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     She steps out of The Grill and into the pouring rain, conscious that she’s attracting several sideways glances 

as she hurries down the flooded streets with no umbrella.  She keeps walking, glancing behind her every once

in a while.  New York can be dangerous at night.  She reaches into her purse and grasps her pepper spray.  Her

name is Trinity Green, she is 21 and first came to New York for college, but that didn’t last long.  Trinity soon

found herself wanting to do something rewarding and exhilarating, so one day she packed up her belongings 

and quit.  She opened up her own restaurant and relies on its profits to live.  That was two years ago, and since

then The Grill has become a well-known family restaurant as well as a good bar.  She has made a lot tonight, 

so as Trinity walks to her small loft apartment, she feels good about quitting school to fulfill her dreams.

     She sidesteps to avoid a drunken man, he looks at her and she feels uncomfortable.  Trinity hears him laugh

behind her and mutter something like “sweet thang”.  She shivers, but it’s not cold.  She keeps walking, picking 

up the pace because she hears the man stumbling behind her, whistling awkwardly.  Trinity’s apartment is only 

one block away but by now she’s so scared it seems like forever.

     She looks back, seeing the man is still behind her peering at and smiling.  “Fuck!” she mutters, now she feels

really petrified.  She brakes into a run and hear the man begin to laugh and run too.  She hears him catching up 

with her and runs faster, but he still gains on her.  A woman across the street sees and starts screaming causing 

the man to stumble and fall, but he gets up again this time running even faster.  Trinity reaches the door to her 

apartment building and fumbles with her keys, feeling sure she can make it inside safe.  She opens the door and 

as she is slamming it the man comes in.  Trinity tries to scream but no sound comes out, he laughs loudly and 

advances on the terrified woman.

     She reaches for her one defense, the tiny bottle of pepper spray, but he thrusts her quite violently against the 

concrete wall.  She smells alcohol and vomit on his breath.  She sees the five o’clock shadow on the man’s pallid 

face.  He laughs devilishly and grabs a lock of her dark ginger hair and smells it, laughing again this time more 

dreadfully than the last.  Clearly he is a  disturbed man and Trinity knows she has to get away, but he has her 

pinned against the wall and as hard as she tries to escape, he is too strong to fight off.

He kisses her neck roughly and Trinity begins to feel nauseous, the stench of the man affecting her brain.  The 

room begins to spin in an awkward and dizzying way.  Her knees give out and the man does not seem to notice.

She tries to stay conscious, and she knows she must, but Trinity fails to stay alert.  All at once everything goes 



          Nick Carter steps out of his apartment, glad to be getting out of the house to be with his friends.  He locks

 the door behind him and takes the elevator down to the ground floor.  When the door opens, he sees a couple 

kissing by the ugly green mailboxes.  He looks closely, the two reminding him of himself and Lane.  He smells 

booze and something sour.  He realizes the girl is passed out, and can tell she is being pinned against the

wall.  He yells at the man, obviously trying to rape the young woman.

       Nick advances on the drunken man, but he does not want to leave the girl alone, so Nick forces him off.  

He pulls the man’s shoulder away, and punches him squarely in the nose, hearing it crack with the force of his 

punch.  The man scurries away, but not until after he has given Nick a gargantuan bruise and a cut lip.  He looks

back at the girl, noting how attractive she is.  Nick panics, what should he do?  He decides to take the woman up 

to his room and explain to her what happened.  He lifts her up gently, scared to hurt her.

       Nick carries her up to his room and tries to wake her to no avail.  He notices her clothes are streaked with 

the man’s vomit, so he changes her into his clothes, trying not to look at her too much.  He washes her outfit 

and tucks her into his bed, deciding it’d be more appropriate if he sleeps on the couch.  He lies awake late at 

night finding his hands are trembling uncontrollably, to think of what could’ve happened to her.  He does not 

know what it is about her, but her face is stuck in his mind.  He drifts off to sleep thinking about what he will 

say to her tomorrow.

       She awakes with a start, sitting straight up.  Upon looking around nothing looks familiar.  She stands to 

find herself in a man’s oversized t-shirt and boxers.  The clock reads 6:30; she looks in the mirror, she looks

like hell.  What’s worse is that Trinity can’t find her clothes.  She has no clue what happened last night, and 

she finds herself afraid to leave the large bedroom.  Looking around her she observes the deep red walls and 

white furniture.  She sees car magazines on the dresser and  knows she must be in a man’s room.

    She leaves the bedroom cautiously, opening the door a crack first to see if anyone is out there.  Trinity sees 

that a man is sleeping on the couch.  She cannot tell his age because he has such a baby face, but he has blonde

hair and appears around 6’ 2” in height.  He looks big, not fat, but not exactly muscular.  His facial features 

are strong and yet gentle.  He has an enormous bruise on his right cheek, and his lip is cut and swollen.  He

looks good, to say the least, but who is he?  She knows he is not the man from last night otherwise she would 

not have woken up alone.  Again she shudders, that was the most horrible thing she’d ever been through.  She

steps outside the bedroom and into the loft style kitchen and living room.

    Trinity looks around, and sees her clothes in a laundry basket with a lot of others.  They’d been washed! 

Now she is truly confused, what happened?  She goes back in to the bedroom, still struggling with herself.  

Did he save her?  Or did he finish what was started?  She locks the door and changes into her clothes, finding 

her purse on the bedside table.  Looking inside she finds everything is there.  Taking the compact brush out of 

her purse, she brushes her hair until it is a shiny brown again.  She goes into the attached bathroom and washes 

off her now caked makeup.  Trinity looks better than before but she doesn’t know if that’s what’s best while in 

some strange man’s apartment.

    She hears a gentle knock on the door.  She freezes and does not respond.  He speaks to her through the 

door in a truly amazing voice, “Are you awake...well, if you are I’m making breakfast, you know, in case you’re

hungry…well, ok um you also might be wondering what happened last night, so…I’ll tell you when you’re 


    She hears his footsteps leaving.  He sounded nervous, but he also sounded like he genuinely cared.  

