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Last Updated: November 14, 2001

Hello, everyone! Welcome to BBMak Fan Fiction! To my knowledge, this is the first site to fully dedicate itself to BBMak Fan Fiction! If you want to read some good fan fiction right away, go to stories! I created this site so that people can send in their BBMak fan fiction for me to post up, giving full credit to the author! So if you would like to send in your stories, check out Send In My Fiction Details! I will update the site every other week. I hope everyone will send in their stories! And I hope everyone enjoys the site! If you have any questions, email me!

November 27, 2001--added a chapter of Silhouette!! I'm trying to add some chapters of other stories asap!!
Hey! Lots of updates today! With a particularly special one... But first of all... The updates! One chapter of Silhouette, A Real Child of Destiny?, Sea, Sun, Sand, and In the Stars is up! Okay... and the special update is chapter sixteen of Silhouette! All of you have been waiting to find out who the killer is for a long time... here's your chance!!

My prayers go out to everyone involved in the tragedy and everyone who has lost someone, and of course, all Americans.

For all authers and soon to be authers you must take a look at coding! This is a must! To save me time (because updating the site can often take more than an hour) I need authers to code their own work, but it's really easy! Just take a look at the page! Thank you!

Hey this site has been handed over to me (Tara) now :) I'll be sure to keep it updated often :)
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