Dark Kisses

Title: Dark Kisses Pairing: Xander/Angelus Author: Stephanie M wicciangirl51@hotmail.com
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Rating: R maybe?
Summary: Xander finally finds love and acceptance.
Status: WIP

Part 1

The man sighed as he read the old, worn piece of paper. The message was only one word but it was enough to cause the man to pale. The message said simply “Now”. He was one of the few who knew that it meant the prophecy of the Two was about to begin. With this in mind, the man quickly grabbed his hat and walked out the door, a piece of paper fluttering to the ground in his wake said the name of his destination Sunnydale.

In the immediate headquarters of the Scooby Gang since the magic box was undergoing repairs, otherwise known as Rupert Giles’ house two figures sat alone. Each one an outsider, amongst the group sitting around the table making plans for the forthcoming battle.

Xander looked at the two people who were supposed to be his best friends and asked himself just why he allowed himself to be treated like little more than dirt but even as he asked, he knew the answer. It was because they were his friends and he couldn’t desert them when they might need his help, besides he had to help fight the darkness even if it meant his death.

Spike looked at the far away gaze in Xander’s eyes and wondered why he was bothered by the fact that the man was being ignored by his supposed best friends. He was the Big Bad and he was getting all protective and concerned about a mortal and the Slayer’s friend at that. He had come to like Xander, not that he would admit it even if someone poured holy water over his body!

Before anyone could notice that the two were distracted there was a loud knocking on the door. It sounded like whoever was knocking was likely to kick the door done if they didn’t answer soon. Realising this, Giles moved to open the door adjusting his glasses.

The door opened to reveal a man dressed in black leather pants and a blood red shirt. The man appeared to be around 25 with a muscular build and blue eyes that had seen too much. Not waiting to be asked in the stranger walked into the living room and looked at the group of people talking quietly. Giles closed the door and looked at the man, waiting to see if the man had some reason for coming to them.

The man said his voice similar to that of a teacher, “My name is Blade Artis and I’m here to speak to you about a prophecy that is about to begin. The only reason why I’m here is to make sure that everything goes according to plan.”

Once Blade was sure he had the attention of everyone, he sat down and started his explanation. He knew that it was a little hard to believe but it was the truth.

Blade said, watching everyone absorb the information, “I work for of the Powers That Be. When I was 14 I was made a priest of the Oracles and now I work as one of the guides for the forces of good. A prophecy called the Prophecy of the Two is about to start. The reason why we haven’t interfered is that it is forbidden. We cannot interfere with the path once it has been started but I can say that the Prophecy will start in one night. The prophecy states that either a great evil will be born or a great good.”

“Thanks for telling us but might I ask why you left it so late.” Giles said wondering about the man’s intentions.

“I haven’t left it late. I only found out myself four hours ago. Now I will take my leave of you.” Blade said before disappearing in a flash of blue sparks.

The only reaction to his disappearance by the Scooby Gang was Xander raising an eyebrow before looking for a way to escape. He knew that a prophecy was going to happen soon but he needed to get away before he went insane. He could feel the urge to escape in his soul. His mind cried that it was dangerous to be with the others. Not one to ignore his instincts Xander stood.

“I’m leaving now guys. I’ve got an early start at work and it’s after 2 am.” Xander said as he opened the front door.

The others didn’t even notice his leaving. The only one who looked up was Spike. It was clear that Spike knew he was lying from the look in his eyes but Xander wasn’t bothered. After all what could fangless do to destroy his life even more?

Xander quickly wandered down the streets towards his home. He could feel someone was watching him but after looking discreetly, he couldn’t see anything. He doubled his pace and checked to make sure he had a stake. Turning the corner Xander found himself face to face with Angel-just what he needed right now.

“What do you want Angel? Let me guess some horrible demon is going after Buffy?” Xander said, not disguising his hatred for Angel.

Looking up Xander realised that Angel was looking at him different. He looked almost hungry, with a start he realised that it was Angelus he was looking at. His suspicions were confirmed as he watched the vampire smirk at him.

“Angelus. How did you get rid of that soul?” Xander said, at the same time wondering if Angelus would hate him for sending him to Hell.

Angelus didn’t reply instead he took Xander’s hand in his, moving the pair towards Xander’s basement. Feeling Angelus behind him, waiting impatiently Xander opened the door and walked inside. He soon found himself looking into Angelus’ beautiful true face. He loved Angelus and was willing to spend as much time with him as possible, even if Angel would soon return.

“Bed. Now.” Angelus growled as he ripped Xander’s clothes from his body as Xander copied the act on him. Xander soon found himself lying on the bed, unable to think as Angelus entered him, al the time taunting him with his hands and lips. As his world exploded in a haze of colour Xander faintly felt Angelus biting into his neck as he came inside Xander.

“It’s good to be home, Alex. Soul-boy is gone for good. I just woke up a couple of hours ago and found out that I was free.” Angelus said as he stroked the mortals’ skin.

“I guess you know that I’m the one who sent you to Hell.” Xander said, tears flowing from his eyes as he accepted that he would probably lose Angelus forever.

As he considered his plans Angelus said, “I know but it was to be expected, after all you are loyal to a fault but that’ll soon change. By tomorrow night you’ll be loyal only to me and we’ll be together forever.”

Angelus had intended to turn Xander the night before he had freed Acathla but the Slayer had interfered with his plan. He could see that his Alex would make a wonderful vampire; the young man had a dark side that he had seen in few vampires due to the brutal treatment by almost everyone. Xander hadn’t been involved with the demon Anya. Anya had agreed to pose as his girlfriend as a favour to the boy she loved even though he didn’t love her back. Angelus knew that the only one Xander loved was he, until a year ago; the Scoobies would have come between them but no longer.

Xander soon fell asleep using Angelus as his pillow, holding Angelus’ hand tightly as if afraid that he would wake up to find himself alone. The sound of Xander’s heart beat soon soothed Angelus to asleep. The pair slept with their bodies entwined so that it was hard to see where one ended and the other began.

The next morning Xander awoke to find himself being held tightly by Angelus and wasn’t surprised to hear the vampire growl as he tried to move. Deciding that work wasn’t all that important Xander quickly gave up his efforts to move and turned his mind to more pleasant thoughts. Xander’s mind drifted as he wondered just how much he could do to his lover before the other would wake up.

Xander quickly turned in Angelus’ arms, taking small bites of the vampires’ neck. He knew how much it excited his mate and wondered just how long it would before Angelus moved. Grinning wickedly, Xander slowly moved his mouth down to Angelus’ chest, sucking on the cool nipples. He ran his fingers down the vampires’ cool back, drawing blood, exciting the vampire even more.

“Angelus, love, why don’t you join in the fun it’s a lot more fun with someone else.” Xander asked before arching off the bed as Angelus gripped his hard cock in his hands.

Part 2

Angelus moved his cold hand up and down Xander’s erect cock with agonising slowness. Each stroke of his hand drew Xander further away from reality, until all that existed was the feelings rushing his body.

Wanting the two of them to come together Xander used all his willpower to push his impending orgasm down, but even as he did so, Xander knew he couldn’t last long. Removing Angelus hand from his cock, Xander moved with a sensual grace so that he was lying on top of the vampire. His mouth was lined up with Angelus’ cock, Xander quickly took the vampire’s large manhood in his mouth, moving his head up and down, just grazing the surface with his teeth. As he was doing this Angelus noticing Xander’s desire took the mortals cock into his mouth, expertly moving his mouth up and down the hard shaft. The smell of Xander’s arousal only bringing the vampire closer to orgasm. Angelus could feel his impending orgasm and moved his mouth faster wanting the pair to come together.

A growl of “Alex” echoed in the small basement as Angelus came, Xander taking every drop of the vampire’s cum.

“I Love you `Lus!” Xander shouted as he came in the vampire’s mouth. Angelus simply swallowed the mortal’s cum before gently lifting Xander so that the mortal was lying on top of him. Angelus stroked Xander’s hair as the mortal lay panting for air.

As the mortal went to sleep, clutching Angelus the vampire smiled in satisfaction. In less than 24 hours, Angelus’ plan would be complete, he would be rid of the annoying slayer, and his family would be united. The most important aspect of the plan to Angelus was that he would finally be able to spend eternity with his Alex. His Alex would make a glorious vampire, one truly worthy of being his mate. Angelus remembered the night he’d first spoken to Xander…


Angelus had watched his prey for nights now and no one had figured him out. The Slayer still believed herself to be his goal, leaving the boy unguarded. Even while he had been locked inside Soul-boy’s mind Angelus had recognised the beauty inside Xander Harris and claimed him as his.

Tonight he would truly claim his mate, Angelus thought, stealthily moving towards the lone figure walking home from the Bronze. Angelus couldn’t help but feel rage at the Slayer for leaving Xander to walk home alone, especially knowing that he was loose.

Angelus followed the boy, wanting to ensure they were free from the crowds before he claimed his mate. A growl formed in Angelus’ throat as he noticed a young minion moving towards his mate. The minion walked in front of Xander, apparently not caring about the Master Vampire following the mortal.