Trinity decides that she’d better go out, since she really wants to find out what happened, and as much as she 

wants to leave, she wants to talk to this guy.  Slowly she gets up off the bed, hearing him moving in the 

kitchen. Trinity hears the gentle sound of the refrigerator door being opened, the banging of pots, and then 

the clatter of glasses.  She takes a deep breath, grasps the doorknob, and steps into the kitchen.

    He doesn’t hear her come out.  He is as he said he would be, cooking breakfast, but he is moving rather 

slowly. His hands are shaking. Strange, he seems as scared as she. She looks around the room, from the 

pale oak floors to the skylight; everything is so neat and clean.  She smells bacon, and sees he is really 

cooking a meal.  Trinity looks out the window at the city and the cars stuck in traffic, everything seems so 

far away.  She does not see the man look at her.

    “G-good morning.”  Nick says.  He is amazed at how good she looks.  “Are you ok?”

She turns to him but Nick avoids her eyes.  “Yes, I think so, but what happened?”  She asks.

    “We-we’ll talk about it at breakfast.”  He quickly turns back to the stove, hands shaking even more.  What is

it about her?  He can’t even look at her without getting flustered.  “Why don’t you sit down at the table, food’ll

be ready in a minute.”

    She does as he says, because despite herself, she is ravenous.  He moves fast now, anxious to talk to this girl.  

He finishes and wipes his hands off on a kitchen towel.  Nick has made scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and 

toast.  He brings them to the table on two huge plates, and then he goes and gets two smaller plates. He then 

gets silverware, glasses, coffee and juice.

    “Since I don’t know how much you eat, take what you want.”  He says.  He sits down and reaches for the 

spoon on one of the plates to take food.  He manages to steady his hands and tries to appear totally calm.

    The phone rings, so Nick abandons getting food and answers it.  “Yeah…oh, hey Brian…yeah sorry about 

that something came up.”  He glances at her.  “Well yea actually but not what you think… man that’s nasty”  

Again he glances at her this time mouthing ‘sorry’.  “No…look I gotta’ go…huh…yeah I’ll be there…what 

time…8 tonight, ok…no I’m not gonna’ have a date…well, Lane’s out of town…look I gotta’ go…alright see 


    He sits down.  “Sorry about that.  So, you probably want to know what happened.” He says as he scoops 

food onto his plate, his hands are still shaking.  He recites the tale, hardly looking at her, he feels embarrassed 

to talk about it.

    She stares at him for a second, this time Nick doesn’t look away.  Then she speaks.  “ What did you say 

your name was?”

    He looks startled and again nervous “Nick Carter.” He says.

    “Well Nick Carter, thank you very, very much. I owe you.”  Nick is glad she smiles.  She eats some of the food 

he prepared and finds it is really good.  “ This is good, I like it.”  She smiles at him.

    Nick grins.  “Good I’m glad…what’s your name?”

    “Trinity Green, but my friends call me Trin so feel free.”  She says and smiles at him.

     Trinity finishes eating, and glances at the clock above the stove.  It reads 7:15.  She has to get to her 

apartment and get ready for work.  She thanks him again, this time saying good-bye, and feels surprised Nick 

looks slightly disappointed.  She thanks him again and again until he assures her that it was the least he could 


     Trinity leaves his loft apartment and goes into her own down the hall.  She is still shocked about what 

happened last night, but she knows she must continue living life.  She gets into her apartment, throws on some 

clothes and quickly does her make-up.  She looks good despite what happened last night.  Trinity thinks about 

how Nick was growing on her as she sat in his apartment and laughs at herself.  She feels stupid for thinking 

that morning after she was nearly, dare she say, raped.  Trinity runs back down the hall, passing Nick’s room, 

and sprints down the stairs.  She takes one step out of the apartment building and realizes it’s a beautiful 

morning, much unlike last night.  The sun is shining so brightly today.

    She has to get to work in five minutes and has to sprint even though it’s hard for her to run in her big 

platform boots.  Glancing at the bar in front of which she first encountered the man, she thinks about what 

nearly happened.  She reaches the restaurant, anxious to tell her friends about last night.  Trinity steps inside, 

the place is already bustling with people, all getting an early breakfast. 

    The Grill is always busy, people have come from everywhere for the legendary hot wings, plus excellent 

service.  Most customers also appreciate that although Trinity owns it, she works like everyone else.  The 

place smells of sausage now, although they serve a lot more than just that.  People are laughing everywhere and 

everyone’s spirits are high.  The regular customers smile and wave, and she stops to chat with a few of her 


    She does this until the masses of people leave and things calm down.  Then all of her employee friends, 

Seann, Lisa, Alex, Sarah and Shayna, sit down with her and she begins to tell them of last night, and about Nick.

When they hear about the drunken man they look frightened, and embarrassed to hear about it.  When Trinity 

gets to Nick the girls faces light up while the guys again look uneasy.  Trinity notices that Seann in particular is 

ogling at her.  Especially when she mentions how sweet Nick was and how cute she thinks it was that he was so 

nervous around her.  Shayna, Sarah and Lisa seem to appreciate Trinity’s description of how he looks.  At 

around eleven, everyone gets back to work, and those who’d been working take their breaks.  Seann and Trinity

are working the bar this week, but he seems rather uncomfortable around her.  He keeps glancing her way .

    “Trin, are you sure you’re ok?  Don’t you want to take the day off or something?”  He looks at her expectantly.

    She stops what she’s doing to face him.  “Seann, really I’m fine.  I gotta’ keep living my life.”

    “You sure, cuz I’ll cover for you.”

    “Why Seann, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were trying to get rid of me.”  She tries to kid but he’s 

serious.  “Really I’m fine.  Don’t worry ok?  Now get back to work before I fire you.”  This time he laughs, but 

still, she feels something’s wrong.

