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O~Town Connection: An Unofficial O~Town Fan Site

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Welcome to: O~Town Connection: An Unnofficial O~Town Fan Site" Like the background? It was made in honor of O~Town

Hey~ Very Cool Site... But I Wanted Everyone To Know That My Man Erik-Michael Is Up For Most Beutiful Man Of October... And As Of Today... Which Is Sunday The 9th... He Is In 5th Place... Lets All Vote To Bump Him Up To Number One!!!Spread It Around !!!He's gotta win!!!

Luv Ya Kellie

the website is

Our new poll is on where you would go and what you would do if you won a night out with one of the band members! Did you see the show with all the band members? It was awesome! Thanks Caitlyn ps I Luv You ERIK!

IT'S HERE!!! T-shirts, hats, caps, beach bags, coffee cups, and boxers with O~Town logos. If you e-mail me at, I can create a special order for you of any of the O-Town members on any merchandise that is offered. Just e-mail me the pic and tell me which merchandise you want it on, and I will put it up. Nobody seems to be buying my designs but me hehe. That's ok, cause you get to see my lovely designs anyway.

Read What The O~Town Band Members Want In A Girl

A date with O~Town
Where would you go on a night out with O~Town?

A premier!
A date with one of the band members.
A jam session that continued until dawn.
Flown in as a VIP guest at a concert.
A day out with the whole band.

Current Results

This O~ToWn BoiZ site owned by Caitlyn.

O~Town is HOT! Especially EriK. ERIK isred HOT!