“Oh, great, more vamps (!) Maybe I should just put a sign around my neck saying vampire bait,” Xander muttered under his breath as the young and obviously hungry vamp blocked his path.

Angelus reacted instinctively as the minion took a step towards Xander. In a flash Angelus was holding the minion’s neck. With a savage bite to the ear and neck, he let the minion go. As the minion backed away from him, Angelus snarled and uttered two words, “He’s Mine”. He knew that he had to let the minion go so that everyone would know that Xander was his.

No one would touch Xander and live.

The minion ran away leaving one surprised mortal and one angry, aroused vampire.

“I’m Yours?” Xander questioned, surprising Angelus, who hadn’t thought that the mortal heard him.

“Yes, you’re mine, Alex - completely.” Angelus replied moving forward, directing Xander into an abandoned alley.

“It’s nice to know who’s been following me around.” Xander stated, not fazed by Angelus’, claim. “I won’t deny that I’m attracted to you, Angelus. I’m not going to have sex with you until I know you better. Come to my house tomorrow at 9pm.” Xander had said, surprising Angelus who wasn’t used to people saying no to him. That night was the start of their relationship. A relationship they had consummated just two days before Angelus was caged once again.

End Flashback

Part 3

Xander woke with a jerk, realising that he was alone in the bed. He quickly moved his eyes around the small basement, tears flowing from his eyes when he realised that he was alone.

‘Has something happened to Angelus?’ Xander asked himself, quickly jumping out of bed and pulling some clothes on. If Angelus went outside, Buffy would fight him. As much as Xander believed that Angelus could defeat the slayer, he wasn’t sure if his love could handle the whole of the Scooby Gang.

A noise coming from upstairs caught Xander’s attention, making the partially dressed man slowly move towards the door, hoping that it was Angelus. Xander opened the door and ran upstairs to find Angelus tying up his parents. The sight of his beloved caused all thoughts of their audience to leave Xander’s mind as he caught Angelus’ mouth in a kiss.

The kiss was soft, gentle, but at the same time rough and dangerous. Xander moved his tongue over Angelus’ fangs, making the vampire shudder from the feeling and from the taste of Xander’s blood.

“I thought that you’d left,” Xander replied to Angelus’ searching look. The simple statement was enough to explain his reaction.

His voice full of promise and passion Angelus said, “Don’t worry, Alex. I’m just moving your parents out of the way until later. I won’t leave you. Now once we’ve put them in the basement I’ll embrace you.”

He wanted to make the pair pay for the pain they had inflicted on his love. He wanted to get revenge on Xander’s father especially after all the rapes the boy had endured. He would teach them what happened when someone dared to touch what was his! Earlier Angelus had been able to tell from the scars of Xander’s ass that the rapes had continued. He was sure that Xander would be more than eager to help torture his parents as soon as he was turned.

Angelus picked up Xander’s father and carried the body into the basement, Xander followed a few minutes behind carrying his unconscious mother. The prone bodies were dropped on the floor with a thud but neither Xander nor Angelus cared.

Xander walked over to the unmade bed and lay down with his head on the pillow. He was looking forward to spending eternity with his love and getting revenge on the Scobbies was quite appealing. Xander smiled as he felt Angelus moving onto the bed behind him, instinctively he bared his neck, shivers running down his spine as he felt Angelus’ fangs enter his neck.

Angelus was intoxicated with the taste of Xander blood, each drop called out to him. With a great exercise of control, more than he thought he had Angelus managed to quickly drain his beloved, eager for his love to awake to his knew life. He moved his mouth from Xander’s neck to bite his wrist, moving it towards Xander’s mouth. Xander needed no urging and hungrily drank the blood, knowing it was the way he could spend forever with Angelus.

As Angelus’ blood started to circulate in his veins Xander was reminded of the kisses they had shared. Just like the kisses, the blood was strong, powerful and met a deep urge inside him, making him want more. Finally, he stopped knowing that to drink more would be dangerous and turn the man not into a true Childe but a minion.

Angelus pulled his wrist away and moved so that he could hold Xander in his arms until he awoke to life as a vampire. He just knew that his Alex would make a wonderful vampire, one that would strike fear into the hearts of humans and demons alike. His beloved had a wonderfully dark sense of humour, a cunning mind, and a flair for planning.

Angelus wondered just how soon Xander would wake up, although he knew that it wasn’t permanent, the sight of Xander’s lifeless body filled him with anger and pain.

Part 4

The tug in the back of his mind signalled that his mate was almost ready to be reborn as a true creature of the night. Angelus quickly walked over to his beloved’s terrified parents and woke them up. The scent of fear rolling off them was intoxicating but he clamped down on the desire to drain them, wanting the pair to be his gift to Xander.

“Sire...I love you.” Xander purred as he walked over to Angelus, radiating sexuality.

Xander gripped his Sire’s mouth in a tight kiss, changing into his true face, delighting in the feeling of Angelus’ tongue running over his fangs. The two vampires shivered in desire as their fangs touched.

“I need you, please Angelus.” Xander managed to moan, through the purrs of desire and contentment.

Angelus replied by running his hands over the young vampire’s body, causing shivers to run down both their spines. He quickly focused on Xander’s cock, taking the leaking shaft into his mouth, expertly running his tongue down the vein. It was too much for Xander who was in a sea of lust. He was going to cum but he needed something more, sensing this Angelus bared his neck. As Xander came with a growl, he thrust his fangs into Angelus’ neck. The blood was powerful, dangerous, and addictive, making Xander orgasm harder than ever before.

As soon as he could breathe, Xander looked over at his terrified parents. The scent of fear and their heartbeats only increased his hunger. He looked at them, wondering just what would be a fitting punishment for the two people who had hurt and betrayed him. His mother he would let die relatively quick. His father would have to suffer for the years of pain Xander had endured at his hands.

Moving faster than the mortals could see, Xander moved behind his mother, grasping the women’s neck in his hands. The need for the blood pulsating underneath his fingers was too strong to deny. Xander changed into game face, his eyes turning gold as he bit into the woman’s neck. Xander stopped drinking the blood to look at Angelus. The elder vampire was looking at them through golden eyes, in a mix of bloodlust and desire.

“Sire, come drink with me.” Xander whispered seductively as he looked Angelus in the eyes.

Smiling the older vampire dropped his fangs into the other side of the woman’s neck. Minutes later the vampires had completely drained the woman who fell to the floor dead. The bloodlust was sated for the moment leaving only desire coursing through their veins.

Xander dropped to his knees and looking Angelus in the eyes, took the vampire’s hard cock into his mouth. The sight of Xander’s bloodstained lips around him made Angelus growl in desire. Xander bobbed up and down on the shaft, stopping to place a kiss on the tip. As his sire was about to come, Xander took the cock into his mouth completely. Angelus shot a stream of cum down his beloved’s throat, biting into Xander’s neck as he came, marking the younger vampire as his mate.

Part 5

With a groan Angelus fell to the floor, purring contentedly when he felt Xander lie down next to him. The younger vampire moved so that Angelus’ head was resting on his chest.

Angelus looked up at the feeling of someone approaching. He knew that it was Spike and there were a few things he needed to say to his errant son. Not least the fact that Spike hadn’t protected his beloved from the beatings and rapes.

Spike was watching the pair with a smirk on his face he had known about the boy all along. Now that his sire was back they could finally deal with Slutty and the other do-gooders. He knew that Angelus would be all to eager to get his revenge especially when Spike gave him the details on how they had treated Xander since his sire had gone to Hell.

“Hello, William. Why don’t you come in? I need to discuss this thing’s punishment with you.” Angelus said as he kicked Xander’s father in the head, the hatred for the mortal clear in his voice.

Spike said with a leer at the younger vampire, “Good to see you two are back together. Nice to see you’re part of the family again, Xan.”

“Don’t get any ideas Spike. He Is Mine!” Angelus said, his tone making it clear that he would not share.

“Good to see you too, brother. Now what are we going to do about him?” Xander said as he absently stroked Angelus’ head from his position on the floor.

Already planning the punishment Angelus stated, “Leave that to me, Alex. He’ll pay for touching you. Spike, nail him to the wall, we need some room to work. Alex, can you get a couple of knives? It’s time to teach him what happens when he touches something that belongs to me.”

Angelus threw water on Xander’s unconscious father, wanting the mortal to be awake so that he could hear the screams of pain. With a smile he took in the look of fear in the man’s eyes at the sight of the three vampires in their game face.

“You remember me, don’t you? My name is Angelus and this is my childe Spike. I’m going to make you pay for hurting my mate,” Angelus whispered to the terrified man while running a knife down the man’s back, just making small cuts.

Knowing that the knowledge of what was going to happen would be almost as bad as the act itself Angelus said, “First I’m going to cut you all over, until you beg for me to stop. Then I’m going to beat you up and then I might let Spike have you, I haven’t decided yet. Then I’m going to let Alex play with you, I know he’s got a couple of things that he wants to do before we kill you.”