    She opts to ignore the notion, feeling that if she pesters him about what ever is bugging him, he might never 

let her know.  They occasionally have time to talk when they first begin to work but after noon, things get crazy. 

  People swarm in for business luncheons and parties, plus the occasional couple and family.  Trinity enjoys 

working the bar because it gives her the chance to talk to new people and loyal customers.



    Nick feels like he is going crazy.  Brian has called a few times but Nick refuses to answer the phone.  His head 

is spinning.  There is something about that girl, but he can’t put his finger on it.  Although she’d only briefly 

been in his presence, he feels like he’s known her all his life.  This makes him angry because he doesn’t know 

the first thing about her.  Besides, Lane is his girlfriend.  Nick thinks back to all the times he’s spent with Lane. 

‘She doesn’t make me happy’ Nick realizes, then nearly slaps himself for thinking that.  How long had they been 

together?  Five months?

    This whole thing is crazy to Nick, but all he can think about was the girl with tanned skin, olive green eyes, 

and burgundy hair, Trinity was what he wanted.  Forget Lane, Nick realized that Brian was right all those times 

he’d called her a snob.  Nick would just have to end that relationship.  He couldn’t stop thinking about Trinity, 

and he knew he couldn’t continue to see Lane, it just isn’t worth it anymore.

    Seann and Trinity have fun working the bar, running back and forth from customer to customer bumping 

into each other occasionally.  They laugh the whole time, while filling people’s glasses with Bloody Mary’s, shots 

of Vodka, Martinis, Margaritas and endless beers.  They work until around four, when things slow down a little 

and the other employees come in.  Sarah, Lisa, Shayna and Trinity head back into the kitchen to prepare the 

guys and themselves an early dinner.  They decide to make spaghetti, and so they use the open stove on the far 

side of the restaurant, which was made for employee use. 

    “So Trin, I saw you and Seann getting pretty cozy today, what’s that all about?”  Lisa comments giving her a 

teasing smile.

    “What?  No, sorry girls.  We were just having a good time that’s it, that’s all, nothing else.”  Trinity argues.

    “Oh come on Trin!”  Sarah says as she boils the water for the noodles.  “It’s so obvious he’s crazy about you.”

    She stands dumbstruck.  “Seann?  No way, he’s three years older than me.  He’s more like a brother, besides I

hardly ever see him since he’s finishing up college.”  They glance at the guys, now engaged in deep conversation, 

and then look back at each other.

    “Oh whatever Trin, haven’t you seen the way he looks at you?  He’s crazy about you, no question.”  Lisa 

voices.  She hands Sarah a small jar of sauce.

    “Here, here.”  Shayna chimes in, she’s been silently nodding up until now. 

    Trinity looks back at Seann, still talking to Alex  Was this possible?  She thinks to herself before saying,  “How 

long have you thought this?  Not long right?  I mean I would’ve noticed if It’d been going on for a while.”

    Sarah, Lisa and Shayna look at  each other and laugh so fervently that Seann and Alex both look at them 

questioningly .  Seann looks directly at Trinity and she looks away.  When her face turns bright red they laugh 

even more boisterously and passionately.  When they finally stop, their faces are streaked with tears.  Trin is 

definitely not amused.  They finish cooking, and as they head back to the table with the food she again asks how 

long they’d noticed it.

    “Girl you were serious?”  Sarah looks about ready to laugh again, but she restrains herself and answers.  “Since

the day he got the job, 8 months ago.” 

    Trin glance at Sarah and Lisa who are holding back their laughter.  They all decide to go see a movie after 

work, all except for Seann so Trinity finishes eating and offers to go get the time.  Seann volunteers to go with 

her, and the girls hold back their giggles.

    Seann and Trinity go and have to weave in and out of the sturdy glass topped dinner tables.  She hears the 

girls loose control and laugh, Alex asking again and again what’s so funny.  Trinity tries not to glance at Seann, 

but out of the corner of her eye she sees him look at her.  Maybe it was just her imagination.  They get back into 

the kitchen, and she calls the movies and writes down the time for Vertigo.  Seann just stands there watching 

her.  She finishes up with a cheery “ok!” to Seann, and tries to walk out.  He puts his hand on the doorframe to 

stop her.  She looks at him questioningly, but smiles a little as to not seem so nervous.  His brilliant forest green 

eyes look directly into hers.  She notices he has beautiful, and penetrating eyes.

    “Trinity, “ he pauses taking a deep breath, “Trin, I can’t stop thinking about what happened last night.”  He 

gives her a look of pure concern, and she sees a little bit of guilt in his face.  Trinity fidgets nervously.  “And, as 

much as I am glad you aren’t to shaken up about it, I’m worried you don’t seem to care.”  His arm is down now, 

but she has no intention to leave.

    “Seann, look I’m trying to stay positive here.  Believe me I’ve never been so afraid in my life.  I’ve never felt 

so helpless and tiny and out of control that I don’t even want to think about what could’ve been.”  She feels the 

hot tears forming, and Seann reaches for her hand.  “I have never in my life felt so pathetic.  I couldn’t stop him,

I couldn’t, but I made it right?  That’s what I think about, not what could’ve happened but what did.”  Several 

tears roll down her cheeks.

    “Aw geez Trin, I’m sorry.  It’s just, you acted and talked about it like it didn’t matter, and it was no big deal.  

It scared me.”  His eyes became red and watery.  “I just keep thinking about what could’ve happened.  Trin, I 

would never want anything like that to happen to you.”

    She looks up at him, and he wipes away her tears.  He holds her in his arms while Trinity again talks.  “Seann, 

I know it, I thought about that too, but I also think about how lucky I am it didn’t.  A thousand bad things 

could’ve happened but I’m just trying to focus on  the fact that I’m ok and I’ve got great friends.  I’m sorry you’re

 worried, but...Thank you.”

