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*Nuff *Nsync

I consider myself a loyal Nsync fan. I love Justin's curls , JC's perfect voice, Chris's jokes, Joey's superman obsesion and Lance's sweet personality as much as the next Nsync fan. No I am not a tnybpr. But the thing is that Nsync has become Mega Huge ( and I have been a fan from the begining) I mean they are so high they are BSB level maybe even higher Well what I'm trying to say is Nsync are celebrities (hence their new CD coming out in July) and what we like to do is look at celebrities under a microscope we like to pick out all the tiny misdemeanors that they might have and blow them way out of porportion I mean no matter how big a celebrity is they still are human and us humans have flaws this is just a site to let you laugh and have fun with them! So you can be a big Nsync Fan just like me and have fun with the site. PS if your not an Nsync fan who cares just laugh and have fun!!!!Any comments whether neg. or positive i'd love for you to e-mail me! Thanx! Manda

Why I made this site

Get Readt to Laugh Ur ----- off!

*Nuff *Nsync