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Nick: In a nutshell! hehehe

Full Name: Nickolas Gene Carter

DOB: January 28, 1980 Which makes him an Aquarius.

Age When Joined BSB: 13!

Ideal Girl: 

    Although brown is his fave hair color, he says personality is more important than looks (Bet Brittany Spears is pissed cuz she's all looks which isn't much either & no personality, maybe Justin will take her....he's got low enough standards.)  Anyways, he wants his girl to be (r u takin' notes?) gentle, non-conceited and not where a butt load of make-up.  She also must not be condescending.  He loves to hold hands, take moonlit walks on the beach and just chill.  A girl with an attitude turns this boy off...way off.

Worst Habit(s):

    Eating when bored (but then again, who doesn't do that?), sleeping.

Fast Facts:

-Nick is a Licensed Scuba Diver.

-Nick Started Playing the Drums When He was 14.

-He loves to pull pranks on his fellow band mates.  (the worst one?  He once pushed Brian out into a hall full of nothing but his boxers!)

-Youngest but tallest at six feet 1 inch.

-Nick first stared dancing at his parent's restaurant and lounge (a.k.a. The Yankee Rebel) in hometown Jamestown, NY.

 -Nick chose the BSB over joining the Mickey Mouse move.

-Some advice, don't EVER call this hottie "cute".  (how's sexy w/you?)

-Nick remains down to Earth despite the hype.  He insists he's still a little bit shy around girls, and some girls weren't even attracted to him in school (how stupid are these girls?).

-He doesn't like to party but prefers to chill in his hotel room while on tour. (Hey Nick, I'll chill w/you!)

-He is a video game junkie, and sports fanatic.

-Nick kept to himself while in school, (hard to believe that Nick was unpopular) he says it may because he was always having to leave school he thinks they didn't respect him because they were jealous.  Damn straight.

-Nick's favorite book is "Living Free"  (Thanks to CK1rocksoswrld for getting this info!>>>>> 5 out of 5 stars Living Free, September 4, 1997
"Living Free" is a great book. It is the continuing story of "Born Free". Elsa the lioness is now living wild, and she mates and has cubs of her own. Elsa, while raising her cubs, keeps in contact with her human friends and the people who raised and released her into the wild, Joy and George Adamson. This book tells the story of Elsa and her cubs through their first year. It is a very good book and I think a lot of people will enjoy reading it and it's sequels, "Born Free", and "Forever Free" (Courtesy

-NICK IS A SLOB!!!!!!! (hey so am I!)

-Nick is afraid of sharks (Jaws started it all!).

-Nick HATES it when people watch him eat.

-"Nick snores sometimes. Its 'cause he sleeps with his mouth open. I stuck a bit of kit kat in his mouth once and he tried to take a bite out of it - in his sleep." ~Brian

-The boys hate it when photographers interrupt them!  PRIVACY PLEASE! BAD PAPARAZZI!

-Nick says he can't see himself doing anything else for a living because this is what he's been doing his entire life, he can't see himself succeeding at anything else.




"Live life to the fullest for the future is scarce."

-"I get a lot of hugs from fans and the guys, but I don't get a proper hug everyday...I wish I did."  (Are your hearts melting yet girls?)

-"No matter what happens, if some of us take some time off, we'll always come back together and be the BSB."

-"I like girls with grit." (what the heck is grit? e-mail me and tell me, k?)

-"Treating a girl with respect is one of the most romantic things a guy can do." 

-"I can't stand it when girls smoke or wear too much make-up. The worst type of girl is one who acts like a snob... I just hate it! Personality is the most important thing for me. Forget her appearance, if her personality isn't right it just won't work. A girl who agrees with everything is not for me, as well. I also love girls who like dancing, hold-hands, long walks and lots of kisses; but character is by far the most important factor to me" (damn don u wish all guys were like that?)

-"Sometimes girls dress up and you can tell it's not really them. To me, jeans and a nice top are really hot."

-"Swimming in crystal-clear water." (When asked about his idea of the perfect date) 

-"The day I find the girl of my dreams, I will spoil her rotten. It'll just be about us." 

Props to Kat for the last five!

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