    He draws back.  “For what?”

    “For caring.”  She smiles up at him and realizes that he really is a sweetie.

    “Trin, I care about you more than you think.”  He says as he wipes away the last off her tears.  “Don’t ever 

forget that.”  He pauses and then says,  “now let’s go eh?  No more tears.”

    Despite herself, she laughs, a pitiful laugh.  She grabs the time of the movie from the counter, and follows him 

back towards the others.  Trinity watches him from behind, but differently now.  She thinks of him less as a 

brother type friend now and more as a friend, a good friend.  She looks at the tables where the others were 

sitting but they are gone.  Trinity checks the clock above the bar.  It’s 5:30 and time to get to work.  She once 

again wipes her eyes, this time to make sure she has no smudged eyeliner.  She follows Seann as he makes his 

way to the bar counter, allowing the workers before us to go home, while others come to work the night shift.  

Seann and Trin don’t talk much as they work now.

     Around six, Sarah comes up to her and asks, “Geez, what happened to you two?  You were gone forever and 

now you hardly talk!  Did things get weird after what me and Lisa said cuz if  that’s what’s wrong I’m…”

    Trinity cuts her off.  “No,  I’ll talk to you later, the movie starts at one, tell everyone.”

    The look of seriousness on her face makes Sarah’s eyes twinkle.  As she walks away, Trinity shakes her 

head.  Sarah loves to gossip, and she’s sure she’ll go nuts when she hears what Seann and Trinity said in the 

back.  Trinity turns around to serve a man who just came in, and then Seann comes over.

    “How you doing?  It’s packed tonight!”  He has a grin on his face.  They have to yell to hear each other.  “I 

think a raise is in order!”  He laughs at his own joke.

    Trin can’t resist but smile.  “Maybe you’ll get one!  I’m thinking it’s about time to get a bigger building!”  She 

laughs, this time because things seem so wonderful today.  “Thirty percent!”  She yells at Seann.

    “What?  He asks.  “Thirty percent of what?”  He smiles as it dawns on him.  “Raise?  For everyone?  Trin, We’d

 be making eighteen an hour!”  He says incredulously.

    “Well, you all work hard, look at this place!  There aren’t many of us but we somehow keep everyone happy!”

    Seann runs over to her with a gigantic grin on his face.  “I could kiss you!”  He says loudly.  He picks her up 

and spins around.  “Thank you!  I really need this money to get through school!”

    Alex, who’d come over to get a drink for a customer, saw Seann pick Trinity up happily and asks what’s 

up.  “Thirty percent?  Alright Trin!  Bloody Mary, Seann.”  Seann rushes away to make the drink.  “So Trin,  

you and Seann looking pretty close.”  He winks at her.

    “Oh not you too!”  She says.  He apparently doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about.  “Go ask Sarah!”  

Trin says as she fills a pitcher of beer for a man next to her.

    “Oh, by the way, is it ok with you if I bring a date tonight?”  He asks.

    “You have a date?”  Seann teases as he comes back.  “Your welcome” he says as Alex takes the drink.

    “What’s this girl’s name?”

    “Her name is Danielle.” 

    “Danielle eh?”  Seann asks Alex who nods rather calmly,  Trinity laughs and nods.  “So is she like, one of the 

girls you just have for fun?”  Alex looks surprised.  “Maybe you should take that to whoever ordered it.”  Seann 

says and points to the drink.

    Alex returns to his normal unfazed self.  “Nah, they can wait.”

    “Ok, but they only tip you if you’re good.”  Seann says teasingly, Alex doesn’t seem to notice but goes away 



    Nick gives his name at the restaurant where he’s supposed to meet Brian and his girlfriend, Jessica.  At first 

Nick had not wanted to go because Trinity’s image still plagued his mind, although he really didn’t care, he liked 

it there.  Finally he had agreed to go, but only because a part of him hoped that by chance he might see her again.

    He looked around the crowded restaurant, looking for her beautiful burgundy hair, he thought he saw a her 

near the bar, but when he looked again there was no one there.  He must be imagining things, what was she 

doing to him?  He was afraid he was loosing his mind.

    If Nick had not believed in love at first sight before, he believed in it now.  If only there was a way to win her 



    Trinity sees Shayna rushing over.  She points and Seann to looks at her.  Shayna looks overly excited.  Trin 

tries to quickly serve the lady, but the old lady can’t find her i.d. and makes Trin wait with her until she finds it.  

By then Shayna has left, but Seann comes over.  He looks a little pale.

“She said that a guy just came in.  He gave the name Nick, and she says he looks like what 

you described.” He seems a little uneasy.  “She also said ‘thanks for the raise’.”

Trinity runs over to Shayna, who points the guy out.  “That’s him.”  Trin tells her.

 “Oh!  He is hot!”  She says quietly.  “I’ll give him the next available table by the bar.”  She smiles at the way 

Trin’s face lights up.  “Now get back to work!  By the way, Seann looked really upset that he’s here.”

    “Is that him?”  Seann asks, excitedly when Trin gets back to the bar.

    “Is that who?”  It’s Alex again.

     “Nick.”  Seann says in a teasing sort of voice.  “The guy from last night.”

    Alex’s eyes nearly pop out of his head.  “Dude he’s here?”  Seann nods and Alex grows excited.  “Where?”  

He turns to Trin.

    “There!”  She points to him.

     Alex makes sarcastic remarks.  “Oh my gosh look at him!  Uh!  He’s so hot I could die!  Don’t you agree 


    “Oh yea!”  Seann starts.  “Look at that bod!  Oh, I’m gonna faint!” 

    He and Alex “Pass out” onto each other before roaring with laughter.  Trin can’t help but laugh at how 

ridiculous they sound, especially with their deep voices.  Trinity looks at the door and sees Shayna calling Nick 

over.  His friends are now with him and Shayna is grabbing three menus.

