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Chapter 2

“Orlando, Florida.” “Ohmigosh!” “I’m really sorry there was nothing I could do about it!” “Oh wow! I’m gonna miss Nicole so much but I’ve always wanted to live in Florida!” “Well now you are gonna. And tomorrow night after you’re graduation we are flying down to go house hunting." “Dad will Nicole and I still get to go to the concert next week?” “Yeah but we’re leaving the day after the concert. Ohh yeah and about the concert. I got you 2 front row seats for when the Backstreet Boys are back in Orlando.” “OH MY GOD!!!! How did you get them?!?!!?!?!?” “My boss got them for his daughter but they are going to Canada so they couldn’t make it.” “Oh thank you thank you thank you!!! Can I go call Nicole?” “Yeah but then ya have to pack for our trip.” “Ok.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On the House Hunting Escapade “BYE, BYE, BYE!!!!!”N*SYNC blared through the car speakers. “Dad could you please change this before I barf!” “Aww you don’t like it?” he teased. “NO! I hate it!” I yelled. We we’re in the rental car we got for our house hunting escapade. “So are we looking for a house in Orlando or in towns surrounding it?” “Well I made an appointment to look at a house in Kissimee. It has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a covered porch. And in the backyard is a built in pool!” he explained. “Wow cool! That sounds great!” “Well here it is!” “Ohmigosh I love it!” Later That Day “We’ll take it!” said dad excitedly. “Ok we’ll mail you the forms to fill out in your house in New Jersey!” explained the Real Estate Agent. “Thank you so much!” I exclaimed. “My pleasure well I’ll talk to you soon Mr. Gellar.” “Good-bye.” “Wow dad we’re gonna live here!” “Yeah well we’ve got our plane to catch so let’s get going. It doesn’t look like the neighbors are home anyways.”

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