Angelus grabbed hold of Xander and kissed him roughly, delighting in the feel of his mate’s fangs running over his tongue. The kiss tasted of blood, arousal, desire, need, anger and love. Angelus silently offered his neck to Xander, knowing that the younger vampire wanted to leave a visible mark just as Angelus had. This mark would be different then the one the younger vampire had given him when they had sex. It was a sign of their bonding and marriage, one that could only be broken by death.

Moving away from Angelus, Xander watched as his mate picked up one of the knives waiting on the floor. A smile graced his face as Angelus made small cuts into the mortal’s skin, not enough to kill but the pain would make him wish he had been killed.

‘Finally someone is making my father suffer,’ Xander thought to himself with a smirk.

Angelus looked over at Xander, delighting in the smile and bloodlust on his mate’s face. Putting down the knife, Angelus started beating the nearly unconscious mortal, focusing on the chest. There was a loud crack as the man’s ribs broke, making it harder for him to breathe.

“Spike, my boy. Do you want to play with him?” Angelus asked as he stepped away to admire his work. Xander’s father was a mass of bruises, blood pouring out of his body from the many tiny cuts.

“Nah, he’s not going to last much longer so Xander best have his fun.” Spike replied, knowing how much his brother was looking forward to making the mortal suffer.

“Alex, he’s all yours.” Angelus stated as he moved to sit on the bed.

Xander looked around before going into the bathroom for the toilet plunger. Time to see how his father liked to be violated. With a snarl, he removed his father from his position on the wall, letting the mortal fall on the floor.

Smirking Xander thrust the plunger into his father’s ass, his grin widening at the screams of agony. The screams soon turned to begs for mercy, hadn’t his father figured out that he wouldn’t get mercy. Taking the knife in one hand, Xander turned his father over and plunged the knife in his father’s heart.

“Very good, Alex. We’ll have to get out of here, we can go to the mansion for now." Angelus said as he walked over and took Xander's hand.

The three vampires walked out of the house, leaving behind Xander's parents. They knew that Xander’s father was still alive but they wanted him to suffer a slow, painful death.

Part 6

The group walked through the dark streets of Sunnydale ignoring the stares from the other creatures of the night who looked on in a mix of fear and awe. Angelus had returned and blood was going to run but he had learned through the mistakes earlier. The first problem would be to remove the witch, that way no one could put a soul on them, he was never going back to that prison.

“So, how are we going to get the chip out of Spike’s head?” Xander asked curious, knowing that his mate would have come up with a plan.

“Dru’s waiting back at the mansion, apparently the stars have told her how to get it out. She’s looking forward to see having her family together.” Angelus replied noticing the way Spike’s eyes flashed golden at her name.

“Is that Chaos Demon with her?” Spike asked unsure as to whether or not he wanted the answer.

“If he is we can always kill him.” Xander said as he remembered the way Spike had missed his Dark Princess.

All conversation stopped as they arrived at the mansion, Angelus walked in first followed by Xander and lastly Spike. The scene was surprisingly domestic, if you ignored the hanging bodies. Druscilla was sitting at a large wooden table playing with what appeared to be a bird. On seeing them she stood and slowly walked over.

“Is this my new Daddy? The stars have told me such lovely tales about you, you are going to make the Slayer weak. You will make the blood run.” Druscilla said in the lilting voice of the insane. She was dressed in a long black and red dress that glided along the floor as she walked. Looking up at Xander she smiled and moved towards Spike.

“Yes, this is Alexander but you can’t play with him, Dru.” Angelus said his voice cold.

“I know but I can play with my Spike. The stars have told me how to get that metal out of your head then we can hunt.” Druscilla said as she moved to sit at the table once more.

The vampires all sat down and started to confirm all the details. The main problem was that they needed Tara to remove the chip but it would be difficult to get her before the Scooby Gang retaliated.

“Spike, you can go to the meeting and keep and eye on them. We’ll get Tara on her way back to the college. The only problem is Willow.” Angelus said as he considered his plan.

Xander said, “Willow won’t be at the meeting tomorrow, she’s supposed to be tutoring someone so we can get her all alone.”

Part 7

From the shadows, Xander watched as Tara walked towards Giles’ house, presumably on her way to the Scooby meeting. As if sensing eyes on her, Tara looked around before quickening her pace.

“Hi Tara.” Xander said as he moved under the streetlight, while unseen by mortal eyes, Angelus moved behind her.

“Hi Xander, is something wrong?” Tara asked her voice concerned.

“I need your help, Spike’s been injured. He’s been hurt really bad.” Xander said, appealing to the young witch’s compassionate nature.

“Okay, I’ll come with you. What about the others?” Tara said as she walked over to him.

“Anya’s gone to get them but we need to get to Spike.” Xander said, smirking when she followed him.

As they walked towards the mansion, Xander could smell the fear pouring from Tara, she was obviously scared but hadn’t figured out yet that he was a vampire. But that would all change. Xander turned quickly as Angelus grabbed the terrified Tara by the neck, squeezing just enough to make her unconscious.

“Great job, love.” Angelus said as he walked over to Xander, pulling the younger vampire into a bruising kiss.

“What can I say? I learnt from the best.” Xander replied as he picked up Tara’s unconscious body and walked towards the mansion that was their home for now.

“What’s happened to you Angel? What have you done to Xander?” Tara asked, the tremble in her voice audible.

“Don’t ever call me Angel.” Angelus snarled as he slapped her in anger, licking his lips at the blood that fell from her mouth.

“He’s shown me what its like to be loved.” Xander replied as he walked into the room, escorted by Druscilla who smiled at the terrified girl.

“Xander, listen to me. He’s lying to you, go to Willow and get help.” Tara urged, not realising that Xander was a vampire.

“Why would I go to Willow? All she’s ever done is hurt me. We won’t hurt you, much. We need you to help us with something.” Xander said as he leaned back against Angelus.

“What do you need my help with?” Tara replied, at the same time wondering how she could escape.

“We know that you’ve found the spell to remove Spike’s chip and we want you to perform the spell, that’s all.” Angelus said, as he placed ran his fingers up Xander’s arms.

“If I do the spell, will you leave without hurting anyone?” Tara asked, knowing that they would get her to perform the spell one way or another.

“Yes.” Xander answered, only just containing his laughter at her statement.


“So I take it she’s going to do the spell?” Spike asked as he walked into the room.

“Yes, only if you leave without hurting anyone.” Tara said from the middle of the room where she was crushing some herbs.

“Lets get this finished with.” Angelus said, wanting to get his childe back to normal and finish their plan.

With a nod, Spike walked over to the middle of the large pentagram standing still. The vampires watched as Tara murmured the spell under her breath, while placing the herbs into the small pot in front of her. There was a flash of blue light then it was over, sitting in the palm of Tara’s hand was a small chip.

“Time to see if it worked.” Spike said, seconds before biting into Tara’s neck, draining her quickly.

“You promised…Xander.” Tara managed to gasp out before she fell to the floor.

“Newsflash, I’m a demon. You should have figured out you can’t trust demons,” Xander said with a smirk as Tara fell to the floor dead.

“Now that you’re back to normal, Will, we can take on the Slayer. I don’t want to kill her, I want her to suffer for the rest of her life.” Angelus said ignoring the body on the floor.

“What about the others?” Spike asked, wondering just what the plan was.

“We will kill the witch, the soldier and the watcher. The last thing we need is for anyone to get all guilty and try to give us a soul.” Angelus said, as he walked over to the body.

“We’ll dump her on the watcher’s doorstep but first, we need to let them know who’s after them.” Xander said as he took a knife from his pocket, carving a brief message on Tara’s back. That read, ‘It’s only just begun…watch your backs...lost something, Slayer?’

Xander picked up the body, wanting to place it on the watcher’s doorstep himself, not trusting one of the minions to do the job properly. Xander looked at the picture in front of him, Tara’s body was propped up against the doorframe making it seem as if she was asleep.

Part 8

At 3 a.m., Giles opened the door, hearing the sound of the doorbell and gasped in shock. He looked down at Tara’s body and looking around bent down to examine her. The marks on her neck confirmed his suspicions, a part of his mind noticed that her top was ripped at the back, making the message clear.

Picking up the phone, he called the police saying that he had found a body, at the same time hoping that the police didn’t blame him for Tara’s death. Giles was still staring at the body when the police arrived, along with the coroner.

After a brief questioning the police removed the body, promising to investigate the death but Giles knew better. The Sunnydale police would dismiss Tara’s death as a result of an animal attack, the Hellmouth once again working its magic.

Giles reached for the phone and dialed Willow’s number at the same time wondering what he was going to tell her. His thoughts were interrupted as he heard Willow’s voice on the other end.

“Hi, this is Willow.” Willow said sounding half asleep.

“This is Giles can you come to my house as soon as possible, bring Buffy with you.” Giles replied his voice worried.

