You Know Your Obsessed!

Just a few things to let ya know you have gone overboard.

People start calling you by your fave Sync's name. If you call me Chris, I'll answer.

You think your favorite guy is cheating on you when you find out he has a g-f and hope she gets hives.

You listen to the Christmas cd in the summertime

You broke your thumb and got the same cast as justin just so he wouldn't feel alone.

You go into BSB chats and only write nsync rulz and NSYNC HAS GOT THE FLOW AND BSB HAS GO TO GO!!

You all of a sudden name your dog busta.

You tell your friends to call you curly even though you have straight hair

You know its an obsession when your father randomly sings "I Want You Back", "Tearin Up My Heart", and "Here We Go"

You know its an obsession when your mom asks for Justin's cell number to call him and tell him to go to bed! Because he's "Much too tired! Look at the baggs under his eyes!"

Your teachers don't know your real last name they think its Kirkpatrick. *Dats MEEEEEEE!!!*

pics of Britney Spears and Danielle Fishelle always seem to be under your older brother car tires.

You turn BSB fans into N*SYNC fans *Dats me too!*

You recite the word along with the N* the mix movie

You get into a huge fight w/ your sister since she likes bsb adn you like *NSYNC just complaining that *NSYNC is better!

you tell everyone you are having Chris's second child, Matt. You already have Melanie.

You act as cool as possible in your room cuz you like to feel that your posters of 'n sync are watching you, so you try to sing on key, dance fabulously, and look your best in clothes.

All of a sudden your favorite shoe brands are Timberland and Basswood.

You find yourself making excuses when you read NSync obsession lists (ie. "I've had that baby blue outfit since waaay before I knew about NSync!" or "My favorite colors have always been black and silver!") and then you try to convince yourself that you will never be as obsessed as that girl at the concert who tried to kill you because you both like Chris

you need to talk to someone and your friends aren't home so you talk to your Nsync posters

Yell at the tv when 'N SYNC is not #1 on total request, like it's the tv fault :-)

when you threaten to kill others because they have better concert seats than you do

your friends stop spending the night at your house because they're afraid all of the pictures on your wall are staring at them!!!

You plan to get the 'N Sync flame tattooed on your ankle when you turn 18

You sleep with the CD case under your pillow

You religiously kiss pictures of them

Thats all for right now, but if you have any that you would like to supmit, please e-mail them to me.

When you keep pics of them in your walet or purse.

If you have a braclet with all their faces on it and you keep it on every moment of your life and u kiss it. *Thanx Ofri*

When you have a picture of Lance hanging fron your rear virw mirror. -Thanks Daniell