Chapter 4

Chapter Four-Here We Go Again

A year had passed. A year of sorrow and pain as well as a year of happiness and joy. AJ jumped down from the stage and ran up and down the empty aisles and empty rows of chairs.

"Don't get to used to it now, AJ!" Kevin yelled with a laugh as he tuned the piano.

We actually had a real piano for once. Which thrilled Kevin.

"Oh trust me, I won't!!" AJ laughed like an insane clown as he ran back over to us.

I stood there on the stage with crutches under my arms.

"I'm gonna have fun just sitting here while you guys dance." I groaned.

"Girls'll love ya just 'cause you're up there." AJ said with another insane laugh.

He was acting more like himself now that we were going back on tour. Brief US tour I should say.

"Oh's back...everyone run for your lives!!" I laughed as AJ rolled his eyes at me.

"Oh Hah hah...."

He walked over to the bass guitar and picked it up. He played a little of...God knows what. it sounded like "Bad To The Bone" to me, but I wasn't really paying attention. I was off in my own little world thinking about Leighanne. A year. It had been a year since she was killed. I couldn't believe it. I still didn't want to believe it.

"Brian...cuz..." Kevin set his hand on my shoulder. "We don't have to perform tonight if you don't want to, Bri."

I looked at him, my face almost expressionless. "No..I want to perform....I just miss her." I said while looking down at my feet.

"We all miss her Brian...but none of us know what you're going through. And we're not going to lie about that." AJ said as he came up to me.

"I want to perform...." I said as I moved away from them.

I heard them sigh. I started to cry again. I had been crying almost every day since the accident. They tried everything to calm me down, but I could never stop. I would try not to cry, but I would always end up crying again. The tears seemed to sting my flesh like an acid. They always did. An acid that I wished would eat my soul. I needed her. I need her. And the guys needed me. I took a deep breath and tried to stop crying. It was hard, but I managed.

"I said I want to perform." My voice was shaking as much as my body was.

I turned and look towards them. I could tell by the looks on their faces that they didn't believe me. I gave them an annoyed look and tapped my watch.

"We don't have a lot of time before the concert."

"Are you saying we should rehearse?" Nick said as he came up.

"Nick!" I gasped. I knew that it was a reunion concert, but I almost didn't expect Nick to show up. Not far behind him was Howie.

"Hey Brian." Nick said as he came up to me and gave me a gentle hug.

"How you been?" Howie asked.

"I'm holding up if that's what you mean." I said as I moved myself over to a mic on it's stand.

I heard them sigh. They each took their places and our rehearsal began. This time, all five of us were there.

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