“We’ll be there as soon as possible.” Willow said as she put the phone down

As he waited for the two girls to arrive, he wondered just how he was going to break the news to Willow, knowing she would be devastated at the loss of her girlfriend. The two witches had so obviously loved each other, he briefly wondered if Willow would be able to cope with Tara’s death.

The sound of the doorbell called Giles from his thoughts; with a deep breath he walked over to the door and opened it.

”Hi Giles, what’s wrong?” Buffy asked as she saw the expression on her Watcher’s face.

“Come inside, I need to talk to you.” Giles said ushering the two girls into his home.

Once the two girls had sat down, Giles took a seat on the couch close to Willow and took her hand, causing Willow to look at him in a mix of worry and shock.

“Willow, I have some bad news. An hour ago, I found Tara’s body on my doorstep. She had been drained by a vampire. I’m sorry.” Giles said his voice low and sympathetic.

“She’s dead, Tara’s dead.” Willow chanted to herself as she stared into space imagining Tara’s body, ignoring Buffy who was holding her in a tight hug.

“There is a message on her back for you, Buffy. I’m afraid that whoever killed her probably did so to get to you. The message says, it’s only just begun….Watch your backs….lost something, Slayer? Do any of you know what this could mean?” Giles said, knowing that he probably wouldn’t get answer everyone was in too much shock.

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow. Willow needs some rest.” Buffy said as she escorted Willow towards the spare room, tucking the young witch in and taking the seat opposite the bed. She knew that Willow needed someone close to help keep the nightmares at bay.

Part 9

Willow awoke to the feeling of arms around her, holding her close, opening one eye she found herself staring straight at Buffy. It was then that she realised it hadn’t all been a terrible nightmare that, Tara was really dead. Never again would see Tara’s shy smile or look into her lover’s eyes.

With a groan, Willow moved from the bed, knowing that she couldn’t spend all of her time grieving, if she didn’t help Buffy it was possible that someone else would be killed. Willow was determined to stop that from happening, she never wanted to put someone through the pain she was feeling.

“Willow, how are you?” Buffy asked worried by the fact that Willow was acting as if nothing had happened. Buffy felt her friend was denying the fact that Tara was dead. But the Slayer could understand only too well, the urge to deny the loss of a loved one.

“I’ll be alright. Can we go and see Giles?” Willow replied her voice trembling; she knew that the Watcher would be worried about her after the horrific events of the previous night.

The two girls walked out into the lounge were Giles was waiting, Willow felt that Giles looked a lot older than he did the night before. It was then that she realised that Tara’s death was not only affecting her but also her friends.

“Would you like me to get you something to eat?” Giles asked Willow, uncomfortable with the situation and knowing that there was nothing he could do to take away her pain.

“That’s alright, Giles. Can you tell me anything about what happened to Tara?” Willow asked her voice wavering as she said Tara’s name.

“It looks like she was killed somewhere else and then placed outside. Do you know why someone would kill her?” Giles asked as he absently cleaned his glasses.

“Everyone likes-I mean liked Tara. What does the message mean?” Willow replied as she sat down, Buffy moving to sit right next to her.

“Apart from the fact that someone else will be killed I’ve no idea. Buffy check on Riley and Dawn that way we can make sure that they haven’t been taken.” Giles said as he reached for a book.

Buffy quickly walked to the phone and started dialing, relief flooding her body when Dawn’s cheerful voice greeted her.

“Hi, Dawn. Are you alright?” Buffy asked wanting to make sure her sister was safe.

“I’m fine - why?” Dawn answered confused.

“I’m just making sure. I’ll call Riley and have him pick you up in half an hour.” Buffy said, knowing that she couldn’t tell her sister about what had happened to Tara over the phone.

“Okay, but what about Xander? I mean he’s off work today and I’m sure he’ll want to know what’s happening.” Dawn said, not wanting to miss out on spending time with Xander.

“You and Riley can pick him up.” Buffy said knowing about the little crush Dawn had on her friend.

“I’ve got to figure out what to wear, bye.” Dawn said excitedly as she put down the phone.

Buffy sighed as her sister hung up, wondering just how she was going to break the news. She quickly dialed Riley’s number, praying that her boyfriend was safe at home. “Riley, are you okay?” Buffy blurted out as soon as the phone was picked up.

“I’m fine, what’s happened?” Riley asked concerned, hoping that nothing had happened to his girlfriend or her family.

“Tara was killed last night. Can you pick up Dawn in half an hour and bring her to Giles’ place?” Buffy said as she watched Willow out of the corner of her eye.

“Sure, anything else?” Riley replied as he quickly pulled on his jeans.

“Oh yeah, can you pick up Xander, if its not too much bother.” Buffy said, remembering how eager Dawn had been to see Xander.

“Sure, I’ll see you soon.” Riley said as he put down the phone.

Buffy stared at the phone and wondered why Riley was acting so strange, almost as if he didn’t care about her. Buffy quickly shoved Riley to the back of her mind as she saw Willow who was staring vacantly into space.


Thirty-five minutes after Riley had finished speaking to his girlfriend he arrived at Xander’s but there was something wrong. There was a feeling of unease about the place, whispering to Dawn to stay there Riley stealthily walked inside.

Inside was eerily quiet but Riley walked forward and stopped in shock, on the floor lay a man, he guessed was Xander’s father. The man had nails in his hand and a knife was sticking out of his chest. From the blood trail it was clear that the man had tried to move. Riley quickly walked past the body, intending on checking for any hostiles but he stopped when he spied a toilet plunger sticking out of the man’s ass.

A gasp caused him to look up, he quickly turned to the doorway where a horrified and scared Dawn was staring at the bodies in shock. Riley quickly walked over to were Xander’s mother lay, two matching bite marks on her neck confirming his suspicions of a vampire attack. He was sure that he had missed something but he knew that he had to get Dawn to Buffy before something happened.


“What’s happened?” Buffy asked as soon as she saw the expression on her sister’s face, Dawn looked like she was going to pass out.

“I’ll tell you inside.” Riley said as he gently pushed Dawn into the house, closing the door behind him.

“We’re inside what’s happened to my sister?” Buffy asked, angry she had thought that Riley would be able to protect her sister but obviously she was wrong.

“We got to Xander’s house and there was something wrong, I went in alone and found his parents dead. There was no sign of Xander but it was vampires killed his mom. His father was tortured, it looked like he was nailed to the wall, cut open and then someone stuck a toilet plunger up his ass. Dawn followed me and saw them but I think she was more worried about Xander.” Riley said, once Dawn was out of hearing range.

“Are you sure Xander wasn’t there?” Giles asked, as he walked into the hall, having overheard the conversation.

Riley stated, “Yeah, there’s no sign of forced entry. The vamps must have been let in, Xander must have known them.” He actually liked Xander, there was something about the other man that he was attracted to despite all the time he spent with Buffy.

“Xander knows not to let people into his home, what if he’s next?” Buffy asked, knowing that she couldn’t handle the pain if another of her friends was killed.


Meanwhile Xander - or Alexander as he was now known was busy planning the next stage of the plan to ruin the Slayer. The obvious next target was Riley, Buffy relied on the soldier for support. Buffy would be watching Willow so the witch would have to wait, and he didn’t really want to kill Dawn. The girl had been his friend and he could honestly say he liked her. No, his friends would be safe - the only people he was going to hurt was the ones who had pretended to be his friends only to ignore the years of abuse he had endured.

The plan was simple but effective, he was going to call Riley and beg for help insisting that Angel had taken him hostage. Riley would be more than willing to kill Angel and wouldn’t involve Buffy because of the supposed feelings the Slayer still harboured for her ex.

If need be there was always the crush card, he remembered the way Riley had watched him and had enough experience to know when someone wanted him. His home life had taught him that and given him a thirst for vengeance.

He also had to consider the person he was now to the world Xander Harris had become Alexander the childe and mate of Angelus. To his vampire family he was Xander or Alex depending on their mood and to Angelus he would always be Alex. Xander matched his mate in terms of bloodlust and destruction. He always had the abilities to be cruel, cunning and ruthless but had suppressed them mainly in the effort to be accepted and loved.

“Alex, why are in here planning when we could be doing a lot more enjoyable messy things with our time?” Angelus asked as he moved behind the younger vampire, thrusting his groin against his love’s ass.

“Just making sure everything’s perfect. When should I make the call?” Alex asked as he leaned into Angelus’ embrace, purring when his lover started placing small bites on his exposed shoulders.

Pausing to consider Xander’s question Angelus said, “Give it a while maybe in a couple of day. Give them time to worry then we’ll strike. Leave the plan, I want you fucking me as soon as possible.”

“That sounds a lot more appealing.” Xander whispered, taking Angelus’ hand. The couple walked in silence to their bedroom, each one fighting to control themselves until they were safe from prying eyes.

Part 10

Giles stared at the books in front of him, desperately searching for some clue as to the identity of the latest demon to target the Slayer. As if that wouldn’t be enough, there was also the little problem of a great evil that had possibly emerged in Sunnydale, the group had patrolled frantically on the night of Tara’s death but the town had been eerily quiet. The disappearance of Xander bothered him, Giles was sure that was missing something important.

