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Chapter 3

The Day After the Concert at the Mall “Oh man. This is our last shopping trip while you still live here.” Said Nicole whining. It was the day after the concert and we were just a little tired. So we ended up at the mall. “Yo oh my god isn’t that Leighanne and Kristin!” I whispered to Nicole. “Who?” “Brian and Kevin’s fiancés!” “Oh god I think it is!” “They look lost let’s help ‘em.” I suggested. “Alright.” Nicole said while walking up to them. “You guys look lost need some help?” “In a mall never!” Leighanne laughed. “She’s just kidding. Actually yeah we’re from outta town. Do you know where the music store is?” asked Kristin politely. “Yeah we we’re just heading to the Sam Goody. We’ll show ya the way. K?” asked Nicole. “Sure sounds good!” replied Leighanne When we started walking I asked Nicole,” How do you still have so much energy?” “I dunno? You know me I’m always like this!” said Nicole. “What’s wrong? And we didn’t catch your names!” asked Kristin. “Cate is pooped from the concert we went to last night but we still had to go on our last shopping trip together. Oh by the way my name is Nicole.” “I’m Leighanne and this Kristin. What’d ya mean last shopping trip?” “I’m moving to Kissimee, Florida next week.” I explained. “Wow! We live in Orlando! We’ll hafta meet up with you when you move there. Here’s my cell number call me once you get there!” exclaimed Leighanne. “Oh Nicki I almost forgot to tell you. My dad got us front row seats for the BSB concert in Orlando!” I almost yelled. “Oh my god! I love your dad! Well you to!” Nicole said. “I can’t believe we get to go to 2!” “Is that the concert ya guys went to last night?” asked Kristin. “Yeah!” I said. “Oh cool we went too!” said Leighanne. “Hey you guys wanna get something to eat?” asked Kristin. “Sure.” The rest of us responded. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Later That Day Still at the Mall “Well it was nice meeting you gals. Maybe we can get together again while we’re still here!” said Leighanne. “Cool that would be fun! We’ll give ya a call soon!” said Nicole. “Ok see ya guys soon!” said Kristin. “Buh Bye!” “When are we gonna tell them who we really are?” Kristin asked Leighanne as they walked out of the mall. “Well let’s see who their fave is. Just to make sure. Ya know?” responded Leighanne. “Yeah well give them a call tomorrow. You can ask them then.” Said Kristin. “OK!” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Next Day RING!! RING!! RING!! “Hello?” I answered. “Hi is this Cate?” “Yeah.” “Hi it’s Leighanne.” “Hey what’s up?” “Nothing much. So whatcha doin today?” asked Leighanne. “Nicole will probably just come over nothing special. She’ll probably have bought another magazine with a thousand lies in em!” “Really?” “Yup she always wants to see who Nick is going out with. I always tell her its never gonna have your name their Nicole. But she doesn’t care.” “Ok so she likes Nick who do you like?” “Definitely AJ!!!! I love him!” “Wow really ya know he lives in Kissimee!” “Ohmigosh I never thought of that wow! Wait I just wanna know are you a fan too?” “Yeah you could say that!” “Well than who is your fave?” “Hmmm let me think that’s a hard one! Just kidding! Definitely BRIAN!! He is so hot!!” “Yeah I know! Ok so than who does Kristin like?” “Oh she’s got the hots for Kevin!” “Oh cool! Alright this is a pretty stupid question but Nicole was bugging me to find out.” “Ok shoot.” “Umm she wanted to know if you guys were Brian and Kevin’s fiancés?” “It’s ok I won’t lie we are. As long as you won’t kill us! Kristin and I were thinking of when to tell you. We didn’t think you already knew!” “Well I wasn’t gonna ask but when you said you loved Brian then I figured it was really you. Or someone who looks and thinks just like you!” “Well it’s us! And you guys are really nice will ya still hang out with us?” “I thought I’d have to ask you that? I’m sure we will.” “Ok cool! Oh so where are you moving to in Kissimee?” “My dad and I bought a house on Park Ave.” “Oh my god PARK AVE!!” “Yeah what about it?” “ I probably shouldn’t tell you this but AJ lives on Park Ave!!” “YOU’RE KIDDING RIGHT!!!!!” “No I’m not!!!” “I think I’m gonna faint!!!” “Well don’t! Hey I gotta go wanna meet somewhere later?” “Yeah you guys can come over here? If you want?” “Ok sounds good see ya soon!” “Bye!” “Bye!”

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