*N Sync Rumors

I thought I would start a little section on my page on whats going on in the minds of the people that make up the rumors and see what they do all day. If you have one that you would like to submit, e-mail me .

Chris has a wife and 2 children. *Uhhh... can you say gullible? Chris is not married and does not have kids. It's just a joke, people need to loosen up!*

Chris wears a "wig". *Wig no, Weave #in my opinion no# yes.*

Chris shaves his chest hair off for the Tearing Up My Heart video. *I don't know about that either but I would like to find out.*

'N SYNC will be coming out with their own clothes line in the future. *True. Chris already has one. To view go to www.Fumanskeeto.com.*

Justin is gay. *What is it with the boybands=Homosexual thing. No hes not.*

Lance is dating Danielle Fishel from Boy Meets World. *I know he used to.*

I heard a rumor that JC was scamming with Stacy from Wild Orchid. *I know he likes the band but Ya never know!!!*

Justin's new car got keyed when it was parked in a lot.*I hope not! that was a phat ride!*

Chris fell off his bunk when they were touring.* Propably! AWWWWW! Poor BABY!!! :*P*

Britney Spears is trying to make Justin leave NSync to go solo. *I dunno. She might* -Thanks Daniell

Lance has a glass eye from a traumatic childhood accident. *Okay! ONE, If he did EVERYONE would know about it, and TWO, You would be able to tell because IT WOULDNT MOVE!* -Thanks Kristen

*N Sync is breaking up because of a fight about Justin Timberlake dating Britney Spears because while he dates Britney he dosent have time for the other band members. *This could very possible be true because you know Justin is ALL UP Britney's BUTT ALL THE TIME.* Thanks Amanda.

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