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Posteal Laskey / The Cincinnati Strangler

Posteal Laskey
The Cincinnati Strangler


Posteal Laskey

Date of Birth - Date of Death:

??-still living

Residence(at time of murders):

Cincinnati, Ohio

Acts Committed:


Weapons Used:

Plastic clothesline
Electric cord
Anything to strangle with

Body Count:


Victim type:

Elderly women

The Story:

Posteal Laskey is one of the few black serial killers ever. Because of this, and that most serial killers are middle-aged white guys, a lot of people think Laskey is innocent. Between 1965 and 1966 a series of murders took place in Cincinnati Ohio where several elderly women (between the ages of 50-65) were beaten, raped, and strangled. Eventually the dumb ass Cincy PD arrested Laskey for one of the victims and the dumb Cincy courts found him guilty and sentenced him to life in prison. Seeing how the murders stopped after Laskey was put away, Cincy's "finest" boast that he was the killer of all the slain women. As of now (2002), Laskey is appealing to the Parole board but residents here dont want him out. I wouldnt mind. I'd chill with him.