     The other guy with Nick Trin guesses is Brian.  He’s rather short with light brown hair and blue eyes.  He is 

somewhat muscular.  He is wearing a black muscle tee with baggy khaki pants he has a huge smile on his face.  

He has a girl on his arm; she’s about as tall as him, with dirty-brown hair and green eyes.  She’s wearing a tight 

pair of hip hugger jeans and a pink tank top.  Nick looks great.  His hair is spiked up, and he is wearing a black 

long sleeved shirt that fit tightly to his powerful body, he is also wearing baggy khaki pants.

    “Breathe, Trin.”  Seann whispers in her ear.  He laughs when she jumps in surprise.

     She turns to face him.  His face goes blank, and then he looks frightened.  Trin turns to see what he is 

looking at sees the massive crowd at the door.  This looks to be by far the largest crowd the Grill has ever seen.  

People start filling up the empty seats at the bar.

     They begin to hustle around the counter, checking i.d.s and mixing drinks.  The occasional demand for water 

is met with great thanks.  Frequently waiters and waitresses come over, requesting this and that.  Alex comes 

over and says he’s gotten the other servers to  do his tables so he can help them at the bar.  At first Trin is not 

sure he should stop serving but then she realizes how many people at the bar have not been served, and lets him 




    Nick sits down heavily at the table.  He is surprised that they got seated so quickly.  He is facing the bar and is 

absentmindedly daydreaming about Trinity.  Brian asks him what’s on his mind and Nick tells them of Trinity.  

Brian teases him about it, but then stops, realizing that Nick is truly torn between Trinity and Lane.

    “I mean I thought I loved Lane, but I don’t think she’s right for me.  I just woke up and realized that you were

 right Bri…she is…no…good.”  His speech comes to a slow halt as he sees the deep burgundy hair.

    Brian and Jessica both turn around, and see Trinity.  Nick’s mouth just hangs open in shock and, well 

happiness.  He can’t take her eyes off of her, she is talking and laughing excitedly to two other men, before 

running and serving some people, just to run back and bump into them again.  She looks so happy and carefree, 

something Lane never achieved.  She looks straight at Nick, and smiles and waves.  His hands begin to sweat as 

she talks to one of the guys who then nods and glances at him, before Trin rushes over.

    “Hi.”  Nick says, he doesn’t sound nervous even though his knees were trembling under the table.  “You 

work here?”

    “I own it.  Here with friends?”  She says as she looks at the two who came in with Nick, they are looking 

quite intently at us and Brian is smirking at the situation.

    Nick glances back at them.  “Yeah, Brian, Jessica, this is Trinity, the girl I was telling you about.”

    “Good things I hope.”  Trin says as she shakes their hands.

    "Hey.”  Brian says.  “Yeah, all good.”

    “You own this?”  Jessica sounds disbelieving.  “Wow!  This place is really great.”

    “Thank you!”  Trin says.

    “Trin we need you back here!”  One of the workers calls.  “Oh, hey Jessica!”  He smiles at Brian’s date.  “Trin,

seriously, now.”

    “Alright Alex be right there.  Well it was a pleasure meeting you, but I’m afraid I’ve gotta’ get back to work 

so, I’ll see you around.” 

    They say goodbye and Nick stares at her as she hurries back to the bar.  Nick is infatuated.

     “You know her Alex?”  Trinity asks as she re-enters the bar.

    “Yea we used to date.”  He says calmly.

    “Oh, I should’ve known.” 

    He ignores her comment and goes on to say, “Wow.  This is a lot of people.”

    “Yea, serve ‘em.”  Seann sounds pissed.

    “Geez what’s up his…”  Seann shoots him a dirty look and Alex shuts up before walking away.

    Trin starts to sing one of her favorite songs softly.

   “Nice pipes Trin.  You should sing for everybody.”

    Alex comes over.  “You should Trin, but Seann, you’d be better at making me laugh.”  He laughs at his own 

joke.  “Oh, but the real reason why I came over is because…”

    Seann cuts him off.  “You’ve got a reason?  Go on.”

    Alex doesn’t catch his sarcasm, but instead looks a little confused.  “Yea, well there’s this good looking blonde 

looking for you.” 

    He points to Nick who’s back is turned to them, talking to his friends.  Trin grabs Seann’s hand and begins 

to take him with her, despite his protest.

    “Oh come on, don’t you at least want to meet him?”  She looks at him and gives him her “Bambi” eyes and 

the pout that gets him every time.

    “Oh, fine, let’s meet this guy.”  He looks kind of mad, but he smiles at her because she’s still pursing her lips.

    They both laugh and walk over to Nick, still hand in hand.  Trinity glances at Seann, he looks a little nervous,

though he’d never admit it.  She squeezes his hand; he looks at her and smiles.  Trinity looks back to Nick who’s 

now looking at them, well, mostly at Seann.

    They get over to him and Trinity looks at him for a few seconds before speaking.  “Hey, what’s up?”

    “I’m um, just wondering if you were doing anything tonight.”  He says glancing at Seann.              

    She glances at Seann, trying not to laugh.  He’s jealous, she realizes.  “I’d love to, but actually I’ve already 

got plans.”

    “Oh, sorry, ok I guess some other time then.”  He looks back at Seann, who’s now half smiling.

    “Yea, definitely.  Oh, by the way this is Seann.  Seann this is Nick.”  Seann drops her hand to shake Nick’s.  

They look at each other with mild hostility.  She turns to see Alex flirting with a group of girls.  “Well, we’d 

better get back to work, but um, call me ok?” 

    “Yea, I will.  See ya.  Nice meeting you.”  He nods at Seann, but Trinity can tell from his voice he’s just 

being polite.

    “You too.”  Seann says curtly.

    “Bye.”  She says, and then turns and walks away, Seann close behind.