He wasn’t sure how to help his young charges; Willow had spent the two days since Tara’s death staring into space. Occasionally the young witch would look around as if searching for something or someone. He and Buffy had agreed not to tell the young witch about Xander’s disappearance in case it made her worse.

Dawn was alternately crying and angry, the young girl seemed to be taking Xander’s disappearance and probable death worse than the rest of them. Riley was an enigma, he hadn’t paid any real attention to Buffy and had been almost maniacal in his patrols of Sunnydale, insisting that Xander was waiting to be rescued.

Giles suddenly sat up, remembering a case from the old Watcher Diaries. If he was right, Xander had precious little time. Grabbing a book from the top shelf, Giles quickly turned the pages stopping at the section about Angelus’ past. He read the passage and reached for the phone, automatically dialling his Slayer’s number.

“Buffy, it’s Giles. I think I know what’s happening. Get everyone here, as fast as possible. Be careful.” Giles said as Buffy’s cheerful voice greeted him.

“We’ll be there in fifteen.” Buffy replied quickly before putting the phone down.


Meanwhile Riley Finn was jarred awake by the sound of the phone ringing. He picked it up quickly, knowing that Buffy might need him.

His voice full of dark humour Angelus said, “Farm Boy, I’ve got someone here, you seem to have lost.”

“Angel, is that you? What are you doing calling me?” Riley asked moodily, he didn’t like his girlfriend’s ex, and Angel didn’t like him. So why was the souled vampire calling him?

“Guess again, Farm Boy. Angel’s gone for good, my name is Angelus.” Angelus said, laughing slightly at the sudden deep breathing on the other end of the phone.

Grinning widely the vampire continued, “As I said, there’s someone here your group seems to have lost. You know, Xander’s really quite beautiful. I wonder if he’ll look so beautiful after I…play with him? Do you think he’ll look so enchanting when I enter him?”

“Don’t even think about hurting Xander!” Riley spat out not liking the malice in the vampire’s voice. Reason returned and he asked, “How do I know you’ve got him?”

Angelus grinned widely at his mate as he said, “I’ll let you talk to him for a couple of minutes. Then I’m going to have some fun with him. What do you think he’ll look like after I’ve drained him?”

“Ri…Riley is that you? You’ve got to help me, please!” Xander said into the phone, his voice shaking from suppressed laughing. Riley thought Xander’s voice was simply shaky with fear.

“Yeah, it’s Riley. I’ll help you. He hasn’t hurt you, has he?” Riley asked straightening his posture.

“Not yet but he keeps looking at me like he’s wondering what I taste like. You’re going to come and get me, right?” Xander said schooling his voice so that he sounded afraid, yet hopeful.

Buffy knocked on the door, getting no answer she walked inside and stopped. Riley was awake and busy talking on the phone. Unnoticed she listen to the conversation, her expression changing to one of worry as she understood what was happening.

“I’ll come and get you. Don’t worry, I won’t let him hurt you.” Riley said, stopping when he heard Angelus’ growls echoing and Xander shouting for the vampire to stop.

Angelus sneered, “I hope you had a nice little talk. You can get the White Knight, tonight at 10pm in the Park. If I see any sign that you’ve brought others, Xander’s going to pay. Got me Farm Boy?”

“I understand. If he’s hurt, I’ll kill you, Angelus!” Riley swore, wondering how he was going to keep this from Buffy.

“I’d like to see you try, Farm Boy.” Angelus purred seconds before the call ended.

“Got something to tell me?” Buffy asked as she watched her boyfriend shy from her gaze.

“I heard the call. I know it was Angelus, just who has he got to make you so worried?” Buffy asked as she absently watched Riley stare at the wall.

“Doesn’t matter, Giles called. He needs us over there as soon as possible.” Buffy said as she walked out, expecting Riley to follow. After a few seconds he did, re-playing the conversation to figure out just what the vampire had done to Xander.


As everyone looked at him expectantly Giles said, “I’m afraid I know what happened to Xander. The profile perfectly matches Angelus; furthermore Angel has completely disappeared. Angelus only acts this way when something he owns or loves is hurt. I think he’s getting revenge for the way we treated Spike, Xander never liked Angelus or Angel so he’s the perfect target.”

“Angelus phoned Riley earlier today, I overheard Riley say his name as he ended the call.” Buffy said, ignoring the glare from Riley.

Riley stared at his girlfriend in disbelief; he couldn’t believe what she was doing. Granted, it was definitely a trap but if Angelus found out someone else knew; Xander would be killed or worse.

“What did he say?” Giles asked, hopeful that he could find out just what Angelus was after this time.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Riley said, staring at the wall. He wasn’t going to risk Xander’s life because he had disobeyed instructions.

Within a couple of seconds, Riley found himself held up against the wall by Giles. As he looked into the older man’s eyes, he couldn’t see any sign of the mild mannered man he had come to know. It was then that he realised he was looking at Ripper, and that this side of Giles would happily kill him.

“If you don’t tell me what he said, I’m going to hurt you. It could help us find Xander.” Giles said, smirking as he noticed Riley’s eyes widen at the mention of Xander.

“So that’s why you won’t say anything! If you tell us we can get Xander back safely.” Giles said as he let the other man go.

Riley fell to the floor but soon picked himself up and was sitting next to Buffy.

Riley said in a detached voice, “He said that Xander’s beautiful and asked if I thought Xander would still be beautiful if he played with him. I think he’s planning on sexually assaulting Xander. I spoke to Xander and he said that Angelus keeps watching him, like he wants to taste him. He sounded afraid and then I heard growling, and Xander was shouting at Angelus to stop.”

“I assume that he told you when to meet him to get Xander back?” Giles asked, already knowing the answer, Angelus loved playing with the Slayer and consequently them.

“Yeah, the park at 10.00. He said I have to go alone or he’ll kill Xander.” Riley said, hoping he could convince everyone to let him go alone. It was safer that way, he wondered if Xander would start to like him once he rescued the younger man from Angelus’ grip.

Giles just looked at the ex-soldier already knowing the man’s intentions but he couldn’t let Riley just walk into a trap. If Riley died it would probably totally unhinge Buffy and the last thing anyone needed was an insane Slayer. No, he and Buffy would have to be there in case. He was positive that together the three could take out Angelus, and it was unlikely the older vampire would have any other vampires apart from minions. From his research he had come to the conclusion that Angelus preferred, to be surrounded by family; with Spike effectively paralysed and Drusilla missing Angelus would have no one for backup.

Giles said to the ex-commando as he turned back to his charge, “Riley, you’ll have to be very careful. Angelus is probably going to try and kidnap you.”

“Buffy, you and I are going to be there early just in case Angelus is planning something. If we are there in time we might be able to rescue Xander. Dawn and Willow will have to stay behind, of course.” Giles said as he passed Buffy a crossbow.

“What time are we leaving?” Buffy asked, knowing that they had to be prepared, she wasn’t going to take any chances with Riley’s life.

Part 11

“Everyone understand the plan?” Xander asked once again, he didn’t really like any of the minions but they would serve his purpose. As long as his family was safe he didn’t care what happened to the other vampires.

“Yes Sir.” A petite, redheaded vampire purred at him.

Ignoring her clear proposition he said, “Get going, and remember I want him alive. Don’t kill any of the others.”

The fifty minions quickly filed out of the room, not wanting to argue with the latest of Angelus childer and especially not the Master’s mate. Any childe of Angelus was always a little unstable and they knew that the elder vampire would only pick someone as fierce, sadistic and cunning as himself as a mate.

“You know this feels a little disappointing, I had planned on going hunting tonight but we can’t risk it.” Xander commented calmly as he turned to address his new family.

Dru said with an eager smile, “We’ll bring back something young and tasty for you Daddy.”

“Thanks, Dru. Just be careful, I don’t want anything to happen to you. We’re going to bring back a new toy for you to play with later.” Xander said smiling cruelly as he walked over to his mate.

“I love the look of you plotting something.” Angelus whispered seconds before he captured his mate’s lips with his own.

While the pair kissed and bit, Dru and Spike left with an indulgent smile happy to see Angelus was back with his mate but for different reasons. Spike was just happy because it meant that he would be able to spend more time with his Dark Princess, he had kind of missed his old Sire. This Angelus was more like his Sire had been when he was turned, sadistic, cruel, cunning, deadly yet sensual and Xander was the one who had brought his Sire back to his true nature.

Drusilla had known this day was coming for years; she had glimpsed a dark haired fallen knight who would bring her family back to its rightful position and would bring her true Daddy back. This Angelus was her dark Daddy, the vampire who would kill anyone who interfered but would do anything for his family. Daddy Alex was going to make their little family complete, he would make them strong and make the blood of their enemies run.


Buffy looked around desperate to find some way to escape; she was surrounded by at least thirty vampires. She fought quickly knowing that she had to win soon if she was going to protect Riley.

Giles on the other hand was more concerned by the determined look in the eyes of the twenty vampires circling him. He knew the chances of him making it out alive where slim but he would kill as many as possible to help his Slayer.

