again. what? yeah, i don't get it either. i just mean.. i listen to shit to the point that i should really dislike something, but the music that i hold in disdain and contempt is the stuff that i live off of. i can seriously believe that certain types of music, certain bands, even certain words in lyrics have kept me going or inspired me to do the shit i do today. i was even in a band once. ain't life the shit?

ever the creative one, i used to be an artist. i still find myself drawing and shit, but not to the point that i believe i can do this for a living or something. that glass ceiling seems to be what's fucking me over in the artistic world. ah well.

well, that's about it for me. i'm going to ren's birthday party now. this was fun for me, how about you? laterz*

( ( ( i love capturing moments with you ) ) )