1. "I'm not good at keeping secrets, don't tell me any."

2. "My brother Bill and My brother Phil...don't make 'em angry."

3. "I hate clowns they freak me out."

4. "Brian Thomas Littrell...Makes good hushpuppies!!!!"

5. "Except when I am asleep-then I'm ."

6. "And then we sacrifice a chicken!"

7. "I stink??? Damn, sorry..."

8. "It's your shoes Nick."

9. "It's all your fault Nick."

10. "That thing beeped, and then they felt me up with that little thing, it was good."

11. "That thing flushes forever!"

12. "HA! Missed me!"

13. "I gotta go to the bathroom."

14. "Jump, Jump!"

15. "I gotta go, I'm sittin' on the toilet."

16. "Wow...she can dance better then Brian."

17. "I fiddle with my jeans all the time now."

18. "AHHHH! Caught me without sunglasses."

19. "They looked better shaved."

20. "Good God, it's Kevin."

21. "We show you dis....we show you dat."

22. "I can't have kids anymore."

23. "It's like wearing saran wrap."

24. "I look bulimic in my large anorexic truck."

25. "I'm grounded, what'd I do? I dunno she makes all this stuff up."

26. "I've just been kissed."

27. "Cuz we really want you to..."

29. "I'm a good reckless driver..."

30. "I wasn't prepared...they didn't brief me."

31. "He's still got too many damn bags...Way too many damn bags."

32. "I look like a convict in all of these pictures."

33. "To all the fans in Germany...I'm still alive...but I can't have kids anymore."

34. "Shut up man...quit talkin."

35. "WOW! Erm! I was 16 and it was kinda weird cuz it was more like a rushed situation. It was all done right, but it wasn't someone I was in a strong relationship with at the time. We actually did end up getting into one though. It was cool and I liked it. I'd do it again."

36. "Welcome to Mr. Rogers' neighborhood. Sorry Mr. Rogers couldn't be here today. I'll be taking his place."

37. "I want a divorce!"

38. "I REALLY can't stand these guys!"

39. "Don't cry momma."

40. "Aww... C'mon!"

41. "Usually girls have a really sensitive side, so you can go mushy on them."

42. "I do flirt and I do like girls, I'm not going to say I don't!"

43. "Bass me...I've been BASSED...hahaha!"

44. "I know this might sound cheap, but I might take a girl to McDonald's for dinner."

45. *singing* "Like a Virgin, eh eh!"

46. "I had to do it in the show... sorry."

47. "Sorry. Just a little breath of Madonna there."

48. "I spend way to much money on frivolous things."

49. "I'm an impulsive shopper."

50. "I don't have time to go shopping, so when I do, I don't take my time I just buy!"

51. "I'd like to own McDonalds, oh do I!"

52. "The vibration of any moving vehicle puts me to sleep."

53. "If I ever had plastic surgery, I'd change my nose. I hate it because it's too big. I'd need a super-sedative, though."

54. "You're a dork."

55. "I like Nick's butt."

56. "Center for the dull."

57. "This hat is sweet."

58. "Now Brian this is the perfect fan!"

59. "A girl may not always be right, but she's never wrong!"

60. "Being honest, when I see an attractive girl, I have to say that the first thing I look at is, well, if she's looking at me, her eyes - but if she's not then....her booty! I watch it go from side to side. It doesn't matter what size it is but.... Yeah, I know, I'm a man! I'm sorry!"

61. "Da da da da don't say that."

62. "Everyone was afraid of me cause I was such a freak. No one would come near me, they were like, 'What the hell's wrong with him? He's so weird' I didn't fit in."

63. "Friggin' fall on that stuff."

64. "Ghost You can't help but bawl, especially with the music -- aww, man!"

65. "Gotta go. I'm sittin'. I'm there. I'm put. OK, bye."

66. "He takes the little slippers out of the bathtub."

67. "HA! Missed me!"

68. "He's still got too many damn bags....WAY too many damn bags."

69. "Hit me, hit me!"

70. *singing* "Howie, Howie, Howie, Howieeeee!"

71. "I want to be crazy forever, even when I'm 80!"

72. "I'd love to get my eyebrow pierced and get three tattoos done. I'd have one on my back between my shoulder. blades - a sun about as big as three Coke cans. Then, on my left arm, my nickname, 'Bone', and on my right arm a Japanese symbol/word meaning 'Eternal Life'."

73. "I don't think any of us are thinking about going solo. It's like the whole New Edition thing that's going on: somewhere down the line we could all go solo, but then we'd get back together ten years later and be even better than we were before!"

74. "I didn't ask for anything this year except for health and happiness for myself, my friends, and our families and fans."

75. "I had my first kiss when I was four and kissed my next-door neighbor's daughter. Her name was Jennifer and then I ran away."

76. "I like funny girls who will pop in and say 'Here I am!' It doesn't matter what she looks like, though - honestly!"

77. "I never used to pray before, but now I pray everyday."

78. "I am a big horror movie freak!! I can probably recite every line from Pulp Fiction!!"

79. "I have to have it. I was raised on it. Everyday after school, from when I was in grade school, if I got an A or even a B, my grandmother is like 'You want to go to McDonalds?"

80. "I love you all!"

81. "I think that's me."

82. "I got away with it for a while and then they caught on."

83. "I think that a lot of the world's problems have to do with weapons."

84. "I haven't lied at all to you..."

85. "I don't really take anything from home except some U.S. magazines and books and definitely some U.S. music. There are just certain songs that remind me of home."

86. "I dunno who the hells ears you have."

87. "I almost lost my pants out there!"