    Trinity laughs.  “Seann, are you jealous?  Oh, poor Seann.”  Her and Alex laugh and despite himself, 

Seann smiles.

    “Dude you are!”  Alex laughs excitedly.  “Oh, Seann man you are!”  He seems overly excited. 

    “Whatever, just get back to work.”  He says this with a little emphasis, and Alex shuts right up.

    What was that?  Trinity thinks.  Normally nothing can get Alex to stop talking.  They go to the other side of 

the bar and start “working” while talking in hush-hush voices.  What were they talking about so intently?  

Trinity has no time to wonder because Brian, Nick’s friend, comes over.  He looks around at the people 

surrounding the bar.  She walks over to him quickly.

     “Can I get three Strawberry margaritas?”


     Trinity starts making them and he begins talking to her.  “He won’t stop talking about you.”



    “I just met him yesterday!”

    “I know that’s what’s weird.  He hasn’t talked about his girlfriend of five months once, he just talks 

about you.”

    She laughs,  “What’d he say about Seann?”

    “He said he hates the guy.  He thinks you two are dating or something.”

    “Seann?  He wishes, well that’s what I hear.”


    “Everyone’s been telling me he’s crazy about me or something, I don’t know.  He’s jealous of Nick though, 

Seann thinks I’m seriously into him.”

    “Are you?”

    Trinity laughs nervously.  “No, well I don’t know.  Geez I just met the guy.  He’s really nice and sweet, and 

yea gorgeous, but I just really don’t know him.”

    “Yeah, I get it.  Do you have a thing for that Seann guy?’

    “Maybe, why?”

    “I’m just wondering if I should tell Nick to get over you or go for it, that’s all.”

    She laughs again.  “What about his girlfriend?”

    “I’d be surprised  if he remembers her name.”

    “She means that much huh?”

    “No, you mean that much.  Kid’s crazy about you.”

    “What’s he been saying about me?”

    “Oh the usual, ‘do you think she likes me’ ‘do you think I have a chance’ ‘is she looking at me’ ‘she’s so 

beautiful’ those kinda’ things.’”  He smiles.

    Trinity feels her face getting hot.  She finishes making the drinks.  “Here you go.”

    “Thanks.  And, uh do me a favor and don’t tell him I said anything, ok?  He’d kill me.” 

    “No problem”  She smiles.  “Need help carrying those?”

    “I think I got ‘em.  How much do I owe you?”

    “It’s on the house.”

    He grins.  “You know, I think I’m beginning to understand why he likes you.  You’re alright.”  He walks 

away quickly.

    He carries the drinks rather awkwardly and Trinity shakes her head.  The moment he sits down Nick starts 

talking to him.  This is funny and creepy all at the same time.  She looks back at Seann and Alex they’re walking 

over to her, Seann looks annoyed and Alex looks like he’s about to laugh.  Trin tries to avoid them by helping 

every customer who needs it before they finally stop her.  She tries not to laugh at Seann’s obvious displeasure 

with Alex.

    “Geez Trin everyone’s hitting on you tonight.”  He says in his usual tone.  “What’d he want anyway?”  Alex 

ignores Seann’s evil glances.

    “Three strawberry margaritas, oh and he wanted to know if I have a thing for Nick.”  She says lightly.  Alex 

walks away, obviously not interested in the mellow-drama forming around him.

    Seann’s attention is caught, and he is staring at her looking quite curious as to what she said, yet nervous at 

the same time.  “What’d you tell him?”

    “I said no, I barely knew the guy and that I wish he’d stop obsessing.”  Seann smiles and she swears she can 

see a look of triumph in his eyes.  “Then he asked if I had a thing for you.” 

    “What’d you say?”  He smiles and laughs softly.

    She steps closer to him, seeing Nick staring at her out of the corner of her eye and Brian laughing at him.  

Seann smells of musk, but it smells really good.  It smells like the ocean, one of Trin’s favorite places.  Seann is gazing at her intently.

    “What do you think?”  She asks him.

    “Well I think you told him you wanted me bad, that you couldn’t stand having to pretend you wanted to be 

just my friend, and that you wish I’d realize what an awesome girlfriend you’d be so that you could go out with 

me and never be alone again.”  He laughs.

    She laughs and grabs his hand.  “Now that you know my secret,”  She says as she bends on one knee.  “Will you 

marry me?”

    Seann laughs hysterically.  Trinity stands back up and they laugh, loudly.  They walk over to the counter to 

get themselves a bottle of water when an old man tells them they’re a “lovely couple.”  Seann thanks the man.

     The horde of people is gone now, leaving a few people at the bar.  The only group of people left at a table is 

Nick and his friends.  They’re talking in low voices and they sound like they are debating something.  Seann, 

Alex and Trinity are straightening up the bar, while the waiters and waitresses are cleaning up the tables and 

the floor.  They can hear the chefs in the back discussing their favorite French restaurants while they scrub 

down the stoves and countertops.  Shayna announces to the few people left that they’re closing up for the 

evening, and almost all of them get up, grumbling about how they hate that they close so early.  Early?  It’s 

nearly midnight. 

    Brian comes up to the bar, wallet in hand.  He carries the bill in the other.  Trinity rings up the total while 

talking to him.  “Did you all like it?”

    “I’ve never had better.”  He smiled.  “We’ll come back again soon.”  I smile at him while he hand me his 

credit card.  “That was quite a show you and that guy put on.”

    “What do you mean?  Sign here.”  She hands him the receipt and a pen.

    “Well, having so much fun with…what’s his name?  Seann?  It drove a certain somebody crazy.”  He raises 

his eyebrows at her.  “Did you see the look on his face?”

    “Oh yeah.  I saw you laughing at him too.”

    “Well he got all red and then started to stare at you, he even gave Seann evil looks.  Dude’s jealous like 

nothing I’ve ever seen.”  Jessica and Nick call him from the door.  “Well that’s me.  Gotta’ go.  I’ll see you 

around.”  He runs over to the door.