Buffy spat out a mouthful of blood as she staggered to her feet, looking around she couldn’t see any sign of Giles and that worried her. Not only was she still surrounded, it looked like her mentor was gone. Kicking the nearest vampire Buffy staked him and grinned, she had no choice but to win, she still had to save Giles and probably Riley.


“Farm-boy, you came. I can’t tell you how giddy that makes me.” Angelus said as he walking out from the shadows where he and his mate had been watching the fidgeting ex-commando.

“I came so give me Xander. You gave your oath.” Riley said, ignoring the warning bells ringing in his head.

Angelus said with a smile as he thought about Xander, “Your little plan won’t work, though. I’m over two hundred years old; you should have expected me to be prepared. You broke your word so Xander will have to pay”

“No, please. Don’t hurt Xander, take me instead.” Riley offered quickly, he couldn’t stand the thought of the other man getting raped because of him.

Knowing it would get a reaction out of the man Angelus said, “Why would I want you? Xander is a lot more delicious. His whole body practically screams ‘abuse me’.”

“Yeah, it does.” Riley said, not meaning for anyone else to hear, but Angelus did and growled at the very thought of someone hurting his mate.

“Come with me and Alexander’s free to go.” Angelus said, moving to let the former Commando walk in front of him.

Twenty minutes later they arrived at the Mansion, the vampire’s temporary home at least for that night. Pushing Riley inside, Angelus grinned at the brief look of fear in the man’s face. He led the man to the bedrooms, the walls covered in chains and whips. Angelus smiled fondly as he remembered the fun he and Xander had playing with them.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill you. It would spoil my fun.” Angelus hissed as he chained Riley’s hands and feet together.

“I thought you would let Xander go.” Riley said his voice full of betrayal.

“I said he was free to go, and he is. Alex, can you come here? Riley’s come to save you.” Angelus said with a laugh as he turned expectantly towards the door.

Xander walked into the room confidently, drinking in the sight of Riley helplessness. It looked like everything was going according to plan.

Riley was shocked at Xander’s appearance, he couldn’t see any signs of abuse or torture. Just what had Angelus done to Xander?

Angelus said confidently, “You are free to go Alex. No vampire will try to stop you leave.”

“I’m never going to leave Angelus,” Xander vowed grinning at the shock and confusion on the ex-Commando’s face.

“But…he’s going to rape you if you don’t go.” Riley said unable to understand Xander’s behaviour.

Xander laughed, “I trust Angelus, he won’t hurt me.”

“He’s lying to you, he’s evil,” Riley pleaded desperate to make Xander understand.

“I would never lie to him,” Angelus hit Riley hard across the face.

“Stop playing with his head, you sick fuck!” Riley said spitting on Angelus.

Angelus said calmly, “You’re already on thin ice so stop annoying me, boy. Alex, love he said that he wants to abuse you.”

“The naughty boy should be punished.” Dru said smiling as she walked into the room Spike stayed at the door watching with a wide grin.

“Why don’t you and Spike teach him a few manners while I…talk to Alex,” Angelus said throwing Spike the keys to the manacles.

Riley threw one last pleading look at Xander, as he was lead out the room by a humming Drusilla.

As soon as he was gone, Xander turned to his mate and growled. The sight of Angelus angrily defending his honour had caused desire to burn in his veins.

“Love, how about we play for a while?” Xander suggested as he pushed the elder vampire onto the bed.


Buffy kicked the nearest trashcan, dinting it as she looked around for any sign of Riley. She had failed to protect him and now he was probably a captive of Angelus being drained or worse. Giles was no doubt being tortured; Angelus seemed to delight in causing her Watcher pain. She only wished that Angelus had gone after her instead of her friends.

With a heavy heart she turned back towards Giles’ home knowing that she couldn’t take Angelus on alone in her current condition. She was too weak from fighting the vampires earlier and still needed to do something about the gash on her head.


“Master, I’ve got the man you asked for.” A young vampire purred as she knocked on the door of the master bedroom.

“What are you doing? I told you NO ONE is to disturb us when the bedroom door is closed.” Xander snarled as he opened the door in full game face.

“W…We have the mortal you asked for, Master.” The vampire said, staring at the floor.

“So? You were told not to disturb me!” Xander said as he threw the young vampire across the room where she landed on a hook in the middle of the wall. He smiled cruelly and walked back into the bedroom.

“What did she want, Alex?” Angelus asked from his chained position on the bed.

“Just to tell me they’ve got Giles. Now where was I? Oh yeah, I remember...” Xander said as he straddled Angelus’ body and started teasing his mate’s nipples.

His voice husky Angelus asked, “Alex, can you let me out?”

“Now why would I do that? I’m having fun with you at my mercy,” Xander pouted before biting his way down to Angelus’ stiff cock.

“Because I wa….oh yeah…harder!” Angelus started, all thoughts leaving his mind as Xander started sucking his cock, just letting his teeth scrape the tender skin.

Xander reached up with one hand and unfastened the locks, grinning as he felt Angelus tightly grip his hair. He opened his mouth wider and took more of the delicious cock into his mouth, until it touched the back of his throat. He started purring, the vibrations causing Angelus to shudder, he bared his throat as he felt the telltale signs of Angelus’ impending orgasm. Angelus sunk his teeth into Xander’s neck as he came, falling back onto the bed.

Xander let the cock fall out of his mouth and moved to collapse beside his mate grinning at the thought that it was he that caused Angelus to react like that. Xander smiled as Angelus touched his cock, expertly caressing his balls as he just licked his way down Xander’s manhood, blowing cold air over it every couple of seconds.

“That wasn’t very nice…teasing me like that. I’ll have to punish you later; maybe I’ll chain you up and whip you? Imagine the feeling of the whip cutting into your skin as I thrust inside you.” Angelus whispered his voice full of promise.

The images the words created in his mind, coupled with the feeling of Angelus’ mouth and hands were enough to cause Xander to come. He snarled as he came, ripping the sheets in two as he thrust up into his mate’s hand.


“You were a naughty little boy. Miss Edith told me what you want to do to Daddy.” Dru said as she reached up to his face and looked him in the eyes.

Her eyes spoke of nothing but pain and anger; he knew in that moment that he had been afraid of the wrong vampire. In that instant Drusilla was looking far more dangerous than Angelus, she looked like she was wondering just how much she could hurt him before he broke.

Riley was terrified and more than willing to admit it, Spike and Drusilla had spent the last hour cutting his body and taking turns feeding on him. These bites were nothing like the others he had experienced; there was nothing pleasurable about them all he felt was pain.

“Dru, Spike, come out here. We’ve got a new guest.” Angelus called his children with a smirk.

“Yeah, we can have some fun.” Xander shouted to them, making Riley look up in shock.

******* “Angelus, let Xander go! You’ll never make it out of here alive, Buffy won’t let you.” Giles spat as Angelus watched him from the doorway.

“Now, Rupert is that anyway to speak to your host?” Angelus admonished, reaching back to escort his love into the room.

Giles gaped in shock as Angelus gently escorted Xander into the room, walking slightly in front of the other man. He couldn’t understand why Angelus was being so friendly to Xander. The vampire had always hated Xander so why was the man still alive?

“Aren’t you going to say hello? I thought you British had better manners than that?” Xander commented as he stopped a few feet away from the chained Watcher.

“What are you doing with him, Xander? Why haven’t you escaped?” Giles asked his voice low and accusing.

“Why would I want to escape? My one true love is here,” Xander asked keeping his answer deliberately vague. He wanted to see how long it would take Giles to figure out the truth.

“They have Anya, too? I’m sorry, Xander. I didn’t know she was taken as well.” Giles said relaxing back into the chair.

Xander laughed, “I don’t mean Anya. I mean `Lus.”

“Who’s Lus? You have to find some way to get to Buffy and tell her where we are.” Giles whispered, looking over at Angelus to make sure the other wouldn’t hear.

“Oh, I’ll definitely see her.” Xander smirked, “Spike, Dru come in.”

“What are you doing, Xander?” Giles was confused; he couldn’t understand why Xander was ordering the vampires around. Suddenly everything clicked, the way Xander had disappeared, the reason why Angelus had never killed Xander.

“You’re a vampire!” Giles said softly, looking over at Angelus he spat, “I’ll make you pay. Even if it takes the rest of my life.”

Xander was willing to accept people threatening him but no one was allowed to threaten his mate or his family. He punched the Watcher in the face, hearing the man’s nose break with a satisfying crunch.

“Don’t ever threaten my mate, or I’ll make your death a lot more painful than I planned.” Xander hissed, moving back to lean against Angelus.

“Why are you with him, Xander?” Giles asked wanting to understand why Xander was willingly consorting with the enemy.

Sitting down, his head on Angelus’ chest Xander said, “You never figured it out? Why did you think Angelus never hurt me? We started seeing each other a couple of nights after he became whole once again. Imagine, me finding love and happiness for the first time in my life in the arms of a vampire.”

