Chapter 5

Chapter Five-Another Tragedy

Sirens blared, lights flashed. The darkness of night was now illuminated by the lights of ambulances and police cars. Tears fell down my face. I looked to Kevin, who was standing next to Nick, with a look of sadness. Kevin swallowed hard as he and Nick moved their ways over to me.

"I can't believe this...not another tragedy...not another death..." I fell into Kevin's arms.

He hugged me.

"Shhh cuz...everything's gonna be okay.." Kevin said. His voice was shaking. I saw the tears fall down his face. He doubted as much as I did that AJ was going to live. We knew better than to say he was going to make it.

"He can't leave..." I said. I looked to the sky.

"HE CAN'T DIE!!" I cried.

"He can't die..." I was crying so hard, now, that it hurt. I fell to the cold, hard asphalt. Cold, as cold as death. So much death. So much. I didn't think I could handle losing someone else.

"Alexander, you have to live." I said softly.

I watched the ambulance take him away. None of us had seen what happened exactly, but we knew. We knew. He was having problems with the stairs to his outside upper level porch. He had called somebody to fix it and he thought they did. But they must not have. I looked up at the stairs and cried softly. I saw where the siderail cracked and gave way. I saw where AJ fell. There was a pool of blood, probably the size of a basketball, there.

"AJ's gonna live." Kevin said, helping me up.

We walked to our cars and drove to the hospital. On the way, I called Amanda at work.

"Amanda, it's Brian. Listen, something happened to AJ." I said with a sob.

"What happened?" I heard the alarm in her voice.

"The stairs broke, while he was on them...he...he...he fell..." I heard a loud sob escaped her throat.

"Where is he?" She asked.

I told her which hospital he was at. We said our goodbyes and hung up. I turned on the radio in my car to try and get my mind off of AJ.

"He can't die..." I said to myself.

"He can't."

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