Chapter 1

"So what exactly are we planning for this weekend, Hollywood?"
"I don't have a clue."
"Well, we could go to the movies or to the mall and spend all our money on stuff we don't really need! Of course that would be completely irresponsible." Savannah joked in a mocking tone.
"Sounds like a good plan to me!" McKenna exclaimed.

"I can't believe you've almost spent all of your money!" McKenna gawked at everything Savannah was carrying.
"Who cares? It's my money." Savannah said. "I just want to go buy a few CDs and I'll be done."
"Fine, but then can we go see a movie?"
"Yeah. Most definately."
"Hey Savannah, what's goin' on over there?" McKenna was pointing to Blockbuster Music.
"Who knows? It's gotta be something big though."
"Is that who I think it is?!?!" McKenna said anxiously.
"I can't see over everybody. Who do you think it is?"
"I think it's…It's them!"
"It's who?" Savannah asked impatiently.
"NSYNC! I'm going to faint!" McKenna said. "Go get me an autograph! Please!!!" She begged.
"Why don't you get one for yourself? You're a big girl, Kenna. Besides, how long have you wanted to meet them?"
"I can't! I'd say something stupid! Please Savannah! Pretty please… with a cherry on top!" McKenna begged her best friend.
"Fine, but you owe me."
"Uh-huh." Savannah disappeared into the crowd of screaming teenaged girls I swear, she is such a baby. She has wanted to meet them forever, especially Lance. Okay, I've been standing in this line for a really long time. Savannah looked at her watch. Forty five minutes! This is crazy!

Five Minutes Later:
Finally! She thought as she approached one of the members from NSYNC.
"Hi. Whom may I make this out to?" Joey asked as he looked up at the dark haired girl standing in front of him.
"Could you sign two? Make one out to Hollywood and the other out to McKenna. It's spelled M-C-K-E-N-N-A."
"Which one are you? And who is the other girl?" Joey looked up at Svannah and smiled.
"I'm Savannah, my friend's call me Hollywood. And if you look over there, by the elevator. McKenna's the one with wavy strawberry blonde hair."
"Why didn't she come meet me and the other guys?"
"Because she's too shy. She said she would probably make a fool out of herself or something. I told her you guys wouldn't care, even if she did. I mean ya'll have done some pretty embarrassing things before. Things I won't mention..."
"Tell me about it." Joey said as his cheeks turned red. "What's your last name?"
"Your name sounds really familiar."
"Really? Well I have written to you before, well actually a lot of times. But that's 'cause I have questions about the music business. I'm an aspiring musician." She informed him.
"No problem, I always loved reading your letters. They always had a certain charisma to them. Now that I've met you, I feel like I've known you forever. So, how old are you and your friend?" Joey asked curiously.
"Well, obviously you can't feel like you know me if you don't know how old I am."
"Okay, maybe you're right. But seriously-"
"How old do you think we are?"
"Your friend, sixteen or seventeen. And you're about seventeen or eighteen."
"How'd you do that?!?! I'm seventeen and McKenna's turning eighteen in May." Savannah said smiling. "Well, I better go get the rest of the guys autographs and leave. Here's my number. If you're ever in town again, give me a call. Bye."
"Yeah, bye." Joey said as he looked at the number that was in the palm of his hand.
Ten Minutes Later:
"So you get 'em?" McKenna asked energetically.
"Yeah, I got them. No big deal." Savanna replied calmly. "Let's go to the movies."
"What about your CD's?"
"I can get them a different day." She told her extatic friend.

"All I want to do is go to bed." JC complained.
"Then go to bed." Joey said.
"I think I will. Night."
"Night." Joey said. "Hey, Justin."
"Yeah, J?"
"Say some girl gave you her number. Would you call her?"
"How old?"
"She cute?" Justin asked suspiciously.
"Definitely!" Justin replied. "Why you wanna know?"
"'Cause. Thanks kid." Joey said as he walked away.
"You meet someone?"
"Mmm…Maybe." Joey said as he climbed into the bed he would occupy for the night. "Night."
"Night, sweet dreams honey!" Justin said laughing.
"Okay darling, you too." Joey replied.
"Wait! I find this hard to believe…"
"That a cute girl actually gave you her number!" He said laughing, until he was silenced with a pillow hitting him across the face. "Oh, now it's on!" Justin said taking a pillow in each hand.