Xander growled as he remembered what he had to do his love, “It was wonderful, the best days of my life. I had not only found love but a family. William and Drusilla, the perfect children. Everything was great until Acathla screwed everything up.”

Dru said in a moment of lucidity, “Daddy Alex was so sad, but I told him that he had to let Daddy get sent away. The stars promised it was the only way to get my family back together. Spikey came back to watch Daddy Alex because the stars said he was going to die.”

Giles protested, “But Spike tried to kill you.”

Xander took over the narrative, “It was supposed to look that way so that no one would suspect anything. If Spike had been serious about killing me, I would be dead. This is William the Bloody, we’re talking about.”

“Now that we’ve had that little stroll down memory lane we can get down to the reason you’re here,” Angelus said with a smirk. Smiling wickedly he continued, “It’s nothing to do with Buffy, it’s because of what you did to my mate. You let him get beaten and raped for years, and never did anything to help. As if that wasn’t bad enough you ignored and berated him when he tried to help.”

“Don’t forget what they did to Spike.” Xander said cheerfully.

“Don’t worry we won’t kill you, yet. You’re bait for the Slayer.” Angelus said with a grin as the vampires left the room to leave the watcher to think.

Part 12

“Buff, where’s Xander?” Willow asked realising that she hadn’t seen her friend in days, which was unusual especially in light of Tara’s murder.

Thinking quickly Buffy said cheerfully, “Erm…he’s with Anya. Yeah that’s it, he said that she was complaining about the amount of time he spends with us.”

“Oh, she won’t let him come to see me? Doesn’t she know what happened to Tara? Is it selfish of me to want my friends with me?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure Xander comes to see you. I’m going to get him tomorrow, and make him come here. Can you stay and look after Dawn?”

Willow said with a bright smile, “Sure. I’m sure Anya will let him come to see me. If she doesn’t I know plenty of spells to make her change her mind.”

Buffy nodded mechanically, slightly worried at the way Willow was smiling at the idea of possibly hurting someone and taking away their free will. Buffy knew she didn’t have long if she was to be successful in her rescue of Giles and Riley, oh yeah, Xander too.

The ringing of the phone caused Buffy to jump, she moved quickly to answer it but Willow got there first.

Willow said perkily, “Rupert Giles’ home, can I help you?”

“Wills…its that really you?” Xander said hesitantly, not expecting the witch to answer.

Willow asked quickly, “Yeah, when are you going to come and see me?”

Xander laughed bitterly unable to believe she hadn’t noticed his disappearance, “That might be a little hard right now seeing how Angelus has me!”

“What? Angelus is loose again? How did that happen?”

Xander said softly, “I don’t know, I’ve been with him for the last three days. He wants to speak to you.”

“Witch? I’m touched to see you remember me,” Angelus said with a silky laugh.

“Angelus! Let Xander go!” Willow shouted, not noticing Buffy’s shocked look.

Amused Angelus said, “Oh no, I can’t do that. Don’t worry; Xander and I are getting acquainted. Do you have any idea how beautiful Alex looks naked?”

Willow snarled, “If you’ve hurt him, I’ll kill you!”

His voice shaking Xander said, “Angelus said that you’ve got to put Buffy on the phone.”

Wordlessly Willow gave the phone to the Slayer, reaching for her spell book to find some way to help her friend.

“Buff? Is that you?” Xander said hearing the Slayer’s angry mutterings.

Buffy said quickly, “Have you seen Giles and Riley?”

Xander said slowly, “Yeah. I saw Riley before Angelus had sex with me…”

“Had sex with you!” Buffy shouted in shock, not reacting when Willow wrestled the phone from her grip.

Willow said shocked, “You had sex with Angelus! Why didn’t you stop him?”

“I wasn’t in any condition to stop him.” Xander said letting Willow to take the statement as she wanted. He meant that he was too far gone with lust and desire to even think about stopping Angelus. Not that he would have anyway.

“Has he left you alone since then?” Willow asked worriedly.

Xander answered honestly, “No, he won’t leave me alone.”

Angelus grinned taking the phone he said cruelly, “You’ve talked long enough. Tell the Slayer I’m going to kill the Watcher, let my children play with Farm-boy, and turn your White Knight. You’ve got until sunset to stop me, if you can.”

Willow mechanically hung up the phone wondering just how she had missed the fact that her friend had been missing for days. Was that why Buffy and Giles had disappeared, to rescue Xander? They had not only failed but had gotten another two of their group captured meaning it would be far more difficult to mount a rescue operation.

Buffy asked quietly, “What did he say?”

Willow took a deep breath to help her calm down before saying, “Xander couldn’t stop Angelus when the vampire wanted to have sex with him. We’ve got until sunset to rescue Xander, Giles and Riley. If we don’t, Angelus will kill Giles, give Riley to Dru and Spike to play with. He said that he’s going to…turn Xander.”

Buffy said determinedly, “Well, we’ll have to kill him before that happens.”

Willow looked at Buffy in shock, knowing it would be extremely difficult to kill Angelus. The vampire was a skilled fighter and hunter, and so were his children. Spike was cunning, vicious and an extremely efficient fighter. Dru although insane, was a great witch and had powers Willow couldn’t even understand never mind tackle successfully.


Looking at his mate Xander asked with a smirk, “How was I?”

“Wonderful as always, love.” Angelus replied with a grin.

Dru said with an eager grin, “Can we play with the Watcher?”

Xander looked over at his new daughter, “Just don’t kill him. I want him to watch us Kill Buffy.”

“Yes Daddy Alex,” Dru said with a pout.

“You can kill him later. I’ll even let you turn him if you want,” Xander said with a fond smile.

“See ya, luv.” Spike said with a grin as he led his dark princess back to the torture room, nodding to his Sire on the way.

“Why didn’t you tell me about Dru telling you that I had to get sent to hell?” Angelus asked more curious than angry.

Xander replied honestly, “She said that if I did she wasn’t sure if her Daddies would get back together. I couldn’t risk it, Mine.”

“You know, I don’t feel the same as I did the last time I lost my soul, for want of a better word. I feel more at ease, more at home in my own skin.” Angelus commented gently running his fingers through Xander’s hair.

“You want me to research it?” Xander offered, he was actually quite good at researching, he didn’t normally have the chance show his knowledge without being dismissed or laughed at.

“We can do that after we leave Sunnyhell. I can’t believe they still haven’t figured out the truth about vampires,” Angelus said with a small grin.

Xander laughed saying, “Most humans see everything as black and white. I didn’t know that a vampire doesn’t lose its soul, until you told me. I knew what I had been told didn’t make sense, though. I mean how could something soulless love? Even before I got to know you it was obvious that Spike really loves Dru.”

“We can tell them that before we kill them. I might give the Slayer a few home truths about her Angel as well,” Angelus said with a callous laugh.

Xander said with an indulgent smile, “If you want, love. When do you think they’re going to come and try to kill you?”

“I told them they had until sunset so probably in about an hour or so. How ever will we pass our time until then?” Angelus said with a suggestive look at his mate.

“I’m sure I can think of something. Did Will and Dru finish the traps?” Xander said looking up at the older vampire.

Angelus said a little annoyed, “Yeah, Dru kept going on about her new daughter. I wonder who she’s caught her eye this time?”

“Knowing her it could be anyone, probably someone with sparkly eyes. She has a thing for eyes,” Xander said with an unconcerned shrug knowing she would ask permission before turning anyone.

“Want to go fuck now?” Angelus asked with a pointed look at Xander.

“I guess I could be persuaded.” Xander said with a laugh, gasping when Angelus grabbed his cock, squeezing gently.

Pushing his mate away gently Angelus lay back on the bed, throwing his clothes to the floor. He watched as Xander stopped just a couple of feet in front of him expectantly.

“Alex, don’t come any closer. I want you to strip for me.” Angelus said running his eyes over Xander’s body.

“Whatever you want, love.” Xander said with a flirtatious grin, which widened as Angelus switched on the stereo with the remote and Madonna’s Vogue blasted out, it wasn’t his favourite music but it had a good beat and was easy to dance to.

Xander started to undress slowly moving to the music. As he took off each article of clothing he threw them to Angelus. As he unfastened the zipper of his jeans, Xander smirked seeing the erection his mate was sporting. Xander stood there in his underwear wondering what he should do now. With a wicked grin Xander pushed the older vampire down on the bed and took the erect cock in his mouth.

Running his tongue down the length, Xander took the throbbing cock into his mouth. He bobbed up and down, gently squeezing Angelus’ balls at the same time. He was addicted to the taste of his lover, loving the flavour that was uniquely Angelus. He grinned as Angelus thrust into his mouth, whimpering and moaning.

Feeling his sire about to come, Xander reached up and squeezed his lover’s nipple hard. Angelus came with a loud moan and Xander eagerly swallowed every drop, sucking until his lover’s cock was limp. Letting the cock fall from his mouth, Xander roughly pulled Angelus into a kiss, letting the sated vampire taste himself.