88. "I try to eat healthier... but that's just not gonna happen."

89. "I dreaded Easter every year because my mom made me go around hospitals giving out Easter eggs... dressed as a fluffy Easter bunny!"

90. "I look like a convict in all of these pictures."

91. "I remember Brian had the THICKEST accent...."

92. "I thrive to just be on stage and just to be a ham. It's just too much fun."

93. "I'd like to say thanks to all the beautiful, lovely, ladies in my house tonight."

94. "I broke up with my longtime girlfriend a while ago, but I've been seeing someone for the past ten months now."

95. "I got trees growin' in my bunk!"

96. "I don't think we really want to be classified as teen idols. I mean, we may get looked at in that way because of the image that we have, but we want all types of people to enjoy our music."

97. "I hate people who are liars. That's the first thing. People that can't look you in the eye when they talk to you drive me nuts. Or people that are fidgety drive me nuts. People that sit there and start tapping on a table with a pen, that drives me nuts."

98. "I wanna dedicate this song to all the beautiful, lovely... LADIES in my house tonight. Ya'll ready? Here we go.."

99. "I was a big Days of Our Lives fan, Heckle and Jeckle, lots of cartoons."

100. "I am a weirdo, I'm not normal and I don't want to be, because it's boring. It doesn't add any excitement to life."

101. "I'm an abstract person....I'm like a Picasso painting--going every which way."

102. "I'm feeling kinda nauseous..."

103. "I'm a singer not a bowler God dong it!"

104. "I'm the king of hotels when it comes to not paying my bill. I'll go through the mini bar, take all the cokes and orange juices and tell them I've not had anything at all when they ask the next morning. I do end up paying for it in the long run."

105. "I'm comin' down, yo!"

106. "It's more or less the music that we want people to fall in love with, and then if they like the way we look, then fine. They don't, so be it. But if they like the music, cool."

107. "It means a lot to us. I mean we were always trying to be involved in any kind of benefits that can help make this world a better and easier place for everybody. I mean we're just trying to make this as easy for everybody. There's lots of young kids growing up and with all the crazy stuff that's been with kids my age and younger doing you know having to result to guns. It just shouldn't be. So hopefully we can use it through the music to make a more positive note to everybody."

108. "Music first, music last, music always."

109. "It's isn't it?"
110. "It's a bathtub that flies."

111. "It's all the same type of stuff."

112. "It's too cold outside!"

113. "It's gonna be a kick butt show!"

114. "It's your shoes Nick."

115. "It's all your fault Nick.

116. "If you can get your face on the front page of the Enquirer, for example, you know you've made it."

117. "If it had been our show, I would have got security to find out who threw it!"

118. "If they don't win....oh well."

118. "In Germany, someone threw a rock and it hit me in the face during a performance. I thought it was a cuddly toy or something. It cut me just above the eye. It was quite a cut. I had to carry on with the show, though, as it was part of a pop festival."

119. "Jesus Howie..."

120. "... Just when you think you have a good family unit and a good family household and people that have your back, you realize it's always about the money. It's about how much more can you make off of someone else. It hurts; we each are equally hurt and it's out of our ballpark now. We're constantly trying to figure out what we are going to do. I, personally, look at it as a slap in the face, rather than a pat on the back. I consider it the same situation as when they signed N Sync to the management company and they had us. It is a conflict of interest. It's not about who's going to get favoritism, it's just the principle. I don't point fingers at the guys, I'm pointing to the wizards who are behind it all."

121. "Kevin just got it from Johnny."

122. "Lenny Kravitz??? HEEEECK YA!!!"

123. "Large Quarter-pounder, extra cheese, large coke, iced tea no lemon"

124. "Take care & Goodnight!!!"

125. "Meeting a is all about looking across a room and catching a smile."

126. "My favorite color is.........I'd have to say yellow."

127. "My house looks like something out of the 'Jetsons'."

128. "My mother's father, my grandpappy, is who I was talking about. I don't know anyone on [my dad's] side of the family. But now it's the typical situation - now that I'm someone recognizable, everyone is coming out of the woodwork. I'm like, who are you?"

129. "My perfect holiday evening would take place in front of a log fire with hot chocolate, marshmallows and some mellow music playing. It would be great if the moon was shining, the lights were low and it was cold outside."

130. "Nice guy isn't he?"

131. "No, I wouldn't want a camera in my toilet.... especially when I had just finished eating beans!"

132. "Nick's a real prankster. Last tour, he put a sock filled with different odds and ends that really stank (he won't reveal the exact contents) behind the drums, and during the show, it started smelling real bad. Revenge is being plotted as we speak."

133. "Nick's gonna be on a sugar rush."

134. "Nick, this is all your fault!"

135. "One time, I put my hair in braids, and pulled it back in a ponytail... The first thing I said to myself was 'What was I thinking?'... I looked absolutely stupid."

136. "OK, shake your butt!" (at the disney concert)

137. "Someone to play Nintendo with him."

138. "Same receding hairline!"

139. "Sure, why not?"

140. "Sorry. We've been busy. Bull, yeah, We're definitely going to put it on the next album."

141. "She's the best."

142. "Shut up man... quit talkin'."

143. "Something smells kinda funny & it's not me!"

144. "See? No wind....LOTS OF WIND!!!....No wind...LOTS OF WIND!!!"

145. "Show the world, man, Show the world"

146. "Sometimes I won't even answer to AJ...I'll just answer to Bone."

147. "That thing flushes forever!"

148. "They look better shaved."

149. "They love me... cos I'm bone."

150. "That wouldn't be too good!"

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