Two Years Later

“Daddy, where’s Mommy?” Caitlin asked.

“She’s at the hospital with your new little brother, sweetie,” Brian said.

“When she gonna come home?”

“Today, angel. We’re gonna go see her now.”

“Yay!” Caitlin cheered.

Brian laughed as he picked up his daughter. He loaded her up in the car and drove to the hospital.

“Mommy!” Caitlin squealed as she burst in Lily’s hospital room with Brian right behind her.

“Hey, Caitlin! Hey, sweetie,” Lily said to Brian as Caitlin climbed up on the bed beside her.

“Hey, baby. How you feeling?” Brian asked, giving her a quick kiss.

“Tired, but good.”

“Is that my brother?” Caitlin asked, pointing to the baby boy in Lily’s arms.

“Yes, angel. This is your little brother Caleb,” Lily said.

“He’s little,” Caitlin observed.

“You used to be that size, too,” Brian told her.

Caitlin was shocked and continued to examine her brother. “He don’t do much.”

“That’s because he’s a baby, honey. They can’t do much,” Lily explained.

“Oh,” Caitlin said, satisfied with the answered Lily provided.

“Are you ready to go, Lily?” Brian asked.

“Yeah. Let’s go home,” Lily said.