"Kenna, I'm glad you could spend the night tonight. I can't believe my Mom trusts us alone with just my brother here."
"I know! Your mom trusts you more than my Mom trusts my sister and me. I am staying all week right?"
"Cool! What do ya' wanna do this week?" McKena questioned. "We could go to the beach or somethin'." She suggested.
"Yeah, and flirt wit' all of the guys. Let's ask Devin and Nancy if they wanna go, too." Savannah's home away from home was the beach.
"Sounds good to me!"
"I cool wit' dat yo! I can't believe Justin actually talks like that! It's so, I don't know, ghetto like." Savannah said and began to laugh.
"Tell me about it!" McKenna began to laugh hysterically as well.

"Morning sunshine!" Savannah said as she woke McKenna up. "Give me a half hour, Hollywood." McKenna said sleepily.
"Fine, but it's already one thirty in the afternoon. I'm leaving in a half hour with or without you Kenna."
"I'm commin', I'm commin'!" Savannah yelled at the phone. "Hello."
"I'm looking for Savannah. Does she live there?" A male voice asked.
"Yeah, this is her."
"This is Joey."
"Joey who? Sorry, I don't know any Joey's. Hold on. Hey, Kenna!" Savannah yelled.
"What!?!?!" She yelled back madly.
"Do we know anybody named Joey?"
"I don't know. Not that I know of."
"I'm back." Savannah said. "Joey who?"
"Joey, Joey Fatone. You gave me your number yesterday."
NO WAY! HE ACTUALLY CALLED! She thought to herself.
"Hello…" Joey said.
"Sorry, I'm here." Savannah said quickly. "Hold on I've got a beep."
"Okay." He said. I guess.
"Sorry, it was just one of my brother's friends." Savannah lied. It had been her boyfriend, Adam.
"That's okay."
"So, did you just call to say hey, or was there a specific reason?" She asked.
"Well, I've never done this before, so here it goes…We…I was wondering if you and your friends wanted to do something with us tonight? Like go to a party or something."
"You've never asked someone out? I find that hard to believe."
"No, that's not what I mean. It's just that I…And you-"
"Sure I'd love to go out with you guys."
"Okay, great! We'll pick you up around eight-thirty."
"Sounds great. The address is 8057 Marengo Drive. It's in Courthouse Estates. Will you be able to find it alright?"
"We'll manage." Joey said. "See ya then. Bye!"
"Yeah, see ya then." Savannah sat the phone down and sat silently on the couch for a moment, making sure what she thought just happened, really had. "Kenna! McKenna!" Savannah yelled loudly.
"Now what?!?!" McKenna said with fury filling her voice.
"You won't believe who I just got off the phone with!"
"Who? The president?" She said sarcastically.
"Eww. Why would I be excited about that? No. I just got off the phone with Joey Fatone!"
"Yeah, in your dreams, Hollywood!"
"Go call the number on the caller ID and ask for him."
"Fine, I will." Caitlin said stubbornly.
Ring Ring
"Hello. Is Joey there?"
"This is him. May I ask who this is?"
"I'm…Uh…I'm Hollywood's- I mean Savannah's friend, McKenn." She stuttered with disbelief as her jaw dropped. "Hi." Joey said in an odd tone of voice. "Was there something specific you wanted?"
"Is Savannah there?"
"Can I speak with her please?"
"Here she is."
"Hi. Sorry about that. She wouldn't believe that I just got off the phone with you."
"No problem." He said. "There has been a slight change of plans. We'll pick you and your friends up around nine instead. Is that okay?"
"Yeah, that's fine. How many friends should I bring?"
"I guess no more than four."
"Okay, I have an idea of who I'm going to bring."
"I've got to go though. I have a date with some waves.
"Alright, bye."
"Told ya so!!!!" Savannah boasted. "Oh!"
"Well…What'd he say?" McKenna sounded anxious.
"I'm gettin' to it."
"Well, get to it faster. Would ya'?"
"He wanted to know if me and a few of my friends wanted to go out with him and the rest of the guys."
"Well, what'd you say?"
"Patience, patience." Savannah said calmly. "Of coarse I said yes!"

Chapter 2