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Princess Moni's Stories

Hi everyone just so ya know, my name is Chris. I'm a huge BSB fan, and frequent a lot of fanfic pages. I've finally taken the initiative to make my own page, and this is what's comin out. Bare with me, cuz this is gonna take awhile, I'm not very good with the whole making a web page thing. But anyways, this site will be dedicated to any stories i might write, whether they be fan fic, or non-fanfic, or even poetry. I'm a semi budding poet. Rather, I write as a bit of a stress relief. But anyways not that you care.Um I'm gonna be switching computers in the next 2 weeks or so, so it's gonna take awhile for me to move files from one computer to the other. I hope to have the site fully up by mid-June hopefully. Anyways, wish me luck, and if you have any comments feel free to email me.Also, i'm looking for authors who would like their writing hosted, so if you do, just click on the link below and send me your story, or poem or whatever, and I'll put it up.Also if you can, include a little blurb saying what the story is about. Thanks a bunch! To email me just click here!

Last Updated:June 20th,2001

My First Hosted Story is up! Yay!!! Check it out on the story page. Currently the Prologue thru Chapter 6 are up.. more to follow!

Story Page

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