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Welcome to Shades. My name is Auctor and I am here to give you a little break from your everyday life. What defines a good story is how effective it is in carrying you away. Are you merely reading the words or are you becoming a part of the story? Are the characters just names or can you see them before your eyes?

I hope when you read my stories, you just fall right into them. There are so many things going on in the world and in our lives. We need an escape sometimes. I truly hope that I can give you that, just for a little while.


New 05-30-03

Fifteen days to go until the wedding! (What this means for you guys is that I'd planned to have this story finished by then.) Chapter 38 is up and the next one is in the works. There will probably be 39 total with 40 being the Epilogue. They are in the works and should be completed before the 14th of June.

This is a little late getting out, but thank you to everyone that voted for me in the Dreamer's Sanctuary Awards. You guys rock!

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Thank you to whoever nominated me for Best Drama, Best Brian Story and Best Novel. That really means a lot to me, especially since the story is nearing an end and this might be my last.


Nothing Is Chance


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