My Pictures

Pic 1-3: Random pics of me.

Pic 4: Me, my brother Andy, and my mom.

Pic 5: Andy doing his Dr. Evil impression.

Pic 6: My mom and dad.

Pic 7: back row: Me, my cousin Krystal, and my cousin Julie; middle row: Andy, my grandpa, and my cousin Travis; front: my cousin Rachel.

Pic 8: Another one of me 'n my cousins.

Pic 9: Me 'n three of my aunts. Me, Cheryl and Elva Jean are on the couch, and Jennie is lying across us.

Pic 10: Me and my friend Melanie.

Pic 11-12: My best friend Jen. She's my writing buddy and my partner in crime. Hehe. Isn't she pretty? Thanks for all the awesome banners, girlie!

Pic 13: Me at Christmas

Pic 14: Me and Andy on Halloween

Pic 15: Me on Halloween

Pic 16: Me, Dad, and Andy

Pic 17: My cousins Krystal and Julie

Pic 18: Me, Andy and my grandpa

Pic 19: My dog Toby

Pic 20: My aunt Jennie and my grandpa

Pic 21: My dad

Pic 22: Me, Mom, and Andy