    Nick stands by the door with Jessica, wondering what Brian and Trinity are talking about that causes her to 

glance at him and blush.  Brian comes over to them finally, and they begin to leave.  Nick waves to Trinity, 

who waves back and calls ‘bye’ after him.  He nods, and then apparently thinks the better of it and smiles.  

As they hurry away from the restaurant, Nick is silent.  He separates from Brian and Jessica after saying 

goodbye, and steps into his own building.

    Nick races up the stairs to his own apartment.  ‘Should I wait to make sure Trinity is alright?’  He 

ponders.  Yes, he will.  He grabs his journal so he can write while he waits, and heads down to the ground 

level.  He writes about nothing but Trinity.



    Trinity looks for Seann, and sees him lifting heavy boxes of liquor for the bar, and carrying them across the 

restaurant.  He has a good body that’s strong and muscular.  Needless to say he looks good, real good.  He sees 

her looking at him and smiles.

    “What are you looking at?”  He grins mischievously.

    “Oh, nothing.”  She says lying, which he knows.

    “You think I’m sexy.”  He laughs and flexes his muscles.

    “Well I wasn’t going to say anything…”  He looks good, especially with his Italian blood.

    “Oh will you two knock it off?”  Alex interrupts.  “All this flirting is making me sick.  Plus Trin, we’ve got a 

movie in like one hour and we’ve got a lot to do.”

    She doesn’t feel in the mood for a movie anymore.  “Well, I don’t think I’m going to go.”

    “What?”  Sarah exclaims from the table nearby.  “Not going?  You’ve got to come Trin!”

    “Maybe some other time, I’m not really up for it now.”

    “Suit yourself.”  Alex interjects.  Sarah nods, shrugs and walks away.

    Seann comes over.  “So you’re not going?  What are you doing?”  He looks a little nervous again, like he did 

that morning. 

    “I’m going to go home and chill out, and besides I’m beat.  Hey are you working tomorrow or do you have 


    “I’m working from 6 to closing.  You want to grab a cup of coffee or something first?”

    “No…”  He looks disappointed until she adds,  “but a cappuccino would be awesome.”

    He beams at her.  “I can walk you home.”

    “You  would?”

    “Of course, I will.  I only live a building away.”

    “Seann you’re the best!”  She says and goes up to him and gives him a big hug.  He holds her a little to tight 

to be just a friendly hug.  ”You’re such a sweetie!”

    “Yeah I know.”  He replies and acts all shy.  He’s so cute.

    After  they lock up, they walk a couple blocks to a coffee house where they buy two decaf grande lattes with 

whipped cream and cherries.  Seann and Trinity walk another two blocks to the empire state building and 

decide to take an elevator to the top.  The ride up is long and they don’t talk much.  When they reach the top, 

they stroll around together for a while.  They stand at the east ledge and look out over the city.  The air is crisp 

and the stars are bright.  A full moon is shining brightly over their heads.  The whole setting is very romantic.  

Several times she catches him glancing at her out of the corner of his eye.

    “What are you thinking about?”  He asks as they wait for an elevator down.

    She looks at him earnestly.  “How awesome this all is.  How beautiful it is out tonight, the way everything 

seems so great up here.”

    “Me too.  Look at those stars.  They’re so bright, I’ve never seen them like that since I moved here.”

    He steps closer to Trinity, and he leans down to kiss her.  The elevator doors open suddenly, and several 

people step off all chatting casually.  Seann takes a step back and clears his throat.  They walk onto the elevator 

and several people follow behind them.  Once outside, they hail a taxi and head home.

    The old man thanks them kindly after they pay and drives away, leaving Seann and Trinity alone on the 

street corner .  A few minutes ago from atop the Empire State Building they were talking and laughing 

constantly, but now that they are truly alone, they clam up and speak rarely.

    “That was great.”

    “Yeah, it was so beautiful from up there.  Everything looked so perfect.”  He seems to look everywhere but at 


    “Well, thanks for the coffee, but I really gotta get to bed so, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”  She can hardly 

stand from exhaustion.

    “Yea me too, I’ve got classes.” 

    They stand timidly for a minute before he says goodbye and they give each other a quick kiss on the cheek.  

He looks disappointed to leave, but he waits until she’s safely inside before he goes his own way.  She closes the 

heavy door behind her and rests her head against It briefly.  ‘What am I doing?  This is my best friend, Seann.’  

She thinks.

    Nick is about to give up and go upstairs when he hears something outside.  He decides it would be better to 

seem like a mistake that they meet here this late at night, so he quickly runs to his mailbox across the room.  He 

opens it slowly and takes out his mail, just before Trinity walks in.  He senses something is wrong.

    “Hey.”  Nick says.

    She turns to face him and Nick is again struck by her beautiful jade eyes.  “Hey.”

    “What’d you do tonight?”  He asks, praying she was not with Seann.

    She tells him what she and Seann did, making Nick unbearably jealous.

     “Sounds romantic.”  He says, feeling bad that he had not thought to ask her sooner.

    “It really was beautiful up there.”  He simply nods and looks away.  “Wow.  I’m really beat, I need to get 

some sleep, and it’s been a long day.”

    “Yea.  Me too, plus I’ve gotta work tomorrow.”  He yawns as if on cue.

    “What do you do?”  She asks as they walk up to the elevator.

    “Oh, I’m a lawyer.”

    “I was studying to be a lawyer.”  She says.

    “I just graduated last year.  Why’d you stop?”  He asks as he pushes the “up” button.

    “Well, I realized that this was my dream job.  I love what I do and I’m happy doing it, so it works for me.”  He

nods in agreement.

    “So, are you working tomorrow?”  He asks with a sort of shy and hopeful tone.  “Do you want to maybe get 

together for lunch or dinner or something?”

