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BSB 2 U Welcome to BSB 2 U! My name is Adrienne. You can go into many things about The Backstreet Boys here. . We have chats message boards and of course total info about the boys. There are also features about me. Here are some rules: No asking personal info on other users in the chats or message boards, no bad language, follow these rules, and of course Have Fun!

Nick Carter

Nick was a performer since he was born. He would bust moves all the time. He got his first big role in his school play of Phantom of the Opera. After that he did commercials for the Orlando lottery. He would see AJ and Howie at auditions all the time. So they decided to make a trio group. Kevin came and joined the group and Kevin told Brian to join, and THE BACKSTREET BOYS were born!

Brian Littrell

Brian always loved to sing. When he was little he would sing in his churches choir. When Brian was young he had a injury that made him have heart surgery a couple of years ago. But one day in high school he got a phone call for his cousin Kevin telling him to come to Orlando to join a group called the Backstreet boys and he was on a plane in a jiffy. now he is married.

Kevin Richardson

Kevin loved to sing. He sang in the same choir as his cousin Brian. When Kevin was in high school he and some of his friends made a band called paradise. Well he moved to Orlando to try and find a singing job while he worked at Disney World as Aladdin and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Some one told him about Nick, AJ, and Howie, so he went and joined the group. They needed a 5th member so he called Brian. And they were a hit. now he is married to someone he loves.

AJ McLean

At the age of seven He stole the show as Dopey in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. By middle school he had been in more then 20 theater productions,and before long, he had roles in TV shows on Nickelodeon and the Diseny Channel. He had met Howie by beating him in a singing contest. He, Howie, and Nick would see each other at competitions so they would sing together. They met kevin, who was working at Disney World, and he called Brian. They became a group.

Howie Dorough

Howie began to perform when he was 3. He would jump on his grandma's bed and sing "Baby Face" while he would play his toy guitar. When he was older he would sing in choirs and be perform in plays at the community theater. As you know, he, AJ,and Nick made a trio group, Kevin joined, and Brian came along, and lucky for us, they became THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!!


I am ten years old, in 4th grade, and am in the gifted and talented class. I am a dancer and LOVE the backstreet Boys. Hope you have fun in my site. Adrienne

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