Part 13

Buffy checked her weapons one last time knowing this was her only chance to rescue Giles and Riley. If she failed they would be killed and she couldn’t let that happen. One way or another she would make sure they survived, even if she had to give herself to Angelus.

Willow wondered just what they were doing; going to the mansion without any backup seemed suicidal! She had set up a couple of protection spells but they wouldn’t be much help, everything depended upon what support Angelus had. Buffy had mumbled something about Angelus being a loner but Willow couldn’t shake off the feeling of impending doom.

Looking at the pensive witch Buffy ordered, “Remember get Giles and Riley out, I’ll deal with Angelus.”

“What about Xander?” Willow asked shocked that the slayer had forgotten her best friend.

Buffy said impatiently, “Angelus is planning on turning Xander so he’ll want to make sure Xander doesn’t kill himself. That means that Xander’s probably with Angelus so I’ll get him out, if I can.”

“Okay, I’m ready.” Willow said tightening her fingers around the cross she had fashioned with sharp ends so that it could work as a stake as well.

“Let’s roll.” Buffy said with a grin, kicking the door of the mansion open with a loud crash.

Willow walked in stealthily knowing that someone, something was nearby from the hair on the back of her neck rising ever so slightly. Before the pair could even think about mounting a rescue operation they stopped in shock at the scene before them.

In the middle of the warehouse there was a large bed, where Angelus was gently running his hands through Xander’s hair, it was obvious that their friend was awake. What had shocked the pair was the expression on the master vampire’s face; Angelus was completely absorbed in his task, a small smile on his face as Xander’s lips moved.

“Our guests are here?” Xander commented keeping his voice too low for the mortals to hear.

Angelus replied in the same tone, “I told you they would be here soon. Ready to destroy them, love?”

“Always.” Xander replied as he nestled into Angelus’ chest.

Willow spat glaring at the vampire, “What have you done to him, Angelus?”

“No hello? I’m truly hurt, Willow.” Angelus said reaching out with one hand to pull a hidden lever, keeping the other hand around his lover’s neck.

Buffy and Willow shouted in alarm as they found themselves hanging in the air caught in a black net. Buffy tried to cut them free using her knife only to find it wouldn’t work. There was no way out, they were trapped. The pair gasped as they were enveloped in a strange purple gas, which made everything fuzzy before the world faded to black.


When Buffy awoke she was chained to the wall, she could just see Willow chained to her left. On the opposite wall Giles and Riley were also chained up, the Watcher had a broken nose and a black eye. Riley looked a lot worse, there were four bite marks and visible whip marks on his naked chest.

“Why are you doing this, Xander? What has he done to you?” Buffy said looking at him in confusion unable to understand why her friend was acting so weird.

Xander grinned, “Angelus would never hurt me, unless I asked him to.”

Keeping her voice soothing Willow asked, “Xander, can you get us out of here?”

“I can’t do that Wills. We want to talk to you,” Xander said as he gracefully rose from the bed, his friendly tone bellying the malicious glint in his eyes.

“Everything okay, love?” Angelus asked as he walked into the room, his children flanking him on either side, each one had a cruel smile on their face.

Xander smiled as Angelus’ arms snaked around his waist, “I was just explaining that we’re going to have a little talk with them before we leave.”

Buffy said seriously, “Let them go Angelus and you can have me. I won’t try to leave, I promise.”

Angelus smiled maliciously, “You really are stupid, aren’t you? I don’t want you and I never did. Alex is the one I want, and the one Angel wanted.”

“But you lost your soul because of me!” Buffy said arrogantly.


Angelus grinned wickedly, “I’ve always had my soul, I never lost it. I just lost the guilty conscience that is Angel. The night I lost my conscience, was the night Angel realised he was in love with Alex. Not that it matters because no-one can ever love Alex as much as I do.”

Willow said in confusion, “What do you mean you have your soul? Vampires are soulless everyone knows that!”

“No, we’re not. Just ask G-Man.” Xander said grinning at the way Giles paled.

Giles said apologetically, “It’s true. The Council has always known vampires keep their souls but it’s easier to get the Slayers to fight them if they believe vampires are soulless.”

“If Angelus has a soul why is he so violent and evil?” Buffy wondered aloud not having picked up on the fact that Xander had admitted to being a vampire.

“I don’t have the annoying morals the rest of you believe in. I have my own code,” Angelus answered with an unrepentant grin.

Willow asked quietly, “Are you going to kill us?”

“We were going to let you live but Alex changed his mind,” Angelus laughed lowly.

Dru asked in a lilting voice, “Daddy Alex, can I have her?”

“Have who, Sweetie?” Xander asked gently moving to look the beautiful vampire in the eyes.

Dru said excitedly swaying slightly, “The Key, the stars tell me such beautiful tales about her! We can’t turn her, the stars will cry if we do.”

Angelus said glancing at Xander, “You would have to take good care of her. You can’t forget her like you did with the others.”

“I don’t see a problem with taking Dawn with us,” Xander said with a grin. He had always thought of the girl as a younger sister and she hadn’t betrayed him.

Buffy shouted angrily, “You can’t take her!”

“I give you my word she will be taken care of,” Xander said seriously not seeing what Buffy was upset about.

“Xander hasn’t lost his soul, he will keep his word,” Giles said seeing the indecision on the face of his charge.

Xander smirked, “It doesn’t matter what you think because we are taking her. You’re going to be dead in a couple of hours so you can’t stop us.”

“We haven’t got time for this! Let’s just kill them and collect the girl,” Angelus said with a grin at his lover.

Standing up straight Xander said authoritatively, “Spike, you can have Riley. Dru can have Willow.”

“Alex, we can share the Slayer.” Angelus purred lovingly.

Xander laughed as he came up with a new plan, “Maybe we should let G-Man go so he can spend the rest of his life knowing how he failed me and let everyone die?”

“That’s evil, pet.” Spike said admiringly as he looked at his brother and new father figure. The relationships within the vampire family were confusing, to say the least. Essentially all that mattered was that they were family, and would protect the others with their lives.

“Thanks,” Xander gave an impish grin.

Angelus said proudly, “That’s a good idea, love. We’ll have to leave him chained up until we’ve killed the others then we can dump him in the Magic Box.”

“Bored now…can we eat them now?” Xander said with an exaggerated yawn.

Angelus didn’t bother to answer simply going to Buffy’s side in a flash. He smiled as Xander appeared at the opposite side of the girl’s neck. Smirking at each other they slowly placed their teeth into the Slayer’s neck gasping at the taste of the powerful blood.

At the same time Spike and Dru were busy eating the meal they had been gifted with. Fear permeated the air as the vampire’s changed to their true faces and bit down into the soft flesh.

******* “Dawn, I need to talk to you.” Xander said as Dawn opened the door, he could enter easily but he didn’t want to scare her.

“You’re okay! I thought you were dead. Buffy and the others went to help you,” Dawn said tightly hugging the man.

Xander gently sat down taking the young girl’s hand in his. He said slowly to make sure she understood, “Dawn, I’ve got some really bad news. Buffy, Willow and Riley were drained by vamps.”

“She’s dead. Buffy’s dead, is there any chance she could come back?” Dawn said hopefully.

Xander said seriously knowing he was right, “No. She won’t be coming back. I’ll take care of you.””

“You got away okay, though. You’re alive so she die in vain.”

“Xander broke the embrace saying, “I am dead, I’m a vampire.”

“Why haven’t you killed me? Oh, do you have a chip like Spike?” Dawn said with a confused look on her face.

Xander said calmly, “I have a soul and I haven’t killed you because I like you. We would like you to live with us. We’ll make sure you’re okay, you’ll be safe with us.”

“What do you mean by us?” Dawn asked warily.

Xander smirked, “With my new family. Angelus my mate and my new children.” Seeing she was confused he continued, “Spike and Dru, of course.”

“They won’t hurt me or kill me?” Dawn asked nervously, she had always like Xander and Spike. It would be nice to live with them, she didn’t have anyone else now that Buffy was gone.

Xander smiled, “Nah, we all like you. So do you want to come with us? They’re waiting for us outside.”

“Yeah. Let me just get some of my stuff,” Dawn replied walking out the room and running upstairs.


Ten minutes later Xander gently took the bag from Dawn’s back and the pair left the Summers home for the last time. They wouldn’t be back again, Dawn thought with a sigh.

Dawn smiled nervously at the three vampires waiting in a black Taurus, the three just grinned back obviously trying to put her at ease. Getting into the car, Dawn was momentarily shocked when Dru kissed one cheek while Spike kissed the other one.

“Hi Dawn, I’m Angelus.” Angelus said glaring at his children when he realised they were upsetting Dawn. Spike just smirked while Dru just pouted not liking the reprimand from her Daddy.

Dawn replied looking at Xander for reassurance, “I’m Dawn but I guess you already know. Where are we going?”

“England. Don’t worry, Nibblet. Everything is going to be okay.” Spike said softly stroking the girl’s hair.

Angelus started the car and the new family left Sunnydale, each wanting to forget what had happened in the little town.


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