    “I’m not sure, I have to work but I can see if I can get out of there early.”  She takes a pen and a piece of 

paper out of her purse, and scribbles something down.  “Here’s my cell phone number, if you call me around 

noon tomorrow, I’ll probably know.”

    He smiles broadly as she hands him the paper and they step onto the elevator.  “Alright, cool.  I will.”  He 

looks at her and his eyes seem to sparkle even in the dim light.  He decides now is the time to tell her how he 

feels.  He sighs deeply.

    Trinity finds herself attracted to Nick despite what happened earlier with Seann.  She fidgets uncomfortably 

and he seems to notice.  “What’s wrong?’

    She pauses, what possible excuse could she give?  “Nothing, I’m just thinking about today.”

    “What happened?”  He sounds worried, despite his obvious attempts to play it cool.

    She glances at him, noting the softness of his features and the gentle curve of  his cheek.  His lips are a soft 

pink, perfect in shape and size.  His blonde hair seems to catch the dim light.  She loves his eyes most of all.  

They are a blue as bright as the ocean, and as sexy as can be.  His broad shoulders seem relaxed and his whole 

being seems perfect to her.  What would it be like to hold him?  To feel his heart beating against her own?  To 

feel the warmth of his breathe and skin?  She shivers, but now not of coldness or fear.  She again fidgets this time 

from feeling strongly attracted to him, every fiber of her being seems drawn to him.

She risks another glance only to see him staring at her and looking enchanted.  She stares back, and he steps a 

little closer.  Her breath catches.

    “I need to tell you something.”  His eyes seem to penetrate hers, and he seems to search for the words he 

feels he must say.  He again steps closer, and he takes her hand in his.  “I can’t stop thinking about you.  

I haven’t stopped since I met you.” 

    By now the doors have opened, yet they aren’t moving to leave.  The doors close again, but the little elevator 

doesn’t move.  He lifts her hand up and takes it into both of his, raising it to his chest.  His eyes hold a longing 

she’s never seen, and he looks like he is having to hold himself back.  She doesn’t know what to say.  She’s 

known this, but hearing him say it is very different.  It makes the attraction seem to swell up inside of her.  They

can’t take their eyes off each other.

    “I know I haven’t known you long, but I can’t help it.  You’re the sweetest person I know.  I love the way 

you walk, talk, smile and laugh.  I love your eyes; I love the way your hair falls against your shoulders.  I love 

the way your lips pout; I love the softness and warmth of your skin.”  At that he kisses her hand with the 

greatest gentility.  “ I always want to be around you, and I find myself thinking about you and just staring off 

into space.  I don’t know what’s happening to me, but I like it.  You made my day that much better.  I can’t 

imagine not knowing you, and I really don’t know how I’ve lived so long not.”  His eyes appear to be getting 


    She makes the softest noise as her heart melts into nothing.  Here she is, in an elevator stopped at the ninth 

floor, with a guy she just met this morning, and he is telling her everything she’s ever  wanted to hear.  He has 

stopped talking now, and seems content to just stare at her.  Trinity feels the color rising in her cheeks.  She 

lowers her head a little.  Nick is by far the sweetest person she’s ever met.  He places his hand on her chin and 

raises her head.  He kisses her forehead and then opens the door of the elevator, steps out and walks away.  He 

pauses at the door to his loft and looks back.

    “Sweet dreams.”  He says.

    “Good night.”  Trinity manages to say in a little voice barely above a whisper, but he hears her and goes 

inside his room, closing the door behind him and leaving her alone on the elevator.

    Seann pops back into her mind.  “Oh God.”  She whispers to herself, still unbelieving what Nick just said.  It 

seemed too wonderful to be true.  She walks quickly down the long hall to her own apartment.  She opens the 

door and shuts it quickly.  Her breath catches as she thinks back to what Nick said.

     She can hardly breathe as she quickly showers and brushes her teeth.  She does not pay attention to what 

she’s doing, but rather what she’s feeling, torn.  Seann is her best friend and she’s known him for a while and 

really does love him… as a friend.  Could it be more?  Thinking of their time together on the top of the Empire 

State Building brings back a ton of emotions.  Just ten minutes ago she felt as though Seann and her were 

meant to be together.

    Then, however, Nick came along and said the very things she’s hoped to hear her entire life.  She feels so 

attracted to him, like he’s a part of her she’s lost and just found again.  She can’t help but feel a strong longing 

for him.  In her eyes Nick seems like the perfect guy, he’s sweet, gentile, nice, honest, brave, loving, caring and 

not to mention very sexy.  ‘Is it possible to feel so strongly for someone you’ve just met and hardly know?’ she 


    It takes her a long time to get to sleep, even though she’s dead tied and comfortable.  She ends up getting to 

sleep at three a.m.  She sleeps lightly, wakes up often and she has dreams about Nick.  She can’t remember the 

dreams themselves, but she can remember being very happy around him.

    Nick lies awake that night, thinking of Trinity, of course.  He smiles when he recalls the look of love on her 

face when he’d said all he’d needed too.  His smile quickly fades.  There was something about the way Seann 

looked at Trinity, as if he kissed the very ground she walked on.  He rolls over, thinking of how surprised he is 

that he is crazy about her after just meeting her.  ‘Seann could steal her away’, he thinks.  He almost hits 

himself.  ‘I don’t have her for him to steal.  Nick, pull it together, you’ve talked to her twice.’

    He cannot stop.  He couldn’t if his life depended on it.  What was it about her?  Her eyes?  Her laugh?  Her 

smile?  All these things and more, he knows he loves every part of her.  Again he turns over, this time reaching 

on his bedside table for the piece of paper with her number.  He loves her handwriting.  ‘What are you doing 

Nick?  This is hopeless!’  He thinks to himself before replacing the paper on the table.  He’s never been this 

crazy about a person before, and the more he thinks of how unlikely it is that she likes him back the more 

depressed he gets.


Part 2