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Caitlin: (3-29-02) Chapter 9 of What He Needs was added! THE LAST CHAPTER! It's all over now. Time to concentrate on "That's When..."
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Danielle: (12-30-02) Unexpected Relations has been edited majorly and is practically a new story. So go check it out! This story has been added to the poll. If you like it, VOTE for it!

Collaborated: (6-20-02) Chapter 22 of That's When I'll Stop Loving You is posted! I know you're all probably thinking "It's about darn time!" since this story hasn't been updated since last year. So read, enjoy, and let us know what you think.

Other: (6-19-02) As you can see, I (Caitlin) have tinkered with the layout just a teeny bit. Also, I updated the "Links" page. So there's lots of new links for y'all.

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