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Chapter 1

June 2000~ “DAD! DAD! ARE YA HOME?” I screamed. She had just finished her last day as a high school senior. ”I guess not.” She laughed to herself. ”Oh, here’s a note from him.” Hey Cate, Sorry my boss called me for a meeting. Something important sorry! I’ll pick up your cake on the way home. Please get something for dinner see ya soon! Love dad ‘I hope that’s not a bad meeting! Oh well I guess I’ll just have to call Nicole,’ she thought to herself. “Hello?” answered Nicole. “Yes, Is a Ms. Nicole Carter there please?” I asked with a really bad British accent. “Uh Yeah, When pigs fly hon!” replied Nicole. She was definitely Nick’s biggest fan! “Haha. Well watcha doin?” “Nothing I just got home.” “So did I but my dad won’t be home for awhile ya wanna come over?” “Nah! JUST KIDDING! Sure.” “Ok be that way! No I’ll see ya in 5!” “Ok Bye!” “Bye!” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Hey Babe!” I said answering the door. “Hey Amanda! (Note: Amanda is Cate’s nickname.)” “Alrighty! What BSB Movie should we watch?” “How about All Access.” “K Cool!” “Hey Amanda! When did ya get Sixth Sense?” yelled Nicole, from up in my room. “I don’t have that movie!” “Uh yes you do! It’s next to your other videos and it’s still wrapped in the plastic. And oh it has a note Cate, Happy Graduation Love Dad! Ok well that explains it!” “Oh wow thanks dad! Ok well lets watch that after the All Access OK?” “Alright I’ll bring ‘em down.” “Ok I’m making popcorn so stick it in and you can watch the previews!” “Oh thanks Mandy sounds like fun!” said Nicole with a whole lot of sarcasm. “Soooooooooooorry! I don’t like my popcorn burnt!” “Hey I do not burn popcorn!” “Uh yeah right!” “All right shut up!” “Oooooooh I forgot to ask you what kind of dress ya have for the Graduation tomorrow?” I asked. “Oh yeah! I almost forgot about that too! It’s a green halter with black platforms. What about you?” said Nicole carefully describing her dress. “Blue spaghetti strap with silver platforms.” “Cool we’re gonna look awesome!” “Yeah I know. That is so cool you convinced the teachers to let us sing the Vitamin C “Graduation” instead of the regular one!” “Yeah I know!” “Cate!” “Dad?!” “Yeah I’m home.” “Hey how’d the meeting go?” “Uh that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” “Umm Mandy. Should I leave?” asked Nicole. “Yeah I guess I’ll call ya later,” I said. “Ok bye.” “See ya later.” “Alright dad what’d ya need to talk about?” “Well when I was at the meeting the told me that they needed to transfer me.” “To where?”

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